10 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

Ceedee_S._. 0819
Did u know that if u poke your arm with a knife you will bleed
Erikas taitaip
pepsi not dead you moron
10 boring messages hidden in company logos*
Hej Til dig
Did u Know that the McDonald's logo looks EXACTLY like the one on the McDonald's coffe cup???
Zoey Abbott
November 2 is my birthday
Carnage 9091
Retro Ryano
Ryan Griff
Did you now that the 5 on a dollar means its FIVE DOLLARS WTF!???
I'm kind of a big deal
sounds like Danny Bonaduce
Khrisna Galih
so does pepsi mans real name is dead mam
Rayner Whitworth
If you look closely at the Burger King logo, you can tell that it actually spells out 'Burger King'
Lisa Hemmings
In London at wood green the shop shelter is there
Fakete Neziri
San Diego means Die San Go Wtf
PinkBackroundBroken is dead
did you know that the sun is hot!?
Clorox Bleach
Great now when ever I see Pepsi all I will see is: is ded. Thx
Christian Ingmar Kjølsvik
dude the last one was far from the hardest to figure out!
Sarah Essa Allawala
I didnot know that pepsi is dead !! Never even thought if it until now!!!
Free Gentleman
Fuck u
deus ex
WOW, everything on this list was either complete bullshit or just plain stupidity.
Harry Potter
2:47 Tito Sotto
these are all obvious
Did you know that shoes are meant to go on your feet?! Wtf
Marsh Santos
if i clicked pepsi is ded is dead im not sad im happy
Evan White
Did you know that the dislike button represents a thumbs DOWN????!!!!!??!?!?!???!! there is only 3 people in the world that know this!!!! ^ this video in a nutshell.
Johan Dahl
Favor genetic reverse instead senior towel symptom no human.
Rayyan Ababneh
who wants to know how to write a word like this
Suzzane Nicole
If you look closer, you will see letters and pic and u will also hear sounds
Pepsi is dead
Honey Bunny
You: Did you know you could get 15% or more on car insurance?
Me: do you know that I don't have a car?
Meah Murphy
What if I told you the symbol for Apple was an apple, the smooth round lines represent how smooth the quality is, the apple logo has been copied on various occasions including the iPear phones in Icarley and Sam and Cat, the apple really has nothing to do with technology though!!
What if I told you I already knew every point in this video except for the American logos I'd never seen before...
21 News
It is very nice
Jessica Ramirez
"Jillette" or "Gillette?" I love FactVerse but now ill never say Gillette the same. 😁😁😁
Stefano Tapel
thanks capt. obvious
Phantom Narwhal
2:16 are you %!$#@%! kidding me!
F Diaz
Did you know that Toblerone is shaped like a triangle?????
Jason kumar
fuck u son of bitch
Lalit Khosla
wow! My dad is so cool!😀
Ethan Tranium
I am 0 years old
I like will = year
Get me as old as you want
1 sub =100 years and death but I come back
Damian Playzah
The Pepsi ended on my birthday
Maxx Payne
Did you know that the lollipop shape in Pinterest logo is actually a letter "P"?
Excaliber -Roblox and more!
Did u know that cheese
Crayshai Sainay
Hint:zoo if you are Arabic you'll know ة That's arabi ö that's English like if you know what I mean
Slender Finder
This is the second time that I've been unsubbed from a channel I like
Big Smoke
All of these are stupid. These videos are pretty pathetic
2:06 what's wrong with that arm
Braiden Davis
did you know that the coke logo spells coke
dre 14
them bbs s are tuff
ja Ash
if you look at the sses on the hershey's band upside down it says sess
Aydin Warner
i converted it and i got P
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