10 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

no goodwill, when they sell things all the profit goes to a man named goodwill
Ellen Wall
Hershey's kisses are named after the sound of it when it comes out of the machine.
gunz and blazing studio
at 2:06 the mans arms are backwards look
Joseph Kaolin Hugo
Waste of my fvckin time
Jonathan Holmberg
this video is like ok this looks nothing like this put it in a youtube Vid to get views yay
shanteria west
it does say its dead
Camryn Costa
I noticed goodwill
first 48
I thought hersheys was HEr SHE for him and her
sigh I think I get it now. This channel decided to make their videos for 8 year old children, instead of for adults - as they used to do. That would explain why they're such crap these days.
WOW! the Half-Life logo has an H?!??!
Nirmeen al khalafawi
Who came here only for pepsi?
James Volfson
did any of you notice the zygarde at 1:31?
Luke Escamilla
I KNOW!!!😡
Guy A
ya some good Will they have at Good Will they fucking are not non-profit they pay picket millions and pay their fat ass nappy haired hucche Mama's to sit around smacking they lips and do little ..and everything in the store they get donated and then over charged the poor people who have little means to shop retail some cases I've seen used crappy filthy shit there double the price that it was at Target new after sales and clearance price they don't take that into concedration and rise the price based off regular retail price being the greedy fucks they are!
HDTV Entertainment
If u look at the m in McDonald's it's actually two n's put together nn in Philadelphia there a McDonald's with only one hump making a n and n is the 16th letter in the alphabet if u order a number 16 at McDonald's there gonna look at u crazy because there is no number 16 but there is a number 7 wich is a blt with crispy chicken and if you count the letters in the word chicken there's 7 coincidence? I think not
Did you know..... i got bored half way
TheBest Person EVER
Did you know the 'F' in Facebook...

Stands for Facebook?
Utmostseeker 834
The shelter one is sooooo dumb😂😂😂
If you look closely at your finger it has shit on it
Bill - Is

pepsi (πέψη) is a greek word for digestion. Btw "is dead" dont even make sense. Do a research first you american faggots
Leon Hattingh
Look at the channel logo.... If you look closely you will see a FV ( That means Facts Verse )
Leon Hattingh
I hereby deem though thumbnail bullshit
Roman Shulgan
if look you closely at spelling my

you will that see ist not write
Roman Shulgan
if look you closely at spelling my

you will that see ist not write
Console Plays Games
should be able to report click bait
miester rhovanion
#4 how tho
The misty game caster
Now I've wasted 5 minutes of my life to learn that this video is useless...
Landon Burns
Holy fuck these aren't hidden you dip shit the thumb nail is waaaay misleading and looks good not this
Casey Overland
did you know that the g in gmail stands for... its google
Rainbow LPS
Do you know what the FV in facts verse stands for?

Facts Verse
the gaming red panda
don't drink Pepsi
Mr. Gmmieworm
what is the song name?
Facts verse copied top 5's finest thumbnail
Block Dude
got a Pepsi commercial before vid xD
Mega Rayquaza Anora
Did you know that McDonald's Logo,flip it to "W" which means "Weigh Im Gaining It"
Zidni Ahsan Budi R.
it's not Is ded but is dad
Evan Derman
pepsi upside down is not is dead thats not even proper grammar
Reggie Furnival
Msp Lover Forever
Did you know the Facebook logo actually means....
Johnathon Didicher
all of these are stupidly made up or stupidly obvious
Gamer Alexis Mcdonald
I have Pinterest and I love it
Ana L Rojas
best vidoes ever!!!!!!!!!!!
pepsi stands for" Pay Every Penny Save Israel" .....is ded his ass....
Kyle Redshaw
Hey better believe this!
pepsi made of aborted babies!fetus!stop it!😢i cant believe i eat many people
R.I.P Pepsi Halloween Edition
wiktoria ostapko
Did you know the "T" in twitter stands for...
Latvian Nemesis
Guess what?

Read more
Niko Kiknadze
pepsi's logo backwards doesn't mean day of the dead. it says "sun is dead" I see more dark stuff than hidden message about national day.
Mini cat8
Did you know look at the arrow in amazon it will be pointing a to z cause they sell a to z
Haydene and Hendrix Luces
Not hidden anymore!
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