10 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

Angela Yap
the good will is means good mill
Alina Khan
Please make a history on hell world
Nirmala Luitel
When you see closely at the f in facebook it looks like

The letter F
Did you know that if you look at the sun, all you'll see is blindness.
Jason Tan
The thumbnail is stupid asf.. They literally forced a meaning into the pepsi logo.
The Naemes mosqueda
Hershey's Kiss's
San Diego Zoo
The Milwaukee Brewer's
80 20
Bounty Hunter
Who hates parry hotter

Look at it closer
pintrest the p kinda looks like a penis
herskey kiss candys are okay but too much sweeety...
also aluminum sheet foil is a too much waste
guys the recent pepi cans i have i still see pepsi isded on it hmmmm it seems to not have ended and stays
Lynn Stevens
McDonald's means boobs😂😂really
Strike Fight
I know all of them
Asa Aiono
i just wasted like an hour waiting all of this retards videos....smh
Did you know that if you close your eyes, you can't see anything?
Waleed Qazi
Paiden Cashe
for some of you that do not know this any video that's on YouTube that talks about hidden messages is not actually about hidden messages it's called product placement and they get paid for advertising notice how he says Gillette is the best brand and so on and so on
I saw the hidden message before he said it
Raven Joyce Uayan
The Pepsi thing is wrong because there no a
Somi dway
It says is ded
Some of these are obviouse
Well that was 4 minutes and 56 seconds I'll never get back from my life...
carson obrien
You used the same thumbnail as top 5s finest
Did you know that the M on the mcdonalds logo, stands for McDonald's?
Just me_ Hey
Mmmhm. Yes yes, indeed
Such discoveries~!
Bermawi Arif
idk about this
Mining creeper
pintress interested p-intrest
Arjay Mabansag
subsrcibe cool man
Zerg s
facts verse, please kill yourself fucker
all of these were really easy for me, especially the eighty 20 one and I'm not even a programmer
Enzo 1965
Troll Patrol:
Contis are shit, not "the".
Lesser Dog
If you look closely at the top of an 8 ball, you will see the number 8 representing the number of sides the die has inside.
Dasiy Love
It's actually weird cause maybe their hiding secret? 🤔
A chuck a special Entertainment
Look at the FedEx logo and find the arrow
I am so dumb ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
George rendell
these are all obvious
Alex N
so obvious and so boring
Stanley Rosal
Hey it is 2017 but did u know that u were born on the same day as your birthday
Della Martin
If you look closely, the first letter of the alphabet is A which also Who is the triangle like the illuminati 🖕🏼
natdog the alpha
Pepsi is dad
sara pera
am I the only one that lives in a country where there just the pepsi brand
simeon freakouts
the roblox logo is the letter o is a square
Violet Intro And Outro
I Want My 4:56 Minutes Back! Good JOB BUT I WASTED MY TIME LOL OMG
Violet Intro And Outro
Who Came Cuz Of The Thumbnail? I Did...
khalel canonizado
i think in the future drinking pepsi is agains the law
Ugne Kasparaityte
i will never drink pepsi again, thanks to u.
Seth Alyssa
Pepsi looks is dad to me
eren's Attack Titan
For pepsi someone is named pepsi so it says

pepsi is dead
Bella Celine
I only came for the thumbnail XD
Angelina Arriola
you don't say....
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