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The Worlds fastest fidget spinner... we made this thing spin so fast it bursted into pieces!!!! 

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I want one tanner can I have a white phiget spinner
Ippagunta Ramesh Kumar
Tanner fox i want a fidget spinner
Desi J Richert
you are one ugly ass freak, go eat your own poop you freak.
Sophia Koch
This is so Danger😥😥
Sumari Yanto
amazing your spinner, i have my spinner, fast and best rotated
Ken boi
Danielle Hunter
Tanner: cause like fidget spinners are so new to the world Me: they have been on this earth for more then like 20 years
Johns Yong
most lancau video.
paul campbell
Where do u get your popsocket
William Kaberry
AstiGaming Tube
so nice
AstiGaming Tube
i like the video
Ryan Sage
nice vid
Now I want a snickers
Aiden Rodrigues
can i git a figet
Vander th panda Tang
Your awesome I'm vander please showt me out I will like you
Ken boi
Wtf ur a clickbait
You have autism
Asian Creations
Tanner looks like a transgender lesbian 😂
Asian Creations
Tanner looks like a old fucking mushroom
Carson Knochel Vlogs
8:42 tanners girlfriend
Basketball Bros
Yeah right 2000 mph hour
Jordan Tyler
People are dumb. Centrifugal force isn't anything to F with.
Sams Vlogg
Do a cameo fidget spinner plz
j carrico
why do you have an air compressor at a skatepark
Marcela Bauer
Hey tanner I think you're re vids are great and and your girlfriend should keep it up
Alejandra Ornelas
bro thats so dope
Fruity Pebbles are for Gangsters
Storm Stryker
Fucking idiots🤦‍♂️
Antoine Leon
good love it
Lynda Ma'afu
i think he is cool i hope you guys get him 11,000,000,000 subs please
Max Bryce
Tanner buy a mclaren p1
Nick Fuhs
Dude, that's a bad idea putting blades on a fidgit spinner; Especially when at high velocity they be exploding.
jon green
this is so lame. grow up. stop playing with child's toys.
television man
Please tell me this is an April fools joke, this is impossible in all known laws of science, if this is real, then I tell you, WHY?
Alphadogg Adrian
Tanner you inspired me to YouTube thanks
Austin Wayne
It's not mph it's rpm lmfao
jaime guerra
jaime guerra
Ummm I was wondering if I can have a pop sokit
Elijah R
You're a retard its rpm not mph also did you measure the speed of the fidget spinner
Nate's Randomness
U mean 8 mph watch youtuber basic
Gabriel Cornea
next time do it on a screwdriver or maybe a vice with no humans around (stay behind the protection wall or something)
hugbug 2005
Mona Pineda
Logang Pauler
Where do you get the fidget spinners at
ernandez bernard
these fools are foolish they could have easily taken an eye out smfh
Patricio Alvarado Jr
can I get a fight spiner
Alexis Aguirre Morales
give me a fidget spinner
sherry thor
Johnaynay 2
not to be mean tho
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