Birth of the Dragon Official Trailer #1 (2017) Bruce Lee Biopic Movie HD

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Birth of the Dragon Trailer 1 (2017) Bruce Lee Biopic Movie HD [Official Trailer]

So much potential, yet this shit looks wackk
Dovahkiin Dragonborn
This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen the director writer executive producer and which ever fuck face thought of this movie. Literally have to die🙃
Angel Beltran
I just hope they do the master justice and no offense, take this random white guy and throw that character in the trash. I'm tired of every stinking hero in these movies needing a white man to help save the show. This guy might pull it by himself give him a chance, that's all!
Gerald Gardner
Don't play crappy hip hop in this.
Romeo Juliet
The rap kinda kills it...
J. Payne
I laugh at all the people who don't like this movie based on the trailer. Like trailers have always correctly depicted a movie. This guy portraying Lee sees himself as having no limits, just like Bruce Lee did, Bruce Lee was good friends and a teacher to Steve McQueen who is also a fellow actor and is portrayed in this movie as a guy named Steve McKee. I don't see a thing wrong with this film and I'm gonna watch it
Joseph Adams
Imdb gives this 3.9 out of 10 they're Fucking retarded as hell this will be the best movie of this year and next year
Wong Jack Man is still alive
Have I shown my one inch punch tony?
WWE studioa? R u kidding me 😂
This propaganda piece focuses on stereotyping, dehumanising, and denigrating Asians and Asian culture.
Patrick Weathersby
long live the dragon and his son Brandon and his daughter but for me Linda cast the right person and I'll let it be and the the brother was his friend and student
Ever show you my one inch punch Tony?? 👊
Tyler Dice
"What limits?"
An Aspirin
Stan Constantin
I cannot wait for this movie
Nero Lightning Lynx
Glad they went back and changed the movie to what people really wanted. All the people still hating about it focusing on the white guy are out of date, according to the official page.
Jefferson Guzman
CertifiedShoota 23
Oh wtf
zax al ghul
"what limits"?
Brian Baer
Seems over glorified
Sean Ford
How many times are they gonna go back to the Bruce lee well ? Nobody cares anymore about this 70lb fame hungry ego maniac. Glad he's dead glad his ugly son is dead now the money loving wife is selling off pieces of Bruce's corpse .
Red Razor J
Mazahery Ahmad Reza

There is nothing romantic or spectacular about the fight between Lee and Jackman. And while it did eventually made Lee realize that he needed to make his martial arts more flexible because wing chun had too many fixed positions, Wong did not in anyway went into the fight motivated by deep philosophy about martial arts. Jackman would admit in an interview that the fight was really motivated by youthful arrogance between Lee and Himself. He did not conceive nor suggested in anyway Lee's martial arts philosophy of formlessness.

Yes Lee is a legend, but for reasons that are way beyond the fight that took place between him and Wong.
sevan grigoryan
Rap music in a Bruce lee movie. What else could be worse?
Forever NC
They're making Bruce Lee way too cocky in this movie
Mark Henry
My understanding of the true even was Man was forced into the fight from "the Kung Fu ring" do to his Shaolin style and the fact Lee recently knocked out a Karate/Judo expert in in 11 seconds at a YMCA in Seattle reffed by Jesse Glover . there were 7 witness present for the Man fight, (of note David Chin was with Man and Linda was with Bruce) both have very close details of what happened. Instantly Bruce landed a shot to the temple of Man, this sent Man into defensive posture and he tripped over a step, Lee then jumped on him and made him say he concedes. It lasted roughly 7 minutes.
Irvin Christopher
Was that a WWE logo saw?
You guys are missing the glass-half-full point of view; Just because a white guy is narrating it doesnt make him the main character. The story is FOCUSED around BRUCE LEE and HIS story. And also, what is with the focus on the narrator being white?
Michael Proctor
The guy playing Bruce Lee looks like Moe from The 3 Stooges...
Bertram Inc.
So sad that a rap song was included to boost revenue. Nothing screams Asian Kung foo more than rap! Not.
Shaun Govender
does anyone know of a download link for this movie.nothing that i have to sign into.thanks
Lucas RM7
Rap? Hiphop? Why guys? The musics of batman arkham games for exemple is very better! With chors! Violins! Is very epic! No?
Lucas RM7
Yeah finally! wong jack man in a movie with bruce! After 2008 series! "The legend of bruce lee" (in Netflix)
Music name?
Edwin Ortiz
This movie looks complete shit but will probably do very well in China so that's why they made it
Kool Beans
Summer? So as in a month or a couple weeks?
LilBlackman :
i feel a hot shit coming and its about to dump on a dead mans legacy.
This film is SHIT!! Screw this film, its actors and directors. They are trying to create what out of this. The trailer makes Bruce Lee seem as if he is arrogant and overly intense. This film, and its crew, just disgraced the LEGENDARY BRUCE LEE. I will never have respect for the makers of this film or its affiliates!!!!!!!!
Sah Ismail
This movie makes Bruce Lee seem arrogant and cocky.....i plan on seeing this, i just hope it does Bruce some justice
Christopher Gallardo
The Bruce Lee Netflix series is better than this garbage. And they could have hired Jason Scott Lee again or Danny Chen. What the hell. So tired of people trying to use Bruce to make a buck. Pathetic assholes.
Christopher Gallardo
Sorry WWE but this film and cast look dreadful. As a huge And voracious reader and studier and lover of all things Bruce Lee this film looks like a genuine miss. I'm actually disappointed that you are producing and are even affiliated with a film about a genuine mixed martial artist like the Master Bruce Lee.
You call that bio? Bull shit movie. How the Fuck did the Bruce Lee organization approved this bull shit. Young generations will see this movie and think that's what Bruce Lee was about
I take a look at the actor and I see nothing in his face that resemble Bruce Lee. How is this going to sell? Seriously. If you're going to make a Bruce Lee movie, the actor must AT LEAST look like him, walk like him, and imitate like him because any slight differences will make people laugh. Everybody knows how Bruce look, act and behaved. At least Jason Scott Lee look a bit like him. So what I think they need to do is they need to somehow reshape the dude's face to make it look like Bruce Lee...i am sure they have all these facial technology that they can used to mold an actor's face to make it look real.
Sam I don't wanna share my last name
Song at 1:31?
HazmaJ 32
Fucking overrated cancer looks like dog shit, ruined the original with this rubber faced fucking mutt.
The low budget or poor quality Legend of Bruce Lee on Netflix seems to have captured the essence of his persona compared to what I see here.
The Strange Potoo
Why are they trying to build up Bruce Lee like he was Scarface?
Ron Hogan
hit or shit?
Diego Garcia
someone's fantasy about that fight. ask Linda Lee ,it didn't go down like that. but I guess to make a movie u got add the bullshit.
Diego Garcia
ah where's Bruce's awesome mullet!
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