Birth of the Dragon Official Trailer #1 (2017) Bruce Lee Biopic Movie HD

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Birth of the Dragon Trailer 1 (2017) Bruce Lee Biopic Movie HD [Official Trailer]

chad s
Bruce actually hands down beat the shit outta wong.....beat him from mount position till he verbally conceded
totaali tykkääjä
this move made Bruce Lee an arrogant prick...all 15min
the trailer is all about showdown between Bruce Lee and a Shaolin master, and the movie is actually about that random white guy in the background?
2:06 inch punch
Derek Jang
He said he's irrelevant LoL
Yogesh Sreekar
i didnt like the hero he is not like bruce lee
Michael Anthony
Purists will bitch and whine, but I don't watch movies for enlightenment and purity. This was a good film if you like to be entertained.
James Scott
Fucken ruined movie by Hollywood. Hope all the crew and the white person put in make up to be an Asian playing Bruce Lee to go hang themselves.Fucken awful movie.I learnt Bruce’s Art form. What a disgrace to him.would of loved to kick the white guy ass for being a 2 face piece of shit.
Atreyu Riddle
This was crap on authenticity. Good ones are Bruce Lee My Brother Aka Young Bruce Lee and Dragon
José Lucas
mídia guys!!!#KDOSBR
Winston Wolf
Am i the only one who likes this movie ? Especially the Jack man character was awesome
adalberto21 ribeiro
Soco de 1 polegada ,vai segurando vagabundo kkkk
Good movie.
yeah tbh.
biggest pile of shit movie ive seen this decade
Kevin Stone
Wow really!? They could had titled this something else without using Bruce Lee's name. What a slap in the face.
Frank Esposito
Frank Esposito
Frank Esposito
Frank Esposito
Smally Bells
What a load of garbage !!! Honestly this movie was so cheesy and ridiculous!!! Made Bruce Lee look bad !!! Waste of time even watching this !!
louis perozo
THIS MUSIC IS CANCER IN SHIT, this no represent to Bruce Lee, this represen to a yonki of shit.
I Don't Care
Don't watch it guys... cheesy story, cheesy fights, cheesy dialogues... and the Bruce Lee they portray is sooo cocky that it ruins the movie.
Aaaal !
What garbage. Was not historically accurate, not even in the same zip code. What was with the dumbass thinking with his little Steve. F'd up the entire movie.
Jeremiah Lewis
This movie does a great job of taking the realty and philosophy of Bruce Lee and making him the “bad guy” who has no control, no morals. The white guy is respectful in the movie which seems nice but makes Bruce look like a he cared for no one. If you watch this you may think that’s how Bruce was when all his books, and countless interviews indicate the complete opposite. This by no means is a drama or documentary of what Bruce was.
Kazmo NZ
Steve and his selfish little obsession with a fucken girl ruined the story side of things but everything else was pretty awesome.
Nick Thompson
Bruce lee favorite Burger King sandwich!

Nick Thompson
This movie was written by Steve for the enjoyment of Steve. Why did this random nobody Steve need to share screen time with two legends again? Oh that's right🤔for steves enjoyment
Jr Villa
the only white guy that was missing was chuck Norris, that will be the sequel
Original Man
This movie is not a good film. It's about a FICTIONAL CAUCASIAN character and NOT about BRUCE LEE. It also makes the Caucasian the hero; but demonizes Bruce Lee. They make Bruce Lee into a moron, with no honor, in this film
Astrofarmer Imaging NZ
Just watched it,..It's good
MaNem Jeff
why is his voice so high pitched??? did someone clip his balls? everything about him is badass except his voice.
this "movie" is disrespect to Bruce Lee
Barry Ryan
What a pile of 💩💩💩💩💩
Abdul Kadir
Disgrace a waste of time this wasn't bruce lee at all and neither did it actually focus on him?
why was this white guy called steve the main focus like sorry but who are you?
i wanted to give it a chance despite bad reviews but i now agree with every bad review this was utter shit.
0/5 doesn't even deserve a rating!
The movie isn't that bad. They did have to add few extra shite to spice it up!
What's the music?
Nakama 25
Esta pelicula llevas dos añoa anunciada, alguien sabe cuando se estrena o si ya se estreno?
James P
I wish they would make a movie about Bruce that wasn't filled with Hollywood embellishments. Yeah, he accepted a challenge, and the guy was a pussy, that just ran around the ring while Bruce chased him. Probably the closest movie to the truth was the 1993 version, not this trash
Chris Weeks
WWE needs to quit making movies... Honestly they're not all that bad but their name brand it's just considered a joke outside of wrestling... As for Bruce Lee... He was a criminal a gangster who got chased out of China came to the US he didn't even complete his training when he was training for Kung Fu... And he picked a fight with a Grandmaster... it says something about how he changed after the fight... His style of fighting his whole philosophy... But before and after the fight he is always been an arrogant ass... The real problem here is you got a bunch of Fanboys who think Bruce Lee was the king of all Kung Fu and he wasn't... He was a great yes... But despite what his wife and daughter and all the Fanboys says... At the time of the fight with be Jackman... he was nowhere near being the level of a Grandmaster... from all I have gathered on it... Jackman smacked some of the arrogance out of Bruce Lee
Don't waste your money.
This movie was the biggest insult to Bruce Lee that I've ever seen. Horrible!
Aneil B
Well another movie they fucked up
Kenny Phun
Im a big fan of Bruce but this film is no good
Hollywood took a 2 minute altercation Bruce had with another Gong Fu teacher and turned it into this piece of shit, totally unrealistic depiction of his life. F.U. Hollywood! Should have known WWE was backing this crap.
Vegan Stains
ze BR torrent is out now.
John Doe
Rap and sad combination.
Ever show you my 1 inch dick Tony?
smh why did they have to make this mans life a joke.
Solar Panel
Just finished the movie... absolutely HORRIBLE- As far as Bruce LEE goes... had nothing to do with the REAL BRUCE LEE... but it was a good random kung fu flick... it just didnt have ANYTHING about Bruce Lee except for fake shit- like showing him being cocky and just wanting to fight to be a badass.. wasnt bruce at all.. not one bit... the creators of this Biopic should seriously be ashamed of themselves for trying to ruin a legends image like that...
Brother J
I love this story about Bruce and master Wong. this movie totally would have been just fine without the Steve character and the corny crush on a girl storyline. That's American film for you, they put their spin on great stories and ruin them😕
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