Birth of the Dragon Official Trailer #1 (2017) Bruce Lee Biopic Movie HD

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Birth of the Dragon Trailer 1 (2017) Bruce Lee Biopic Movie HD [Official Trailer]

claudia vargas
Cuando se estrenará???
shoaib btt
Saw WWE promotion and instantly knew this would be dogshit
Isaac Marin
Saw movie in one fight scene,the Bruce Lee character was out of breath.This movie couldn't be historical accurate.Maybe the fight thats all.
sees the amount of likes
...I have no words.
Kelsey Curles
Don't they know nobody can replace the influential Bruce Lee?
Look just horrible
1:35 what’s that called what’s he training on?
Feed gg
1:31 music?
Cydney Devlin
I am hyped to see this but we already have a movie like this, "dragon, the Bruce Lee story" and it's fantastic. this movie feels like covering the same ground just because they can.
dragonball Glitched
who ready for bad english
I hope this movie is a box office flop that it deserves for disgracing the legend Bruce Lee. Screw you film makers, hope you lose millions for this embarrassment of a film and a defamation of the family name Lee! I spit on you and this film!!!!! I wont even watch this if it was free on basic cable without commercials! I swear it! I wouldnt watch this even if someone offered me 1K to watch it with free refreshments. 1 million $ then yes, ill watch this shit and spit on it after I get paid!
WWE Girl
Rick N.
A huge Bruce Lee fan since childhood, however this movie missing a key element; truth. The Bruce Lee estate will not approve this inaccurate story telling and poor film making.
Bianca Warren
i haven't even seen this movie and already i feel like its a disgrace to the legacy of Bruce Lee. what a shame
David Luu
load of crap. hollywood is racist against Asians. anything with an Asian lead is played by a white guy and turns to utter crap. Look at Death Note, Dragon Ball Super, The Last Airbender. Now instead of replacing an Asian with a white dude they focused on a make believe white guy....last movie that had an amazing Asian leads was Harold and Kumar. This is why people would rather watch Netflix than spend there money at theaters.
Tre Lewis
Just looks to fictional considering the fact that no one really knows Bruce lee's life outside of martial arts and acting 🙁
Mark Bernard
As a work of fiction wonderful but thats all it is
Nicolas Flipper
It's still not him though...
Hip hop music? Really? FFS...
Boyd.Dragon .C
Dan Vanson
These comments are so cringe. If you're here to tell us all that it's not accurate.. yeah we get it, you watched a documentary or read a book and now you have to point out Bruce facts to everyone else that has also seen and read everything., it's a movie do you think guardians of the galaxy is inaccurate too? And if you're here to say it tarnishes the legend of the god Bruce Lee or something. Like... it's a movie.. just don't watch it.
Why can't I find this song >_<
Marcos Bodon
No matter how much Hollywood wants to ruin Bruce's imagine you will always fail. This movie was so inaccurate
Clorox Bleach
WWE made this. Of course...
What's Bruce lee's favorite drink?

Allan Chad
this movie sucks !!! in real BRUCE LEE never did any fancy matrix moves the movie is just like all chop chew that comes out of HONG KONG real fights don't go down like that ITS JUST MOVIE !!!!
the disrespect
Let's not forget the main character is a boring dud. Never mind he is white.

Fucking anti-white racist assholes in here.
Quick Simple Drawings
I don't know, I feel like Bruce Lee can only portray himself. I've seen every single film of his and no other actor will get the iconic cat sounds, hair, face and fighting. I don't know, it may just be me...
Andres Calderon
Saw the movie it was good but was this movie called birth of the dragon? Or birth of the white guy they only showed the white guy life
Hanan Halaoui
I was so disappointed in how they completely ruined Bruce's character I almost left the theater. It almost looked like a comedy joke the way that guy was playing Bruce. The only good out of this movie is the guy who played Wong Jak Man. Read up how Wong challenged Bruce at Bruce's school and how it happened from Linda Lee herself and you will see it's nothing like the movie. Im so disappointed in people making money from Bruce's name and doing such a shitty job!
I hope this movie hasn't butchered my image of Bruce Lee as much as this crappy trailer has.
worth watching, fight sequences are awesome, love this movie
Jaden Harrod
A new Bruce Lee movie shut up and take my money
Steven Quihuis
I loved it
Captain Freaking America
Will this be in the ip man universe

In the most recent and I think last IP man film Bruce Lee showed up and told me yip he wants to learn wing chun from him

And this is showing a young Bruce being called a wing chun master
Mixing RAP music in a movie depicting the life of Bruce Lee is an insult. First of all, this event between another Kung Fu Master and Bruce Lee NEVER happened, it is totally fictional. Hollywood will do anything these days to make a quick buck, even if they have to glorify or make up bullshit about somebody's life.
Ernest Peña
I don't mean to sound racist and I am not a racist but I know for a fact Bruce Lee did not listen to Black music. I think this is Hollywood again trying to scheme up black hip-hop music with Now Chinese kung fu karate masters. Bruce Lee was not into black hip-hop music. Hollywood why don't you take a break from all that shit and garbage. You fucking liberals.
Brain Rush
Soundtrack to movie:
Other song credits:
Song Credits
"NIGHT-TIME" https://www."
Brain Rush
I saw it twice...loved it. Then again, I studied Bruce Lee's life so I immediately saw the fictional elements of the story...thus, they didn't bother me. But I can see why they bothered others.

But I have to criticize the critics for their SJW-level disdain of whites...Kung Fu is beyond that...particularly in a Bruce Lee-related movie.
Иосеф Сталин
Looks nothing like Bruce Lee
Raiden TM
Saw the movie. Honestly, the actors were very good at...well...acting. They seemed like they had emotion. A lot of people argue that the bruce lee in this movie was an asshole. I don't think they realize he was like this before he actually fought wong jack man. The fight scenes were really well done, and the philosophy behind bruce lee's lesson made a lot of sense. I don't see why so many people hated this movie.
criminal one
garbage this will flop promise
Andrew St. Wilson
The movie is ABSOLUTELY historically INACCURATE! Bruce whipped his ass in 20 minutes!
See the documentary "I am Bruce Lee" and his widow Linda explains who won!
Trust me when i say this...

This whole movie

is trash
When Hollywood.made film from true event,its shit .......We love better film about Bruce Lee as IP Man.
James Gascon
I watched it. All they did was do karate moves and umm..... i thunk that's it?? Just kidding. I ain't a spoiler bruh
Darius Brown
Just seen the movie and I was thoroughly impressed..Great job by the actors.. I credit them for not tarnishing Bruce Lee's legacy.. NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND???? (little inside joke)..
bloo po
ils sont vi lé "Bruce Lee"...ce film est une insulte made in "sataniste-land".
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