Dragon Ball Super Episodes 111-114 SPOILERS

Dragon Ball Super Episodes 111-114 SPOILERSDragon Ball Super Episodes 111Dragon Ball Super Episode 112Dragon Ball Super MAJOR SpoilersGoku vs Super Saiyan Berserk KaleJiren vs HitVegeta and CabbaSuper Saiyan Berserk KaleJIREN IS A MONSTER

Dragon Ball Super MAJOR Spoilers have come out covering Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 and beyond. JIREN IS A MONSTER! Jiren vs Hit results PLUS Goku vs Super Saiyan Berserk Kale, rematch with Caulifla, and Vegeta and Cabba's friendship!

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jon ayers
a fousin reborn

Ep 114 a fighter reborn
david whitford
GEEKDOM 101 any thoughts on title of 114 new super warrior
Red Riser
sonic throwing into garbage can
what i fink caulifla en kale are help goku by geting his strength back after that what iffink is that they wil team up wed plan to defeat jiren guy i dont wand spoil too much but it just what fink is goning to hapen i fink goku will not eliminate kale untile jiren en toppio en dyspo en brianne en su roas en ader universe fighters are defeat
Drum mer
Soooooo who's the new warrior? Old girl was already introduced. This shit is misleading
No where in these spoilers do they talk about it vegeta getting a new form..... this is bullshit
The Legendary Jiren
I think Dbz would have been more interesting if they used Cooler as oppose to Frieza In the Namek arc js.
Charles Harris
See this is the technique that Jerin the grey haves is a technique that is called Advanced movement analyzed which allows him to predict each opponent moves he that he uses it and that's how he's able to encounter every fighting movements of all opponents that's why he's able to keep up with Goku speed because of that technique I have found that when I did some research you all but it's pretty ultimate because they said that is pretty powerful a powerful technique at all the gods do notice techniques so that's pretty awesome
yaadie de yah
This guy doesn’t knw wat he tlkin about... jus give us the translation
Dycrate Narirama
Episodes of universes getting erased
Universe 9- Ep 98
Universe 10- Ep 103
In my opinion
Universe 4- Ep 112
Universe 3- Ep 117
Universe 6- Ep 121 (since hit is gone)
Universe 2- Ep 123
Universe 11- Ep 130
It seems Hit got eliminated in ep 111 :) Let's see the next episodes..This will be nice!
mark b
I think the new warrior is going to be shansta from universe 4 because they mention it being “ghastly” and if you watch a few episodes back shansta is flying and shooting a ghastly substance out it’s back
LegendarySsjGodSsj MasterAscendSsjBrownKX10
I hope ribrianne knocks Jiren.
Zeref Dragneel
Hit gets eliminated
Readmycommentbitch Waterboy
Can Vegeta get his own form ready like damn he should be able to go Berserker mode and mix it with blue, thatd be fucking lit. Or just make him ssb2 or even 3 to keep up with goku so that he can have his own abilities
Kids Arcade Room
You made a nice video cool
Goku kinda die... So i am sure he got a senkai boost already!!
Vault Von
It's the z fighter and frieza vs justice league on steroids.
Hoobie Saab
as long as im not actually seeing any clips from the episode, i dont feel like its an real "Spoiler"
they know what they are doing with spoilers they save the goods for inside the episode
Tay Barnes
Would superman last in the tournament.theres no sun to revive him in the world of void
Saqib Naeem
Hay. any of guys can tell why frieza not going to fight with jiran?
Jonathan Lagman
Yamcha should have been on the team because he is the only he can Jiren. When Jiren powers up his ki kills Yamcha and dies. Jiren disqualified
Ashutosh Mishra
no special episode till episode 114 ...after ep10 its dump shit...not a single animation gone good ...hit vs jiren wasn't too much impressive ...and now writer should come up with new fight soon ..to make it worthy...vegeta should give a powerup to Ultra extinct and at the Finale they should combined to one and fcuk Jiren with the Immense Power Level
James M.
is vegeta going to get ultra mode as well
Marc Pabel
There is only one Way this can end. Fist Vegeta and Goku fuse and second they transforme Supersayan-God-Key like in Battel of Gods to one of them. I mean the 6 Sayan transforme one into God-Form...
Aadit Shirke
did any1 notice this... Right before the final punch on jiren, goku's eyes turn back to normal so technically he doesn't hit jiren in the ultra instinct form. At first i thought he loses the form after jiren blocks the punch but there's a frame right before the punch where u can see goku's eyes turn back to nrml.
Anu Bansode
That super warrior would be the mr . POPO in his ultra instinct form.
Jim From down the road
Zenkai zenkai zenkai
Trill Will
Spoiler...goku wins tournament wishes all universes back to life
Ethan Wonderly
If there is one thing that goku does again and again and again its learn. I'm thinking that "absorbing" the spirit bomb was the final piece he was missing in learning how to take or borrow another's power. That's my theory
ShitHappens !
This guy just talks about spoilers and he gets a lot of views? 😂
Goku only gets stronger after he heals. If he's worn out, he's fucked.
Onepiece Gold
114 the mortal that is stronger than god of destruction
nyghtryder 3
Cabba super sayain 3
Lamier Anthony
Anyone can learn Ultra Instinct I just realized! Could this mean other side characters have hope to being HELPFUL again? LMFAOOOO tbh I hope 🤞
Huncho Hendrix
When android 17 going to turn up?
Samuel Dumas
glad goku won't sit out a long time
Sean Hampton
Jiren is already in ultra instinct form which is why u can't see jiren move and look at his eyes every time goku try to destroy him
Ghoul Venom
okay let me get you more situated with what is going on in super. Jiren has ultra instinct, Whis said that even when the gods fought that they destroyed the arena While everyone decided to dodge the flying debris, Jiren stood still because he knew the patterns of where everything was flying and went to the exact spot where they would never hit him. Jiren has ultra instinct and is a multi-dimensional being able to move without the time skip he moves so fast that it's instant, he rips through dimensions effortlessly with his speed.
Rico Hunter
Hit not getting eliminated. Hit just gonna catch a beaten and then recover later.
Dunn Zoe
Dude all Saiyians have that ability
mark masterson
Goku is getting energy because he lost a fight and is recovering
Dyspo told him his weakness but hit adapted to that weakness DEBUNK
Dyspo told him his weakness but hit adapted to that weakness DEBUNK
Have you seen the 115-120 episode spoilers?
Daniel Hays
I don't think hit regains energy and health by fighting. His ability is to improve dramatically while fighting, longer time skip, faster , able to adapt to his opponent very fast
Iota Ceti
Sit out for 7-8 episodes? Are you stupid? I hate dragon ball z's sense of timing. Each episode is 22 some minutes. And te tournemant of power was supposed to be 40 minutes. Yet there's going to be like 15 episodes of the tournament. Good one.
Rob Nunez
Why would we even want to see Namekians They not strong like Yamcha
you guys just notice there no mentions of jiren nor hit? i went back and forth on a couple of videos this might mean something
The Matrix
I just realized goku was practicing ultra instinct without knowing when he hired hit to kill him remember he dodge bulma without realizing whis have him practicing that a long time
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