Anne Hathaway on Her Colossal Sci-Fi Monster Film

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Anne Hathaway tries to describe her movie Colossal without spoiling the surreal premise.

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Anne Hathaway on Her Colossal Sci-Fi Monster Film

Riko Apiko
I watcссheeeed Cооoоloooossaaaаl full movie hееre
Mу gf rеаllу lооves this film. Wе found full moviе hеrе =>
2:18 to 2:22 Awwwwww what a cutie she is 😍😍😍😍 I wish I get a girlfriend like her 😐😐
she is always fake
Captain Planet
Very good film
Sugarpie Honeybunch
i enjoyed the movie
Princess Diaries, Girls? 😂💕💓❤👑
Mohammed Nasseif
This movie, honestly, is a masterpiece.
There Is No Sandwich
That movie actually looks really good
ann riz
from nose down, Margot robbie looks like Anne hathaway
Dangrous Woman
Anne Hathaway is so cool
Abz Art
Bertholdt is the Colossal Titan
Am I the only one who got scared when the music was playing in the background at the reveal in the clip?
Angry Kittens
I muted it. :D
Kevin Rachman
she is a hot its unreal
ll II
I don't think i have seen anything as beautiful as her.
I still have a huge a crush on her
Jimmy Two-Times
I love white women.
What I like about this movie is that the trailer didn't leak the important story line
so hot
yavidoo o'brien
What about princess diaries?!?!
I actually muted it...
Luke Stepkowski
That's a casual looking burka she's got on.
makeup belongs to her eyes
Valerie J. Yelk
Seeing her is bittersweet. I sure wish Garry Marshall was still around. Would've loved to see her in The Princess Diaries 3.
Fabian Garcia
She's gorgeous! I love her!
I love her so much wow queen of being colossal
Mohammad Fletcher
thanks for that spoiler alert, Anne.
SR Cleopatra
She's so adorable it's impossible 😻😻
Finally! Her hair is long again.
Chloe Carvalho Oliveira
Am I the only one who actually muted it and just watch them till the waved their hands?? 😅
The only Queen of Hollywood
Erika Leigh Beroncal
In the clip she looked like Mia before the makeover
Is this movie any good? Anyone seen it yet?
Mia Dandino
I absolutely adore Anne Hathaway! I've missed seeing her in movies this past year. 😁
rene gonzalez
Omg this film looks great!!
Marc Fronda
Anne Hathaway is My Forever Crush😍💯

Anyone here who also having crush to the Adorable,Gorgeous,simple, And Down to earth woman 💋💋??
jason wise
Man she hasn't changed in like 10 years or more
She is sexy!
Bigg John96
Anne is bae.
I love her.... I mean, I really love her!
I came here to see how good of a job Jimmy does here faking laughters.
I used to love her, but now I think she's kinda kringy
Abdulla al-naimi
i love how she's honest about the clip and the movie
Aza Za
Shut up jimmy you keep interrupting
Omar S
Anybody else mute it until they waved their hands?
monkey with 4 butts
I love how every video is plagued with "fake laugh" comments.
Salvador Navarrete
Chad Richards
OOOOOOH! Very Donny Darko vibe!
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