WHAT IF DISNEY WENT BAD...? | Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Bendy is everyone's favorite lovable animated friend... but what happens after the magic runs out?
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K-T K-Trix
Mickey mouse is terrifying. All my friends tease me because I'm now 12 but I don't care. One time I went to Disney land and I ran away from all the Mickey mouse club house characters and my brother was laughing. I screamed and ran to my apartment because I was so scared. I literally cried. I never liked Disney and I still don't😨😨😖😖😖
Rudolph Lindquist
Swoosh mark 😝
Rossali Vermillion
Could someone pls explain if Disney made this and the full story?I dont mind spoilers
Casper med hatten
Izzamoo _
Bendyandthe Inkmachine...
Isn’t that the guy from Sherlock?
Unkown Unknown
Bendy And The Ink Machine is great I give The Meatly Games a thumbs up and five stars
King Pichu
Does anyone else think that the background music at the start of the game sound like the background music in Hello Neighbor
Roblox PlayingCunt
this is not really that scary
Breanna Swanson
Did Mickey Turn On Walt Er Something, Cause It Sure Looks Like It
Steph Gomez
Markiplier I'm ur biggest fan everrrrr🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
Please finish this.
Boris Angel
U got a date on chapter 3 >:3
outlaw foxx
anyone else think this isn't scary?
lps sparkle shine productions
Play Chapter 3
This game is awesome you should use good cool hacks in this game how did you get this game was it on a computer I love this episode
Gisselle Chajon
I'm so happy to see markiplaier again :D
Some Random Person
Uhhhh its so scary when you know it's horrifying but that was... way and I mean WAY more scary than I thought!!! 😥😰
kitty lol
That was fucking scary
Dallas Snidarich
Play chapter three
Rita Hamilton
C.J. Torres
Hey dude and oh yeah that pink mustache reminds me of that car I kinda saw like years or months ago but that's cool with me man it's already cool anyway. And Ok I'll subscribe you on YouTube now already. So here goes nothing.
Bradley Cotton
Aw, man. I love workin’ at Didney Worl. It’s my favorite!
It's like Slender and Cuphead had a very very nasty affair and made a baby!
Faith Monk
Mark: what are you so loud and obnoxious?
Me: are you talking about Jack, his loud but not obnoxious Mark lol 😂
Nia Brae
Who else realized that every YouTube report says "Let me axe you a question!"?
SuperSam Nancy
Sephyloo Glitch
I had a nightmare today.

It was the worst nightmare I could imagine, and I woke up thinking it was real. I was alone, on my bed, watching YouTube. My dad walks in,
And tells me to get dressed. I do, then we go to the school, without me questioning it. My best friend came up to me in tears. I was really scared, and then I asked what was wrong. Then she told me that Mark had killed himself.

I realized how important he is to me. I felt like I fell down a sinkhole, because I believed her. I believed her because she is the most well-informed person i know.

So I was let out of school for my behavior. I was literally sobbing. I told my parents, and so they let me get out of school.

We go on vacation and I find a shrine thing for him on the plane. I go to it, and there’s Jack, standing there sad because his best friend killed him self. I wasn’t even the surprised to see him there, I couldn’t feel much anymore. I felt like nothing could get much worse, so I just stood up and hugged Jack. He hugged me back, a complete stranger, and I felt less sad, but not much.

I just realized how important Youtube is to me.
I want to be an artist/animator maybe. Anybody have tips that do not involve the satanic rituals in this game? :D
Freeform Jazz
Mark: swings axe at doorway Can I AXE YOU A QUESTION!?!?!?
Carly Henebury
Chapter 1 looks so much different after chapter 3 came around. Actually kinda nice that the developers knew what there were doing to make this game look really well done.
Marisa Garza
Mark please play more of this game! I'm so interested!
Doug McLeod
I’m never using a pen again
I came here to see what's the game about. I'm no horror person and even though I pulled myself together, I lost all my courage right before the end. Really good job! XD
Clay Macdonald
chapter one is now free on steam
Themelelani 1200
Is anyone else binge watching horror games because it's Halloween?
Bendy: we have cool art that is reminiscent of the old style cartoon days!
Cuphead: that's cute.
Nakita Lander
9:07 listen REALLY closely. Who is that?
I dont know why but i always say Inkie and the Bend machine XD
Benjamin Carlson
This is not Disney. This is Fleischer Brothers. Bendy is evil, mean, mischevious. Unrealistic. Cuphead, on the other hand, is Disney. Saving people's souls.
Isabella Machado
It started again on 6:30
J-Dylan madriaga
boris is dead!
joy desalla
How to fuck download this game in cherry mobile
Did you can download bendy and the ink machine chapter 3
Johnathon Ventenilla
Hmmmm I hope Disney watches this and then "OK let's make an animation about that game".
blaze runner
Yours is not updated ow man
Jenna Peake
There's a secret achievement if you walk through the
walk when you collect all items hit the flow button and turh of the main power
Sad Kitty
Do bendy and the ink machine chapter 3 4 and the other chapters
I love your narrative voice it’s so suspenseful
PaxadoxGamer max
It was so funny wh!en he said what the fuck!
bluefoxygamer bluegamer4340
SQUEEKO is now my ringtone thanks ZEDGE
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