WHAT IF DISNEY WENT BAD...? | Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Bendy is everyone's favorite lovable animated friend... but what happens after the magic runs out?
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Simply Trinity
*Mark falls*
5:49 he sounds like the kubs scouts turtle from yandere simulator.
danavan forehand
it kinda reminds me of mickey mouse black and white version tho
Totally Not A Turtle ._.
I was just thinking about how cute the cartoon style was until 7:54 hit me and my heart shot out of my chest and proceeded to kill my soul
awesomeaiden9 Boi
When I was chewing gum when I was watching the video I got gum in my hair
Hikari Akarui
you can sprint holding shift
Mysterious Kittie
Mark was like gasp and then a sexy "hi" XD
fluffie clover
about your comment at the end, chapter one is more to set up the story rather than actual gameplay. unlike games like FNAF, it gives you real context to how the monsters your running from got there, instead of just throwing you to the wolves and saying figure it out XD
GTA IV Niko Gaming
My favo is......
GTA IV Niko Gaming
Build our machine you die tonight
Mj 9000
I loved your fanf the musical movies on random incoaunters
Black Mage Mighty mage
I want to know how the hell pure ink can cause an metamorphosis in your body and transform you in an monster version of a silly cartoon.
The only way to explain is either magic, entities and dark gods.
If he made a sacrifice to a god only to transform himself in an ink monster it's stupid,because as we can see he can't even control his own mind.
Other than that did it really exists and dark god for ink?
if it exists i'm going to waste every ink existing on the planet and transform it in a monster.
There are gods for everything but for ink?
What the real fuck??
Also why the hell did this stupid protagonist let his only weapon get broke or even being assaulted by an old men in overalls with some stupid funky paper mask on his face.
And why the hell the other human got himself covered in ink and transformed in monster.
i want fuggin' answers!
Sammy Lolers
I love bendy and your videos I made My channel May 19 check it out i subscribe subscribe to me please!
Dimensional Guardian
Unknown guy
fuck this shit im out
zyann paul
who is the inky guy
Why do people like this game so much?
tricycle_cat person.
Lmao mark jumped
anime wolf o wolf
I just shit my pants
Pie Pierrot
Am I the only one who thinks that Bendy plushie is adorable? XD
Victoria Hester
me:mom do I have to go to sleep I,m scared I just watched bendy
mom:go to sleep now!!
me:oh hell naw I,m done
BRUHITZKEVIN Daedpoolboy123321
\|/. Yayyyyyy
i always stay till the end so i can watch his masterpiece of outro's lol.
Will King
Mark, great job lowering the amount of cursing
Gobullsredbull Gaming
0:28 what did Joey draw?
GR papriksallonika
you good boe fak
Meir Five Night
Mark: Fuck you guys, why are you so loud and obnoxious?
Me: Is he saying that to all of us?😳😔😕
Mei Mio
did anyone else notice his words were late?
Maddie Love bear
when is "hablusky" gonna be a word, damn it Markiplier you should give it a definition to.
Me: I'm bored and it's almost midnight.
YouTube: Here friend! Have all this stuff that only gets recommended to you at night time when you really need sleep!
Me: Thanks bro I can always count on shit timing to deprive me of sleep!
Arianna Cirkles
I saw that when Mark was talk about the wolf "whoes laughing know"
TenGuKo Habato
Great job mark
Super Hyper Kitten
Minecraft Crawford
I LOVE your videos, but pleas do not say bad words :)
UF Sans
Dalton Smith
Me: watching video
Video: 3:48
Me: Aaaahhhh ITS ALIVE
Fresh Prince Of Dreamland
what's this bendy and the semen machine shit and why is it all over the internet
Sofia Dimas
I'm really glad I'm not the only one who's hiding in the comments.
Vince Ayunan
Could you run a little faster ?. Cause this game is a little creepy than I thought it would be
fan of every thing
I can never watch these but do it any way something's wrong with cause I almost pissed my pants watching 5 nights this is just worse oh well
Voodoo_ Kitty
Lol I have a habit of sketching Bendy because he's easy to draw and at school and everyone is always like "Omg you're such a Bendy fangirl!" And I have to say "I can't be a fangirl of something a barely even know anything about!"
Chibi Yubel
Ok so I'm really hoping that someone can help me with this
I'm playing and I just got the axe and I'm trying to open the door even though I already cut through the wood but I just can't open it? Like I'm even standing right in front of the door and stuff but IT WON'T OPEN and it's stressing me out
Do I have to use another button or something? Please help ;-;
Kelly Novak
I live in an old church and I'm In the big basement (where my room is) by myself watching this at night........ 😬😐😐
Chapter one is so much better now, it has a better bendy and a better ending.
ultimate Aidan
Amazing! Love Ya Markimoo! ^_^
Ryan Wambsganss
Ryan Wambsganss
Its pernojnced cog not cog wheel
CoolBlaze1 Otaku
CoolBlaze1 Otaku
I am imunen to any jump scare in this game that isn't Sammy...
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