Steve Faria
Did you get your go pro back?!
TheGamingPenguin1594 11
and I agree with most of you coyote never blames the animals he always puts the blame on him self which there's some people who would give an animal a bad name if it bit them
TheGamingPenguin1594 11
I was reading through the comments some of you people need a little fact venom and poison or two totally different things venom is injected into the body where poison is on you and you rub your eyes or put your hands in your mouth for example the poison dart frog the is covered in poison not venom don't get mixed up between the two
Stefan Krstenansky
That animal can kill elephants!!!!
bendy little devil Darling
How did you service!!! :O 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱
Noor Affendy
Noor Affendy
seema bactowar2
Stop u wil. Die
you know what? he gets 7.2 million subs by getting bit/stung by bugs and animals. wow. just wow.
Jim bryant
He's really lucky it let go or he pulled hard enough to release from the gmonster's mouth. They usually clamp on and don't let go. Could have been much worse.
just FYI Gila means crazy in Indonesia
alax Nando
Although the venom is a neurotoxin as toxic as that of a coral snake, H. suspectum produces only small amounts. The Gila monster's bite is not fatal to healthy adult humans. ... The Gila monster can bite quickly (especially by swinging its head sideways) and hold on tenaciously and painfully.
I died a little inside when I saw the title of this video. Gila lizards are one of two venomous reptiles on the planet, the other bring a komodo dragon, and these things are very dangerous.
Yoanniel Diaz vlogs
I just watch your videos for at least a hour I got to say man your my idol
Green Squid 10
You are supposed to completely under water
Mintaka viatori patuit
Truth told by scabbs, 0 thirty 1 moon out.
Kaylee And Friends
Let's count the times you've been bitten by something one your thumb!

What?? What were we talking about??

OH uh.. I can't count.
Infernape 2000
He got the top of his thumb bitten off!?!?
x1gamer 117
Don't you guys think his pain tolerance is pretty high one like if you agree
Chris Fitzsimmons
U truly are an adventure gangsta coyote, freakn love ur chan man
I thought it wasen't venomous....
0:08 looks like he go hit in the balls
Victoria Ebert
Elizabeth melander
They have no teeth
Elizabeth melander
Bite and sting because u said the tranchula hawk was
Falstad Wildhammer
Me and my brother loved watching your alligator wrestling back in the day but then i realized you werernt him. RIP STEVE JOBS
Just stay as calm as you can because if you are making you heart rate go up and you blood with the venom goes though your body faster
You are the bravest man ever
Juan Barrera
1:55 Star Wars - " ITS A TRAP !"
does he have some kind of merch?
Not a weeb
Why is he holding his crotch
Zach Pilley
He should come to Australia
sofia fieda
woow are you ok i mean you are kinda i mean like you did get alot of animal and slugs from dengeres poison sting and bites and ather stuf but i never see like this before if you are ok pwhue if not then im sceared if you dont make ather videos pls mak3 more ok
Coyote: gets mauled by a grizzly bear
Coyote stays calm
Coyote "ooooooooh, I just got my face ripped off"
Mark(camera man) "are you sure"
Safety is our number one concern! holds go-pro with bare hands an inch from the animal instead of using a gimbal from 6 feet Shut up dude. Your number one concern is getting hurt for our enjoyment. Go get hurt more.
Cute ?
i have a question where do you get those pant to hold you balls like face to face with wolverine and snapping turtle etc
Mia floyd
Does the gila monster really have that much venom? I saw that that was a little bite but it seemed like it hurt really bad. What happens when you get bit?
Takala 13
Good job 👍🏻
Hotlobstar3D 1325
he kinda should just gran very tight or tie a cloth on his arm so the venom doesn't spread.. even I'm smarter
joseph cuschieri
Robin Lundqvist
Those guys are poisonous right? Guess I'll know by the end of the vid
Saaad Imam Khan
She was trying to protect her baby
It's Gila or be Gila'd
Reagan Bright
Has anyone seen this man cry? It's amazing how he can take a lot of this pain and not burst into tears. I'm just wimpy, I guess.
shravya naidu
Now if a human bit him he would feel nothing
Silverbro 280
I thought he got bit on his balls
Shia Kazee
I think coyote wants to kill himself but he's just too lazy to do it himself
Leonard Brown
I feel bad for you and I hope that lizard won't bite you again the next time you see one. Feel sorry for ya.
Johnpaul Gamer YT
lol that selfie stick is amazing 1:25
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