Gila Monster BITE!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote receives the WORST animal bite of his life when he is accidentally bitten by the only venomous lizard in the United States, the Gila Monster! 

Known for having one of the most painful bites in the world, Coyote talks about his body’s reaction to the Gila's venom and how he dealt with this injury while being out in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.  

So if you've ever wondered what it's actually like to be bitten by a Gila Monster, GET READY, you're about to find out! 

***Please never attempt to approach or handle Gila Monsters in the wild.***

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Brave Wilderness deserves more subscribers then pewdiepie
Husky Hugger
Coyote looks like he got he got kicked in his BALLS.. NO OFENSE COYOTE.. look at the video
Kassidey Smiles
Your one of my favorite channels and I love how you are just so good with how you handle every situation
Venom??? They are not venomous....!!!!
Last time I talked about reptilian poisons bites.....but the Gila Monster.....come on.....take some good amount of Bactrim.....there is no poison in the bite....the bacteria though.....deadly.
Joaquin zilla 5022
Brave Wilderness that gila's head looks like a dinosaur head
Im A Bellend
"Hot lava coursing through your veins" as opposed to that cold lava you see all over the place
Connie Lee
Coyote : "OOOOOOWWW!! he got me ouch ughhh"
Mark : " are you sure?"
keem all
Did that bite heart more than the bullet and and the bees?????????
S Tuttle
I just love your passion for these animals, keep up the good work
Glutton for punishment.
One of the most badass lizards I've seen.
FR0G games
dad says he missis steve irwin he says he likes your learning entertainment (= love you coyote!
Nigel Tsatoke
goes into anaphylactic shock
cameraman: did you get the shot?
Dear Mr Peterson,
Please can you come over to England and go fishing with me?
I have been watching for ages and have watched every single video you do

Yours sincerely
Alex Perez
hay I'm your biggest fan
BBB Productions
This man-child has some guts
You got lucky. If the venom got to your heart you would have been dead.
Jervy Recinto
is that venom enough to kill a person?
Beauty Rose
No matter how many times he gets bit he is always calm to the animals ❤️
Keisha Wolfie
This was uploaded on my b day
Benjamin U
You okay?
Dragon-Lord Ember
Harley the Gila Monster
arba walker
gila in Indonesia mean crazy
''hes just saying hey, dont get any closer.'' gets closer boi if you dont ggget
Born Justice Rule
you gotta do the Black Mamba bite.
philippe gagnon
i just CAN'T be the only one who actually thought for a second that it bit his genitals...
Douche Pool
For some reason you remind me of fousytube.
Gila = crazy, crazy monster
A Corndog
ha. these are cute animals. visit Australia mate, unfortunately, most bites are deadly, unlike America how most bites are dry
Milo Mora
i am going to airizona have a great day
Aian Gaming
yeyeyeyeeeeeyeyeyeeeeeaaaaa boiiii
Meanwhile... I get bitten by a mosquito and break out the first aid kit! If only my coin purse was toting around "coins" as big as yours, I could once again refer to myself as a real man! Until then Coyote, I kneel before you and tip my hat sir! Cheers!
Speedy Gonzalez
I'm telling you to do the most dangerous thing
Vince Huerta
are you ok
Somethings Gonna Happen
i know life sucks but man you take cutting pretty big
Unknown Geez
boss man
Fun fact: One of the proteins from the venom of the Gila Monster called Exendin-4 is used for treating diabetes nowadays.
Dylan MacDonough
Lol well that's why they invented zoom in with your phone at 5 or 4 feet, I ran into a 4 foot long Diamond back Rattlesnake and I kept my distance from that beast while picturing it
Ant bites me,called the hospital
Lt. Cabbitsu
thank goodness we did not lose coyote to this lizard. not only because coyote is a wonderful man who i would be devastated to find out was seriously/fatally injured, but because i'm willing to bet the entire coyote pack would try and hunt down that lizard, lol!
Soy Sauce
Coyote: Gets Bitten By Gilo Monster

Other Guy: "What Happened?"
Terri-Jayd Mace
He got me

You sure?
s7 Tayko
1:25 CrazyRussianHacker reference
Meantime, the Gila Monster:"Yesterday, I had a close encounter with a human. I knew I had to hold still so as not to agitate the hot-blooded animal. As it became careless in its aggressive behavior, I bit one of those hands it uses for grabbing when it came in range. That this is the way how to handle (no pun intended) humans, is evidenced by my still being here."
Tobias flatøy
geez, animals really love your thumb coyote!
dan wells
he said only a fool gets bit buy a gila monster
Will Piatek
I have never been called to attend a case of Gila monster bite, and I don't want to be. I think a man who is fool enough to get bitten by a Gila monster ought to die. The creature is so sluggish and slow of movement that the victim of its bite is compelled to help largely in order to get bitten. ”
— Dr. Ward, Arizona Graphic, September 23, 1899
Pioneer beliefs
Jeremiah Barton
We all know he cussed his face off when the camera turned off...
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