Gila Monster BITE!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote receives the WORST animal bite of his life when he is accidentally bitten by the only venomous lizard in the United States, the Gila Monster! 

Known for having one of the most painful bites in the world, Coyote talks about his body’s reaction to the Gila's venom and how he dealt with this injury while being out in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.  

So if you've ever wondered what it's actually like to be bitten by a Gila Monster, GET READY, you're about to find out! 

***Please never attempt to approach or handle Gila Monsters in the wild.***

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You're not just documenting but got a really big heart for animals.
Mo Say
is that the same bite that the snapping turtle bit you
Tiffany Olson
You sir are insane but I have huge respect for you as well
5 mil subs congratulations
Harley Merideth
I got bit by a garden snake but, I didn't care, it didn't hurt
LokkiIsHere Ella
lel wtf are you doing man .. Gila monster is from indonesia and the toxic is very exteremely dangerous ... my rate for this monster is 7 out of 10 :v
Rebecca Widener
you should do a COMODO DRAGON
James' Channel
Ouch..... That takes some serious bravery!
Cindy Star
ARE U OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Taylor
When I lived in Las Vegas Nevada my Grandma had a gila monster that would lay next to here pool.
hey man, be careful, don't become the next Steve Irwin
peshootergamer 1230
A comdoe dragon He has vemone
Robloxbros Gaming Pro
He have to own a lot of respect because he does this for YouTube
Ash Warden
why do you not have a legit show somewhere other than Youtube?
This is honestly one of THE best animal docu channels I've stumbled across on youtube. Video quality is always superb, content quality is always on point (you show the interesting stuff, and present it in a way that keeps us interested)... This is something I'd expect to see when I turn the TV on lol xD

Keep it up!!
rhoel hatamosa
Wow Coyote Peterson your so super duper freaking BRAVE!!!!
Lucky roblox gamer 1234
I respect that you love animals like these. I love that you give them their space and respect them so much that all you do is get bit, you don't harm them or anything.
Scott M
This guy goats animals into biting him. This show is ridiculous. In the beginning he tells the camera guy to stop filming. Later they show footage of the guy still filming him. This is pure drama. Totally scripted. Not saying the bites aren't real but this guy is the WWF wrestler of animal shows.
Kiyo Kahtava
He has the WORST crew ever. Lets say he got his hand chopped off by a alligator, his crew will calmly be like "Oh, are you ok? I really don't care though because it isn't me." or something.
Kurtis Oldfield
hey Mr cundiffs class
Take a break man!! I know your an expert but still we find it hard to watch you get hurt
Wolfy Kaname
this guy is lucky he didn't get sepsis. gila monster saliva is lousy with microbes and bacteria.
BigBlackstar Sara
he is fortuned because not get a bite by a black mamba or king cobra
Thegamingsloth 578
Can you die from a Gila monster?
May be next time u should use a long selfie stick or tripod sort of thing. So u don't have to get too close!
Delroy Murray
wow. thank God youth man
i give this guy so much respect
Just because you could doesn't mean that you should
Sibtain Azeem
(my message to viewers), I m coyote Peterson stay brave stay alive!
what if you get bitten by your puppy because i have been bitten by my puppy and been perfectly fine
red and white descendant
Go Gila Monster !!!
ImPactReplayz Gaming
don't do as much animal bites coz you've lost lots if blood already
Bj Linke
Ummmm... why did u stop filming for then....
Khesya Ailla
gila indonesia mean is crazy
Ari Miller
my dad cut off a raddle snake head
Zenia Zein
why don't you make video about komodo dragon???
heidi culotta
your crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dylan Stang
coyote "for my next episode we are going to kidnap liam nessons daughter, kill John wicks dog, and shave chuck Norris beard."
MF Blaziken
Priority number one guys is safety! ow oh he got me he bit me
boss man
i feel so bad plz be safe we don't want you hurt😟😟😟😟
Adrian avila
XDARK122 yt
I got attacked by a peacock and almost lost my eye when I was little 😢 I understand and I feel for you.
Mich Chan and Kawaii Chan
these videos are interesting are helpful for people who want to be explorers. i want to be an explorer​ so thank you like for respect
sahana ambathi
I love how he never blames the animal
Enigma Arts
Welcome to my laboratory, where safety is number one priority.
Josh Hart
He almost needed a Gelicopter.😄😉
Kristoff Belgrove
I would 0f kill that lizard
Tina Tran
Are you ko
I think that's why they invented the selfie stick.
Trash Cans will Rule The World
Rewatching everything lmao
I thought for a second that his dong got bit considering he held his hands on his crotch
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