18-Year-Old Kidnapped at Birth Speaks Out for First Time


Alexis Manigo talks to ABC News' Eva Pilgrim about her reunion with her biological parents and the arrest of  the woman who raised her, Gloria Williams, on kidnapping charges.

Mian Ms.Z
She’s a good girl.,, But imagine the hurt of the other mother for 18years some mother’s cannot handle that...
Very sad. Hope the "mom" that kidnapped her gets a long time in prison!
account five
She sounds like a smoker
account five
I wish I was kidnapped when I was little
Thats not real Love! Its a twisted perverted love for someone to lie to you for years, completely forgetting the real family and how you need to be with them. That woman is SICK !!! throw the key away!!!
I don't know what to say and feel
Tequila Jackson
But she took you from your real mom
Fancy vlogs by Vitoria
Captcha Neon
Alexis is too young to understand what all of this is doing to her biological mother. At some point, Alexis will mature and have a child of her own and she will not be able to fathom how her biological mother must have felt. I understand that she isn’t ready to embrace her biological mother however, she also needs to face reality that her biological mother can’t just give up the happiness of knowing she’s alive and has been found
Alyssa Williams singingchannel
No she brainwashed you for 18 years
Christine G
This is crazy as fuck poor girl
jazlyn gillespie
Its sad and happy at the same time
why does she sound like a female version of steveo
Nadia J. Lynn
This is some Finding Carter shit
Princess H
She sounds like Jordan from Bernie Mac Show
She needs to be executed
The kidnapper is not a mother. She's a psychopath. She is pure evil. She stole somebody's baby. Not her baby, the baby that somebody else grew and wanted and longed for. She caused them unimaginable grief and trauma and pain. What a disgusting and selfish person. That poor girl is going to be messed up for the rest of her life because of what her abductor did. She could have been raised by her real family (and should have been!) But instead was raised by somebody who cared about nobody but herself and her own selfish wants. What a sad story, poor freaking Kamiyah 💔
She sounds like she had a good life growing up I believe something should happen to the woman but also take into consideration this young woman's feelings about the woman that abducted her the woman is Not Innocent by any means she should get something
John dudley
All going to burn in hell
John dudley
Stupid kid
April Fellers
Wow. This little girl won't understand it until she has her own kids. The woman she calls mom, kidnapped her. She destroyed two people's lives just hours after he happiest moment of their lives. The woman should spend the rest of her life behind bars. She tortured this couple for years, robbing them of not only their flesh and blood, but also their joy and happiness, their lives always in limbo, the constant worrying if their daughter was ok, if she was dead or alive, what kind of life she was living, if she was in school what state she was in and the list could go on and on!!!! Also, Why are they acting like she has no identity? It's not a mystery who she is and who her REAL parents are. It should actually be pretty easy NOW for her to get her social security card, birth certificate and drivers license. I didn't see a great level of "maturity" like GMA was describing either. I see a girl who expects she should be able to decide what happens to her "mom" because she had such a wonderful life. That's irrelevant. Yes it's amazing that she wasn't beaten and raped for the past 18 years but she was KIDNAPPED. She was stolen from a mother that had literally just given birth. To defend the woman responsible has to be heartbreaking for her real parents. My heart goes out to her REAL mother!!!
Bridget Yorke
How can you STEAL a baby????????????
Chelicee Clinton
Although she stole her she brought her up very well
Sincerely Trinitee
Damn she's brainwashed and not mature but i still understand why she acts like this....i hope she comes to reality
Lisa Swann
Apparently she found out a couple of years ago. My guess is that she waited til 18 so she would be able to live on her own or with her ‘family‘ as she’s technically an adult. They probably only came forward because she need her social security number to drive and go to college and all that.
Alexis Shepard
I lived next to her biological father and her three other siblings a few years back .
Claudia J
I think this was made into a movie
Jay Tee
"Alexis sobbing openly in court, seeing her mom behind bars"....
Correction: Seeing her KIDNAPPER behind bars.
sofia gomes
I saw a movie about this
Snow Pearl
What a unfortunate event. Logically, this is very wrong. I'm not sure how she'll emotionally recover from that. She lived with the kidnapper all her life, and suddenly discovering the truth. I hope she'll get therapy.
Yasha Jackson
i say kidnapped or not she raised her better than most biological parents💯
Yasha Jackson
shes 18 why are you asking her those questions about a lady who raised her as her daughter....stupid piece of 💩
Mari Rodriguez
One people need to stop calling the kidnapper her mom...This was an evil act...This was torture to her real parents especially her mom...I was sick watching this messed up confused child...I can only imagine how her real mom feels and she can't even walk a mile in her real moms shoes...I hope one day she can see...The monster the other woman was...I don't care how well you raised my child...If I didn't give you consent...You shall pay dearly...I can go on but why...Just makes me more angry. :((
This girl is dumb as fuck
Nyesha Brooks
This is so sad. I really feel bad for her natural parents because although they reunited it's never going to be same. That got to be the hardest pill to swallow. That's y when I had my baby I remember I called the nurse to take her back to nursery and she was like they no longer do that they want the babies to bond with their mother. I said to myself you don't have to tell me twice. All that laboring and pain you go through and for someone to take your baby like is cruel. This young girl seems very intelligent and she may raise her up well but this was not her call. This was fucking selfish. But this young lady will become a mother one day and I hope she won't face the same pain.
Athenia Court
I’ve read a book and it was like the exact same thing as this 😂
Bosslady Hayes
That's a difficult situation for her people need to understand she was a baby she didn't know she was kidnapped she has grow to love this woman and call her mom she's seen her face everyday for years so to hear this now it's hard for her to process it all.
Kay Helu
She sounds like she smokes a pack a day
Sounds like the Kidnapping of Carlina White..... It's unreal how the kids forgive and the real parents are left behind hurting for 18 years plus, meanwhile they still love the kidnapper.
( What a slap in the face) There are so many worthless women that would give their babies away, why not ask one of them to adopt instead of stealing a baby. My heart goes out to the real parents. Sadly Carline White and this young lady have Stockholm syndrome. They can't be helped and will never see the light.
Rhonda L
So, since when does a kidnapper become a mom?? Is that the world we live in now? So all those men kidnapping and holding girls for years are their dads now right? No? Why not? Oh, you only become the parent if you kidnap the child and treat it well. Ohhhh... It all makes sense now! Silly me! Look, She was never her mom. No matter how well she took care of her. She is and will always be her KIDNAPPER and a heartless criminal. Point blank period. Let this young girl have a child one day and someone snatch it 8 hrs later. Bet she won't be thinking... "Oh its ok. She has a new mom now". Give me a break. Sad situation this young girl is in.
Iconic Shawty
I love how the reporter said snatched
Lauren Alligood
Alexis I mean robin 😭😭😭
Fredricko Edricko
They do kinda look alike in some pics 😱
Dobby the free elf // Jessii Vee Rocks!!!
God bless his kind girl! She literally forgave the woman! She's so kind :)
jay marion
This is sad but I hope the woman get out
Alice Bermuda
I feel bad for the girl. She grew up happy with this evil woman. Shes was happy bit didn't know the story. Its not her fault. So sad.
Soly Le
This must be so hard for this girl.
royal williams
Honestly, If I was in the biological mama's shoes I would ask her what she wants to do, this is her life now and to steal that entire life away is extremely upsetting, sure I would be angry and probably want to kill this woman for stealing my baby away but..my baby was given an amazing life and turned into an incredible young woman, this is just what I would have done..everyone is different.
This Guy Is Crazy
fuck her...............how dare she do that to the baby's parents.............she took 18 years from them so she can serve 36 no matter what the daughter says.
She shouldnt have sentenced for a long time i understsmd stealing a baby is wrong but look what she did for her she even got her braces uk how much braces cost plus a good life n phone n clothes etc. U cnt say Thats not love
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