This girl looks like she was very well cared for both physically and emotionally....despite the fact.
Tim Thomas
Another Lifetime Life Story On The Way
Monica Wallis
WOW... WHAT IS UP?? Justifying KIDNAPPING? because " adoption" is a difficult process??? So if you can't have something it's okay to steal it?!?! Absurd! This kidnapper needs to be in jail!!
liez rams
I love the hair
not all criminals are evil. some are nice people making bad choices.
A guide to nerdom
How the fudge did I end up here? I started over at shane Dawson's channel. Sorry this has nothing to do with the vid but still!!! What the heck?
SpunkyRO !
"Don't just lock her up and throw away the key" powerful
Jane Jones
As long the girl was happy that's all that matters because some people when they kidnap kids they don't care for them
It breaks my heart to hear her call that vile woman a good person. I hope she understands what her mother did was a disgusting and inhumane thing and I hope she understands why her mother must pay for her actions. That thief caused so much pain and heartache for her biological parents
Rozlyn Butler
it's sad how she's defending her that one took a you away from your real parents and all she can do is say I love her and I'm support her that btc who took a fucking child from someone makes me sad makes me wanna cry because these people who been searching for her went through a lot of pain
Bisous By Ghislaine
This is an nightmare I never wish on any family especially a mother...omg i would kill that thief.
Io Sole
poor girl but what a voice? @?
Jolaine Greaux
This is real mess up. I don't know how this young woman is feeling, but this is crazy. Good life or not...This women who stole you and she should not get the easy card. So, she would love her biological parents less???...That is not right. God is love...That is why the hospital should pay millions to these mother for all what she been through....
Merly Love
This is very similar to the carlina white story
Michael Cornejo
so was she raised on formula or what?
WhatsUp Hollen
"Alexis, I mean Robin" 😂
Mister Miggs
Don't let her poise and demeanor distract you from the fact that she was KIDNAPPED. Ppl are so fucking stupid..... I can hold ppl hostage and feed them, bathe them etc. Eventually they will learn to empathize with me. It's a syndrome and clearly she suffers from it. Like Slaves brought from Africa, living on Massas plantation thinking they are experiencing freedom
Mister Miggs
Oh. I get it, I can steal cash from the bank as long as I treat the bank tellers with the utmost respect. This girl is clearly blind to the fact that she's been ABDUCTED by a woman to fulfill her own personal interest. The little girl isn't some stray dog on the streets, she was STOLEN from a hospital. She believes it's all good. Clearly, this is a problem on both ends
Grim Yeaper
another twist in the plot? She's actually a boy!
I glad she was taken care of, but my heart still goes out to her family, 18 years of worrying about what kind of monsterous acts were done to their abducted child, years of nightmares and not knowing if she was dead...That's awful, how can any human do this to a new family? If someone were to tell Alexis about it from that point of view I'm sure she wouldn't be so quick to forgive...And she seemed ike she looked down on her own family, like maybee they weren't as wealthy?? Maybee the love was there, why judge them like that, horrible.
it's crazy she didn't just steal their child physically but mentally. The biological parents will never have the true love of the child they will always be second to a thief
Hailly Gimber
tell me why this sounds just like Rapunzel
What a selfish woman. She had to have known that if this ever came out the worst of it will fall on the child. She willingly destroyed her life just to get a baby when there were different routes. Selfish
Laura Johnson
I don't blame her for not hateing her mom well the women who kidnapped her I mean what do people expect yeah this women kidnapped her but inmage what it's like for this poor girl she lived with this women for 18 years thinking she was her mom and thing one day she finds out she not to all the people telling her she should hate her mom or the women who kidnapped her think about how you would feel finding out you where kidnapped as a newborn and your parents aren't you real parents and what she going though now she with her real parents but to her they are just strangers she doesn't know them I'm not defending the women who kiddnaped her or anything just saying this poor girl is going through a lot right now she just find out she was kidnapped and her real family isn't her family
Amalia Augustus
Carlina White story all over again??

Jessica Inoa
smh she crazy
Although I do get why she's upset about her fake mother, I would be so heartbroken and wouldn't be able to look at her ever again, it made me a bit angry she'll still love her and is defending her tbh, she does need to understand how wrong it was. No hate please but I'm open for friendly discussion.
The ressemblance is great, they so look aliked (her kidnapped mother)
maybe God allowed it to so happened that way, she so smart
But look on the bright side, at least this kidnapper acted like a proper mom. I mean LOOK AT HER, she turned out stunning, it was definitely wrong to kidnap her but at least she is safe and sound
Pro God Pro life Pro Gun
Serious Question. If she has no ID/birth certificate/social security number, does that me she is here un documented? No hate just curious.
The girl in The onzie
Her voice pisses me off
deshawn brown
this bitch sounds like a man
vaino alatalo
She should be able to choose her mother but the one that kidnapped her must face consequences in any case.
I cannot imagine the relief the biological mom felt in seeing her baby, all grown up. I would not have slept for days. I would have become a different person, losing my baby in that way. I cannot imagine the pain and grief, leaving that hospital and going home, without your baby. So glad the biological mom held up until she could see her baby girl again.
Netanel Gilpin
what do u mean 1 mistake she fucked up your parents your real parents
Taran Tula
The kidnapper only loves herself. Not the child! If she loved that child she would not steal her from her mom. She only cared about her and her needs. She makes me sick!
Jenifer Elizalde
What i don't get, is that hospitals let you give them unwanted babies when they're up to a few weeks old. They try to make it a judgement free zone and i think some won't even ask your name. If she had to take a baby, why didn't she take one of THOSE babies, not one that would be loved and cherished? Did that service exist back in 1998? Is this a nation wide service or just available in Pennsylvania? The real crime here is that this woman made a family suffer for 18 years. If she took a child no one cared about, then she could have given them a beautiful life he or she couldn't have already had. Why her??? Why this baby with parents??? Was she just grabbing any baby, desperately searching for anyone (that could still pass as her offspring), and just snatched them and left? I'd like to know what she was thinking. If she had snatched a would be foster baby, then i would hail her as a hero. I just don't get this though. I think she was a well meaning woman, who just wanted a baby to love, but why Alexis? Why Alexis?
People are craving for children of their own to raise, so much so that those who can't have children would go the length and kidnap other people's baby. This while the liberal left are vehemently pushing for continued abortion in demand as if it was as natural as taking a dump. If you get pregnant because you had premarital sex, then own up to your action. Let that child be born and give him or her to people who will love them. Choose adoption and never abortion.
Ashley Kumar
Kirsten Reddoch
this is almost literally the same as the plot of Finding Carter
kelseys reborns
if it were my child of course I would be angry and relieved at the same time to know my child is alive and well. I would want to get to know her,but I wouldn't force her to live with me if she didnt want to as I am technically a stranger to her. I could treat it like a child adopted at birth and just getting to know me years later. While the woman who kidnapped her should face consequences maybe 3yrs in jail for fraud etc I wouldn't take her away from my daughter. This is the person that raised her. At this point in her life I have no right to strip her from a life she's known. However I would still want to be apart of her life from here on out and get to know her. I would however confiscate every picture she took of her from birth on up . And add new memories as well
Tom Mcculloch
O what a fool believes , its not her mother
Summer Black
lo she said "back to you alexi- i mean, robin"
Grace Lillian
swiper no swiping
Privyy 251
You can not blame her for loving that woman ...thinking of how much I love my mom , I can not stop loving her even if the whole world told me that she stole me as an infant .I also like how she mentions that she will give her new family memories and a chance in other interviews .She is an amazing girl.
She sounds like a 60 year old who smokes 50 a day
as terrible as this was, the 'mom' did a great job of raising this young woman or should would not be as forgiving, as well balanced and as well spoken as she is. She can see that both families were hurt, as was she, but she also honors how she was raised with love and obvious structure. I can see how the bio parents might not be able to forgive. Their hurt, anger and sorrow must be understood.....but at the same time, this is the only good outcome for this situation.... the things that might have happened to her had to hurt her parents every day.....but now they know she was safe and loved and brought up well. I am so sorry for everyone in this story....and just hope they can go forward doing the best they can.
Special Snowflake
Am I the only who is reminded of 'Tangled' by this?
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