18-Year-Old Kidnapped at Birth Speaks Out for First Time


Alexis Manigo talks to ABC News' Eva Pilgrim about her reunion with her biological parents and the arrest of  the woman who raised her, Gloria Williams, on kidnapping charges.

Sassy Susan
I'm sorry for the circumstances However this is a lovely well raised well spoken beautiful young lady. Sad for everyone
Everyone's talking about the actual report whilst I'm laughing at 4:06
Dory Dory
what is wrong with her voice
Oliozzie TV
This girl likes a god smoke, she has that husky I like to toke voice.
Panda •-•
This is old but I still hate the fact she calls a stranger her mom after she lied to her and kidnapped and she still says she will always be mom girl hush you and the evil lady needs help
Ebony Hocutt
i dont care if they raised you right. if someone took my baby omg i would be so mad when they found her/him
weather What
Alexis was real asf 💯
maris rose
Just because evil wasn't directed towards the daughter doesn't mean that evil wasn't committed. Since the kid was abducted AND there happens to be victims in this situation, consequences must be carried out. I understand that emotions and the law can make things complicated, but it's really simple lol.
If this isn't Stockholm Syndrome..my God..
A. A. V
She has the right to defend the woman who she called "Mom" all those years. She has a right to still love her and see her as "Mom".
Gabrielle Wiley
the Carlotta white story
I love her but was it just me that was screaming at the girl to cough her voice was rlly hoarse
diamond x
She has Stockholm Syndrome, her feelings are postive toward her kidnapper. Psychology she has been brain washed from birth that this woman is your mother. Unfortunately she has developed emotional bonding with her. I just pray for her biological parents the hurt and pain they had to live with is beyond measure. The woman who kidnapped her is pure evil and narcissistic, only thinking of her self.
Regina Bagley
She Slow If That Isn't Your birth mother why would u Still love her like ...come on now she basically SAYING SHE WASNT WRONG
Emily Santos
This is like Tangled the movie but in 2017
Singa Shoes
she is stupid put yrself in yr bio mothers shoes if someone kidnapped yr baby how would u feel what would u say dummy
Vez Queen
Smh just a all around sad story. She was kidnapped end if the story. No matter if she was well taken care of or not. She have a biological mother who has been suffering for 18 years because if the kidnapping of her baby. The woman that raised her have to pay for her wrong doing, & all along she has known that. Just sad that she loves the woman who took her away from her mother.
Alex Jr.
The girl sounds dumb in this interview. It's like she has no concept of what that woman did.
marshall Slay
Damn shit like finding carter
Curly SunTan
At the end of the day; that was the only mom she knew her whole life & treated her well. Even though what the lady did was wrong, she loved the child regardless.
Simone Cota
She didn't harm her, she loved her and she did support her. Don't give that lady time.
Lillian Johnson
Does anyone know the show Finding Carter??? Very similar 🤔
Si Random
How da fuck does dat happen
Why was she so ugly as a baby?
Something like that happened here in South Africa last year and last I heard the teen was also loving and not hating the mom behind bars.
Farrah Young
She may have had a great life but how does she know she wouldn't have had the same life if not greater with her real parents?
lost issmulofe
poor girl that would be awful and I feel sorry for the women who raised her
king Moua
now I'm scared, is this my real child with me now?
Princess Chacha
When the kidnapped girl will have her own kid she will feel the pain of her biological mother
When this girl has a child one day she will finally understand why her 'mom' has to be punished.
Lashawna Giving
what's wrong with her voice?
This girl looks like she was very well cared for both physically and emotionally....despite the fact.
Tim Thomas
Another Lifetime Life Story On The Way
Monica Wallis
WOW... WHAT IS UP?? Justifying KIDNAPPING? because " adoption" is a difficult process??? So if you can't have something it's okay to steal it?!?! Absurd! This kidnapper needs to be in jail!!
liez rams
I love the hair
not all criminals are evil. some are nice people making bad choices.
A guide to nerdom
How the fudge did I end up here? I started over at shane Dawson's channel. Sorry this has nothing to do with the vid but still!!! What the heck?
SpunkyRO !
"Don't just lock her up and throw away the key" powerful
Jane Jones
As long the girl was happy that's all that matters because some people when they kidnap kids they don't care for them
It breaks my heart to hear her call that vile woman a good person. I hope she understands what her mother did was a disgusting and inhumane thing and I hope she understands why her mother must pay for her actions. That thief caused so much pain and heartache for her biological parents
Rozlyn Butler
it's sad how she's defending her that one took a you away from your real parents and all she can do is say I love her and I'm support her that btc who took a fucking child from someone makes me sad makes me wanna cry because these people who been searching for her went through a lot of pain
Bisous By Ghislaine
This is an nightmare I never wish on any family especially a mother...omg i would kill that thief.
Io Sole
poor girl but what a voice? @?
Jolaine Greaux
This is real mess up. I don't know how this young woman is feeling, but this is crazy. Good life or not...This women who stole you and she should not get the easy card. So, she would love her biological parents less???...That is not right. God is love...That is why the hospital should pay millions to these mother for all what she been through....
Merly Love
This is very similar to the carlina white story
Michael Cornejo
so was she raised on formula or what?
WhatsUp Hollen
"Alexis, I mean Robin" 😂
Mister Miggs
Don't let her poise and demeanor distract you from the fact that she was KIDNAPPED. Ppl are so fucking stupid..... I can hold ppl hostage and feed them, bathe them etc. Eventually they will learn to empathize with me. It's a syndrome and clearly she suffers from it. Like Slaves brought from Africa, living on Massas plantation thinking they are experiencing freedom
Mister Miggs
Oh. I get it, I can steal cash from the bank as long as I treat the bank tellers with the utmost respect. This girl is clearly blind to the fact that she's been ABDUCTED by a woman to fulfill her own personal interest. The little girl isn't some stray dog on the streets, she was STOLEN from a hospital. She believes it's all good. Clearly, this is a problem on both ends
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