18-Year-Old Kidnapped at Birth Speaks Out for First Time


Alexis Manigo talks to ABC News' Eva Pilgrim about her reunion with her biological parents and the arrest of  the woman who raised her, Gloria Williams, on kidnapping charges.

Kay Helu
She sounds like she smokes a pack a day
Sounds like the Kidnapping of Carlina White..... It's unreal how the kids forgive and the real parents are left behind hurting for 18 years plus, meanwhile they still love the kidnapper.
( What a slap in the face) There are so many worthless women that would give their babies away, why not ask one of them to adopt instead of stealing a baby. My heart goes out to the real parents. Sadly Carline White and this young lady have Stockholm syndrome. They can't be helped and will never see the light.
Rhonda L
So, since when does a kidnapper become a mom?? Is that the world we live in now? So all those men kidnapping and holding girls for years are their dads now right? No? Why not? Oh, you only become the parent if you kidnap the child and treat it well. Ohhhh... It all makes sense now! Silly me! Look, She was never her mom. No matter how well she took care of her. She is and will always be her KIDNAPPER and a heartless criminal. Point blank period. Let this young girl have a child one day and someone snatch it 8 hrs later. Bet she won't be thinking... "Oh its ok. She has a new mom now". Give me a break. Sad situation this young girl is in.
Iconic Shawty
I love how the reporter said snatched
Lauren Alligood
Alexis I mean robin 😭😭😭
Fredricko Edricko
They do kinda look alike in some pics 😱
Dobby the free elf // Jessii Vee Rocks!!!
God bless his kind girl! She literally forgave the woman! She's so kind :)
jay marion
This is sad but I hope the woman get out
aicila zedumreb
I feel bad for the girl. She grew up happy with this evil woman. Shes was happy bit didn't know the story. Its not her fault. So sad.
Soly Le
This must be so hard for this girl.
royal williams
Honestly, If I was in the biological mama's shoes I would ask her what she wants to do, this is her life now and to steal that entire life away is extremely upsetting, sure I would be angry and probably want to kill this woman for stealing my baby away but..my baby was given an amazing life and turned into an incredible young woman, this is just what I would have done..everyone is different.
This Guy Is Crazy
fuck her...............how dare she do that to the baby's parents.............she took 18 years from them so she can serve 36 no matter what the daughter says.
She shouldnt have sentenced for a long time i understsmd stealing a baby is wrong but look what she did for her she even got her braces uk how much braces cost plus a good life n phone n clothes etc. U cnt say Thats not love
Squishy Guinea
Amari R
Idk but her voice sounds
Precious Lascelles
At least she rises her well
TheSheShifter 103
My question is why she was kidnapped in the first place, did her kidnap mother go crazy because she couldn't have children so she stole one instead?
Crack Head the anti-christ
That why we shouldn't believe in fairy tales there is not always a happy ending
Raw Axz Jay
The crazy part is she looks like her so much
Tatiana Bulisi
What's wrong with her voice?! 🤔🤔
Royale Cutie16
Alexis (the person kidnapped) and her biological mom look like my mom and sister
Jason Barrett
That girl need psychological help
Kali May
She acts like her bio parents abandoned her and this women kidnapped her and saved her life before she even lived it?!?!?
Vanessa Villagrana
This is a movie 🤔🤔 was based off of her?
This is sad. Like she grew up with her. And how'd she get found out
Mmanyadi Angela
Yesterday I watched the Christina White story who was also abducted from the hospital nd parted ways with her real family for 23 years..i was so emotional
LaFonya Gray
well she said she was good to her so they can't put her in jail it is up to the girl cause she is 18 now but do she want to get to know her real parents
Um stealing a baby is a crime sorry , she's not your real mom she's a criminal
Laura Ellen
Gloria Williams deserves life in prison. I'm sorry. That was just heinous, what she did. To create that kind of anxiety and an unbearable sense of loss in other people, with no shame or guilt is so arrogant.
The thing is, yes the daughter will protect the mom that gave her love, but it was all a lie, she kept it a secret and lied to her "daughter" for 18 years. And the other parents were very hurt and emotional damaged and bruised. This girl is too young to think straight about all these things. That mom was being deceitful to her daughter and other people. If she really felt bad about it, and sorry about it, she would of went to the police and told them a long, long time ago. How can she look at her daughter everyday and say she was her daughter, lie to her, knowing she was lying . Everyday for 18 years? C'mon now.
Nick Buckel
lmao 4:07
Wonder Woman
that so nice how she cared still that's ture love no lie. The news reporter at 4:07 said the wrong name that's going to be a meme lol
CJ Garland
I swear to god I remember watching a movie that was just like this like 5 years ago
Kameron Diann
Why does she have to go to jail know after spending 18 years of protecting her feed her and so much more
Ro x
The girl needs to put herself in her bio moms condition, if she had her kid stolen from her
Mikayla Rodriguez
Fucking Florida
nibbles tehBunny
Isn't this the storyline of Tangled?
Mohamed Khalifa
Did she go to school
Sun Dancer
Hope this family issue gets resolved. It surely is confusing to the young woman. She needs time to absorbed it all. Yet my heart goes out to her biological patents as well. Know it has to be tough.
Wendy Kefelew
Wendy Kefelew
Her mom should be free it's not like she abused her or anything
Tracie Butler
So sad . Wish we could heard more about her real parents. They were robbed and never can get it back. Feel for Alexis . Hope she can receive much love and closure. Pray she can embrace her real parents like the lady she calls mom.
Bree Wild 247
Isn't there a movie about this
Twenty Øne Brendøn Uries
Alexis, I MEAN, Robin.
Yummy lol Lol
She looks exactly like someone in my school only smaller!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱
"She loved me for18 years" Girl is mature and intelligent.
His queen Rodriguez
She needs to stay in jail fgor a very long time.
Tumbleweed and Crickets
classic case of brainwashing
Σάρα Ιωάννης
What a truly heartbreaking turn of events I understand why this story has created so much public interest but the media need to back off now & give her some privacy it's clear from the few things she had to say in this interview she has a lot to come to terms with
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