Scary Killer Clown Attacks Kids On The Beach! Scary Clown Chase (SKIT)

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Hi friends:)
I hope you had a giggle watching this scary clown skit,we had so much fun making this video and we are all just loving it here in sunny Mexico,we love you all:) Stay Famtastic.

2nd Channel Famtastic👇🏾

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Toys AndMe
Logan Griffiths
fam ya heads bigga than mars
Madi elyse
Xuan Phan
وداد الحربي
Amani Gebara
are you in America?
Kitty YT
I found out guys don't be afraid it's just their dad
Christina Kouroglou
It's Jordan
Nadou Tal
oh la teamfrance vous êtes la
Sajjad Iqbal
anyway where's tianas dad to save you guys
Amanda Loonam
That's the dad
Nadine Emig
this is Not real are you kidding me when thats a real Clown everybody scraed
Jessica Rademan
The clown is Tianas father!
Alaa Tair
There are part 2
drew clark
Hi Tiana my name is Drew Sweetie
Mia's world
It is your daddy
정말 재밌어요
Melody Dayanna Hernandez Nares
pinchen ingres
Reem 1
Lol it's Jordan
Kaymarni Martin-Hina
im so a fan of you
perfect vid be safe !
Alma Barron
Money Stanback
Joanna Joanne
Edward_ Games
I give up with this channel
Litzy Daniela Flores Castillo
Libby Young
there's a clown at my house
Hanan Alhmeed
that clown was there dad or jorden
Allison Nayeli
that was your daddy
it's jordan
I got scared
I got scared.
Kammy Register
Esperanza Rufino
it. fack. it. her. dab🙂🙂🙂
Jolene Goodwin
Wild crazy
Silvia Mejia
no a calrow
Gloria Paulsen
Is that clow
love your vids i subbed and turned on notifications but my subscribtions is private now
Iara Santander
enserio es el pallaso asesino
Amanda Sabbath
yes o no
Terry Webb
Was that clown 🤡 realle
Mr poopy man Gamer
U can tell
Kaikai Chase
This is so funny
Mr poopy man Gamer
That was ur dad
Janell Sutton
I think​the clown was Jordan
Sairah Begum
the killer clown is Jordan
popular MMos
the clown is Jordan
Dee Dee Runnels
they scared Of clowns like me!!!!!!!
Emily Obrien
be safe
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