Game of Zones - S4:E1 'KD's Summer Odyssey’

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It's early summer as Kevin of Durant bids farewell to his friends in Oka'Homa and heads off to test the market. House Cavaliers receives ominous news whilst celebrating their championship.

Actors: Adam Malamut, Craig Malamut

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I like to change my usert
Bleached report >>>>>Espn
Excellent job
Ricky Keefer
lmfaooo when Westbrook said now I do what I want then it reminded me of when they put Westbrook is in the video of Lil uzi "do what I want"
Manu ginobili's jersey number isn't 9 its 20....
Richard E
and 2k17 did durant dirty....after my rookie season...he was traded to the 76ers
Richard E
so undertaker is running house spurs?
N - Still
Scott Brooks talking to KD like he didn't coach him before
Dub_ Nation3035
Last part was like the best
Arnold Ramos
John wall is a better PG than Curry
Tjuane Smith
Now I do what I want
taking a selfie with a crow XD
Tahmid Bhuiyan
One is fine! Haha this shit was way better than most series I have seen in my life. Keep it up
Ege Plays NBA 2K
KD should' ve come to Cavs because after that block he must have realized LeBron and Cavs couldn't take Ls because they just win (Just an opinion I don't intend to mean anything bad for the fans for all teams in the NBA)
Ege Plays NBA 2K
KD either needed to give Enes Kanter to Cry-Babies Hotline
Tell G.O.A.T to induct Westbrook to Basketball HOF before the start of the season
He either needed to win rings with Bron Bron Cavs or give POP his soul to trust his "POPCESS"
Really Sarcastic
"One is fine" that face of lebron
Saabur B
THIS IS FUNNY AS HECK ,they should make a real show on Netflix or the web on
Justine Villanueva
westbrook was like an asshole
Walter Ruiz
:V :V these guys are amazing!
çınar Hacıhasanoğlu
Orospu cocuklari
Momoshiki Otsutsuki
Durant to 76ers would be great.
Sir Isaac Mormont
That music in the beginning with KD testing the markets is beautiful, hysterical is game of Zones
val verde
Aussie accent for aussie and kiwi blokes, and english accent for the yanks hahaha! This is so hilarious though! :😂
John Lindauler
Shaquille Douglas
the nfl needs a game of zones not a gridiron heights!!!!
Wall is the best PG in the east.
saiteja kondepudi
J R smith still with out a shirt :-)
i wouldnt be suprised if westbrook would wear that in real life
James Felton
Anyone else notice this man steve kerr getting high as fuck while talking to durant?😂
James Felton
Now, i do what i want😂
J. Wellington Spitler
The Spurs part and Klay's pose had me fucking dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yeoli Livunts
Eric Middleton
all time classic
Henry Rutsch
The cupcake though
LeBron: If this is about Delly going to the Bucks I think we'll live lmmmmmaaaaaaoooooo
KD lookin like Voldemort in that thumbnail rofl
I'm kinda sad they stopped making these parallel to Game of Thrones events and characters lol. But it's still good
Lieutenant Llama
Manu Ginobili doesn't wear # 9 he wears 20
Philip Stubbs
Not 1. Not 2. Not 3. Not 4 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
马刺那段笑疯掉了,kawahi 那段Indubitably我正在喝水,然后。。。还好mac没烧掉
2k god
well for the golden state bandwagons out their witch I do not like goldenstate. but....Kd is going back to okc soon
Moses Sumana
Anybody notice the Philadelphia cheesesteak
John Chapman
John Wall is top 3 now....
John wall is top 4
victor okwaro
brilliant as always...
john smith
Either wall or cp3 is the best pure pg in the league and Wall is the best pg overall in the east
John Yu
when you sign with the spurs your soul and personality are put in the box
kim thurd
naked JR.smith spotted
Ivan Jolić
3:01 - "2015/2016 good regular season" :D
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