I like to change my usert
Bleached report >>>>>Espn
drop top
Leo Shapiro
so we not gonna talk about how steve kerr was high as hell?
John Rafael Sytin
This channel is one of the top 3 NBA channels...

In the EAST...
John Rafael Sytin
Man i can imagine john wall, beal, kd, and markieff, and gortat
Gat Gd
Westbrook did better with out
Bamlak Bekele
ive said it once and all say it again John wall > kyrie
A Tribe Called Quest
KD may have ruined lebron's legacy
What did kawhi say?
Stephen Pentagon
Westbrook Lmao β€œNow I Do What I Want”
Jeremy Lin
I wish you did a What if Kevin went to Spurs in this theme. Imagine a emotionless Kevin
What Did You Do To My Drink
The John Wall hate here is immense...

John Wall is easily better than Chris Paul, Isaiah Thomas, and Kyrie. No doubt.

Like... imagine if John Wall and Lebron were on the same team. Chris Paul is also on his way out...
The fucking soul box πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Tony Lawliet
Why they got Kevin Love looking like Ramsay Bolton haha
O Cadd
so fucking good
Hernan Rosalem
The coach of Washington looks like Logic.
Joshua Kapustin
That cupcake looks really good
J.J Chevere
He messed up with the Spurs they put Tony Parker number for ginobli
Taste Lard
The Thunder Remembers
Durants expression when he went to GS
Sherman Ng
Richard Jefferson with the selfies tho
And shirtless JR πŸ˜‚
Michelle S.
Matthew Clark
john wall is the best pg in the east
Matthew McGhie
What are your thoughts on TANKIN'?
Gus German
I'm always going to love the Spurs in this series, gonna be a real shame when Pop and Ginobli retire.
Dylan Louie
This is hilarious
Naaa Fuuu
Top.3 PG
Stephen Curry
Kyrie Irving
CP3 or John Wall
Kyrie Irving
John Wall
Stephen Curry

I think harden's position is PG/SG
Cynthia Santiago
The white walker looks like count dooku
TeHerenga Tahere-Willams
Why Steven Adams sound Australian lmao
Denis Enga
is jefferson snappchatting with a bird??β˜ πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
Nelson DaKing
Can somebody please tell me what kind of outfit that is Russell Westbrook got on???
De'Aaron Fox
Adam Gold
its funny cause john wall is obviously better now than all pgs in the east
KD's smile at 3:20 :)))))))))))))))))))))))
Kris Alexander
Farewell Kevin now I do what I want
Bryan Chavez
I like how Richard Jefferson is facing the other way
Dylan Beach
Why KD need a horse if he could slither
batman Saunders
my favorite episode
Eryk Jones
why does Ginobli have Parker's number
Eryk Jones
why does Ginobli have Parker's number
What's the song for the Golden State scene?
The Spurs part is funny as hell lmao
Kiba the puppet the master
I died at the wizards part
Yriyah Yriyah
They crazy. John Wall a top 3 pg in all the league and is better than Kyrie.
Chris Lancour
Lebron wasn't lying when he said they'll live if Matthew Dellavedova went to the Bucks
Gsw Fan
Now I do what I want LOL IM DEAD
george peeler
soul box go spurs
Boen Bracegirdle
Steven Adams ain't no ausie don't make him sound like one
Steve adams is a new zearlander
0:43 still my favorite scene this episode
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