Woody Harrelson Gets 'Han Solo' Details Squeezed Out Of Him

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'War for the Planet of the Apes' star Woody Harrelson is held hostage by Stephen until he surrenders something juicy about the upcoming 'Han Solo' Star Wars movie.

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SPOILER: Woody is a normal guy, with normal reactions to everything.
pound for pound I think the Ant would disagree and they are omnivorous.
Gregorius Irianto
Its amazing how Stephen can pull off this interview :p
if you are vegan for moral reasons we TOTALLY understand.. but dont try to tell us it will make you strong.... for 99.9 percent of phenotypes... IT WILL NOT!
Baron Von Grijffenbourg
Hahaha, he's stoned out of his mind.
Anna Miller
I've always assumed that the guests got to take their mug. I'm never aspiring to famous and get on a talk show ever again.
Woody STYLE! 0.25
I would love to see Woody Harrelson with Norm MacDonald.
Christian Hernandez
Colbert is a fucking douche.
Marie Yvonne Borromeo
What is the song to Woody's entrance?
He is either drunk or high
Amy Lynn
vegan = no animal products whatsoever.
Johnny Galindo
Man! this guy had me laughing.
Tristan Broussard
Don't apes eat insects as well?
Then he says wifey-poo. Now i am almost at cult level worship.
Woody I fuckin love you
Cary Chilton
Woody was LIT !!! hahaha ' Hey can i keep this? Can I keep it? Right on man! Thank you.' LMAO
There actually isn't dairy in pop tarts. Only gelatin. So technically there is meat in poptarts 😂
just so everyone knows, a monkey and a chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, etc are not the same thing. humans and great apes are more alike than great apes and monkeys. so don't call this the monkey movie because the general population will believe great apes to be monkeys...which they are not
abra xas
stoned as fxxck ;)
Ente de ficción
This is the guy from "Cheers" (1982-1993).
Time flies.
mohin pat
Come on guys, Stephen is afraid of dying with protein deficiency....send him vegan protein....cheer him up
Neg Ative
So do vegan girls not go down on their boyfriends? Because don't they get kicked out of the club and the rest of them get all preachy and judgmental for ingesting animal proteins?
dl dl
the movie is so relevant right now
we can't live together with the apes
deport them or kill them
Joana Reis
Am I the only one who really wants Colbert to become vegan :)?
iam squar3d
Did he say that "people dont die from a lack of protein"? hahahahahaha #proteinenergymalnutrition #proteinlosingenteropathy
Disney Song Coverer
This'll be Woody's last Star Wars movie
Spoiler ALERT: I've seen the movie & there are no "monkeys" in "War for the Planet of the Apes". Woody lied to me!
Todd Bollinger
Didn't Disney fire the original directors of the Han Solo film?
They aren't monkeys though....
Kelly D
Yeah!!! Stephen Colbert going Vegan. You're gonna be so happy you did. Better for you; Better for the animals; Better for the Environment. There are so many yummy vegan foods that you'll love. Check out Happy Cow web-site and instagram page for awesome places around the world that provide delicious and beautiful vegan foods. Can't wait to hear a follow up on this!
Dinal Abay
So glad Harrelson is a vegan; he certainly has a lot of respect from me.
Anyway smoking is bad for your lungs - doesn't matter what it is.
Jack Sabbath
Why was this on TV last night tho...I literally pulled it up on my phone as the show was playing on TV and matched the timing. Had a nice little surround sound system for a few minutes, lol.
Hope Stephen stays vegan after this bet is over.
Curse Heart
Apes...not monkeys....
McCoy Allen
Biggest and strongest are elephants, hippos, and rhinos. All vegans. 😊✌🏻No one dies from a lack of protein, they die from a lack of fiber (aka plants).
Not sure if I like Stephen TRYING to eat vegan for 17 days or if I hate it. Since Stephen is probably a big meat eater he's probably just gonna feel shitty all of the time. If you're a heavy meat eater and you go vegan it takes about 2 months for your body to get used to it - Especially at Stephens age. I'm annoyed he's only doing this for this short amount of time. It's just to fulfill the bet, if he was giving veganism a real chance he'd have to properly do it for 3 months with no 'cheating'. So I guess, I'm not in favour of this because I feel like he's not taking veganism very seriously... sigh
Erik Magnuson
what was the song that jon batiste and stay human play when he walked out?
Mike Wright
I can't believe how dumb Steve is.

Where do you get your protein from.

I hope he asks the Williams sisters the same thing as they dominate tennis.
Yanis Khamsi
People do die of a lack of protein. Pregnant mothers without enough protein lead to lower birth weights. It's the building block of human beings! That being said, I do think vegans can get the right amount of protein from plants and supplements.
Derek Jensen
Vegan all the way.
"pop tarts?....."
Vegan Tina
#VeganForLife ❤️🌱🤗
Surigen 12
What kind of stupid argument is saying "the strongest animal pound for pound is the ape and it's vegetarian" to justify veganism? I mean, it's like if I say we should eat worms and stuff because birds do so and they can fly... It's not only stupid, it's even wrong. Apes are omnivores. And by the way, horses are HERBIVORES, not vegetarians. They can metabolise grass, unlike us.
Woody Harrelson is fkn awesome lol. He even had some zingers you usually expect from Colbert :P
Daniel Neofetou
how the fuck does stephen colbert not know the difference between vegetarianism and veganism? and how can anyone trot out the "where do you get your protein" line in 2017? fucking ridiculous.
Chantal Boom
For more information about the benefits of a plant-based diet check out the following documentaries (most of them can be found on Netflix): Forks over Knives, What the Health, Earthlings, Food Inc., Vegucated, Cowspiracy: the Sustainability Secret, Speciesism: the Movie, The Ghosts in Our Machine, Meat the Truth, Blackfish, How Not to Die - Dr. Michael Greger, Blackfish, Swine, and many more.
John Dickens
Woody always makes you smile!!
Youssef Sammour
Woody you legend
ΔL KriKorian
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