Quenton Melissa Briggs
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Mike Hwk
I have that ear blasting sound and it's fuckin painful
PoopingMonkey4 Gaming
I love Roman and Rocco witch is the kid who jumped over the GTR
arnar thapa
I did not subscribe
Cooper Wilson
The kid who jumped his GTR was Roccopiazzavlogs he's 8
don't like
The Dare Devils
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Ryan C R
Romanatwood is awesome
Olivia Brehmer
9 to 10 years old he was 7
[Π΄Π²Ρ„] Imm Cesar*_*
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baby lefy 92877
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Koby Petersen
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This guy is Dumb everyone all ready knew all the thing he said
Gaming Boss vlogs
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Lane Young
it is a girl
Savage Gaming
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v Modey
Roman is a good guy
Brayden Bb
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Nicole Kurishingal
I am a kid and I have the ringing to
Deb Large
they still have it running I bought some rope. yesterday
Deb Large
your stupid they are married and. it is a girl
Teletubbies Tv
This video was no point I new every one of these
Leighton Howard
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If they were secrets how do you know ????? πŸ’― good content
Sean Adach
i have the ear thing and im only 13
Bleary Vision
I hear ringing in my ears and more than once a day and I ask people if they hear it. Well shiiiiiiii
LegendGamer& traveler
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Paige Breen
That was Rocco Piazza
Katherine Porter
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I was born in 2008
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McKenzie Molstad
he is 7
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I knew all of that
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awesome strap
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I hear ringing in the ear when it's quiet. So I sleep with a fan.
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