Meet Your Google Assistant: Calorie Burning

Meet your #GoogleAssistant. Your own personal, helpful Google right on your phone. Now available on Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices with Google Play Services.

monnaf 37
how can i get google assistant? my device is samsung galaxy j2 (2016) marshmallow operating system
Amit kukreja Tech
My Galaxy J5 2015 variant Google assistant is not coming it always Shows Google Now i all things like language of my Device is English ( Us ) but also is not coming my all friends already got Google assistant but why me
Fran Martinez
Billyharris110 :D
Joeys world tour
Alex Stefanov
If that girl keeps her diet, no matter how much she spins in class she won't get in fit...
Yo where is the Easter Doodle for 2017?
Yo where is the Easter Doodle for 2017!
Yo where is the Easter Doodle for 2017?
Yo where is the Easter Doodle for 2017!
Albert Li
F you google u deleted my other account DevPlayz
rei das tiradas
Hi Google, I always liked Google+ YouTube among others but I'm sad because I lost my drma syma x5c, can you guys give me a drone for free?
Who is watching this on a IOS device with Siri?
Harshit Goyal
not working on my Android Marshmallow
Hey, want to know how to download the google translate voice. Check the first video on my channel.
Giyan Vice
Haha very funny Google but you are going to need a big mosquito coil.
LEGO кубик
я выиграю 😤
make something new, increddible!
can we add headphones to the pixel 2 package??!! thanks
MrBErtl. Minecraft
Trolll face
google tiene problema porfavor solucionelon rapido!!!!!
Mr. Bugz
does Google Assistant work for phones with the home button on the bottom of the phone?
Google is trying world domination,

It's working.
Mr. Bugz
Google +Webdriver Torso √ Google~√ Webdriver Torso comman√
Mr. Bugz
hello Google
Mr. Bugz
Mr. Bugz
Google + Webdriver Torso
Sanket Mhatre
Google assistant is very cool but is not working in my Samsung Galaxy j7 2015 please fix it
Carlos Ricano SpringTrap Animatronic Hater
Go Kill Yourself For Terminating TIR.
Thank you for terminating tir
Harl Paredes
Even I got an update on my Google App and play service, why Google Assistant is not available on my phone running Android 6.0 here in Philippines
Aero Windwalker
MC logic
It will be really helpful if people or google can help me. But I am using a galaxy note 5 with Android 6.0.1 marshmallow and still havent got updates with this. Can anyone tell me why and help me? Much appreciated. P.s I live in Singapore
Meet your #GoogleAssistant. Reading your private emails and updating your calender accordingly without asking you.
Luke Taylor
Glad to see waffles getting some love!
asys stha
give us budget phone in south asian region
Batuhan Keskin
kanalıma abone olur musunuz
Piggy TV
Rowan Vedangi
0:02 Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne
Ajinkya Jagtap
Meet your Google Assistant..... 16 sec video for this😂😂
sesha bala
woo second
nuclear giraffe
0:04 looks like my normal breakfast....if i could afford it :(
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