dogs vs intruder Watch- what happens vol 2

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dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens 
Watch what happens - dogs vs robbers 

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Pete v
Hm.. they be always black. Hmmm.
Diego General
Thing is sometimes these dogs kill your very own child.
ASIZA fine artist
My favourite at the end with the white bull terrier yanking on the guy's pants
The last one xD it's 2 on 1 motha fucka
javier solis
very very goog dog
Pedro Ornelas
the first one, he didn't save or alert his human. he just started barking cuz it was there 😂😂 kind of like the joke from "Steve Trevino"
Kevin Vo
I Want A Dog But My Parents Said I Can't
Quest of Remdoun
The pink sheep voice tho
Hanna Espino
that voice in the start was pink sheep's voice... well???
Ty The White Guy
Always niggers jumping fences
And this is why I have a very territorial Doberman.
Son Gohen
Aha my dog is very friendly XDDD
Willie Fufu
The Last one had him thinking about that job he should have took.
craig kleber
go dogs!
Isaac Avendano
its your ass Mr. mailman!!!
This is shit it copied pink sheets voice
Aubrynn Hughes
Lol one time my brother came into my room to get one of our two dogs and my dog attacked him, she's not big and her bites don't really hurt but she was growling and biting
jean o'neill
Hopefully, the dogs will just go after the guys trying to assault and rob you and not the guy from UPS delivering your package.
Kitty brat90
Dude! That last one. The guy thought the dogs wouldn't do anything and continued to climb down, once he got bit he knew he fucked up. My dog barks at everyone and is so friendly. She lets me know when people are around but I can't see her hurting anyone. Anyone could walk right up to her and she'd be oh yay a new buddy.
laura diamante
Other People: "I hope the dog's OK... What a good body guard."
Me: "You kick his ass and enjoy it, I'm getting the camera. TEAR HIM APAAAAAART!!!
Divya Depp
that son of a bitch is hitting them. asshole. hope he drops dead!
Ernesto Mendoza
lol.. ppl get what they deserve..!! and so do dogs!lol good boys.. get a treat its in the back yard, go get it!!😂
Jeremy Townsend
the last one was hilarious
3:55 🤣😂 You know this idiot is screaming for help. "I was gonna rob you or steal all yo shit but heeeeeelp"
dziyauddin ahmad
And that's how niggas learn to breakdance!
Orlando ulloa
i wonder why all the intruders are black
Jerry Pelletier
Always ignorant black idiots.......What does that tell ya!
monster hunter pro
damn those last dogs fuck that guy up
Zaper11 TeamPlazmaCannon
XD at the first part where the dog barks, when the guy gets up you can see his but lol
Sharkeisha Levins
Lol my mother told me that when I was a baby, our red neck neighbors stole one of those long electric fans that we left in the backyard since we had no fence yet. They were pretty retarded though so they left a trail of footprints in the snow leading to their house 😂
A few years passed by and they robbed their neighbor who's daughter was their FRIEND when the family was on vacation. Me and my friends were playing outside and we saw them carrying a tv into their truck but we didn't see them come from the neighbors house so we didn't rlly know they were robbing the house. When the family came back from vacation, they asked all of the neighbors about it and we told them what we witnessed. In the end, the police got involved and I'm pretty sure the teen and his friend who robbed them went to jail
New pants required for the last one lol...
Huron .Blackheart
Feel sorry for the dude at 2:52, he's just making deliveries and gets chased.
chris topher
the last one was amazing.
Ted Timmis
Dogs are racist!
michael schreiner
All the dogs are awesome. F the crooks.
jack faulkner
im on my way to the pet shop
Cowardly, scumbag thieves run like little girls when they see/hear the dogs...
Karen Aldridge
Good dog!
Shahbaz Ansir
is the last guy alive?
Mar Mar
Beautiful. that is why I have five. All saved from the streets. The best friends and guardians ever.
Respect to the small but brave Bull terrier BEASTS!
Ku Uzumaki
My dog protects me and my family
All burglars should be fed to the dogs.
Michelle Rubin-Furtado
Ass CRACK lol that's what the dog was alerting him for lol Jplayen SNAKE
Stick It To Them
3:51 dogs isn't a guard dog and they cant stop a real crook that dude just didnt know how to stop them 2 bulldogs cross
Steve Jones
i love the last one what kind of idiot punches at the dog's face I love that because when he punches the dog in the face it grabs a hold of his hand I would love to see the follow-up on that story if there is one
William Tu
People r getting more evil these days
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