dogs vs intruder Watch- what happens vol 2

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dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens 
Watch what happens - dogs vs robbers 

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benz d'immortal
My favorite dog is a 12 gauge shotty!!!!
GymnasticsRebecca Montoya
The person who was like "thanks for watching" is sub it has to be look up sub zero etabitw
Soda Smash
Intro speaking like pink sheep
Wendy Reinhardt
and mine
Milad Heidari
Ralph Amaikurut
in 0:24 the purple man from fnaf
magic thechibiraccoon
Stuid ppl these days am i rjght
Michael Thompson
Haha that last guy got it good well done doggy's πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lol we have a guard goose n he's one mean bird
CoryxKenshin Fan
the last guy git fucked uppp
Kellie Fulton
Don't kill the snake its just minding its own business
Themeg slimez
I have a pitbull so don't mess with me
thomas ahlrich
I have a pitbull and he is so friendly but it's only towards peaple we introduce to them if we aren't around and some random person is in a house he attacks we bought one of the trainer suits and had our neighbor test them
Benjamin Allen
Love dogs
The first one is a jehovah's witness. :P
These pets are the best!
SeaShell Lyfe
It was the same guy
Ooh you done fucked up now you thievin bastard
William Curry
I hate a fucking thief
Alisha Herrera
Hahahaha thats what they get...well besides the postman who was doing his job...but hahahaha still funny
M Lo
Was it just me or was the same ma. Who a flat cap in most of these ????
what's with the stupid music retard.
Don Cornelius would've liked the dance the last SOB did.
4;23 these boys is hungry...hahahahahaha
In the one with the guy with the blue shirt those dogs totally ripped him apart
Vanessa Marie
Who else was like.. GET BITTEN BI*CH
Tophia Sourres
Sounds like pink sheep
menyamya itambu
SirDogsAlot Gaming
Now I know why dogs hate mailmen!!!
SirDogsAlot Gaming
2nd clip "RUN FATBOY RUN!!!
estΓ©tico Aurora
Even the small dogs are big. πŸ˜‚
Dumb ass @2:07 jumps two fences when he could've jumped one.
I like dogs.
argyris honda
Andrew Ramonyane
the last one lmfao
yeah that one last guy was toast the moment the first dog bit.
Pauline Anderson
Yup he was fucked smh 😞
Piper Sheperd
Good pups
Rowen Eyde
loved the last one that cunt will think twice before he do that again, just pity didnt see all of that vid
Gemaima Poole
My dogs always protect me from leafs that are going to attack me - leafs are very viscous
Chickens AJ
Burglar goes in random house
Burglar threatens the house owner few seconds later........
Kaylie Carrell
For that last one, they should've had a bigger dog to add into the mix. Five dogs in total seem the best
iiAllFight NoFlight
that ass crack in the beginning
Caelin Drish
Lol every time they sneak in they re like

sneaks in
sees dog running to them
Ford Burgess
Love to see second class citizens run from dogs. However, most of these slimes would run from a loud chicken.
C. G.
All of them .. Pure loveπŸ’—
TF Ripper Marine
I love watching human shit bags get chewed on by a good dog. Lol
Tony S
When a dog gets to eat shit..... Gotta love them guard dogs!
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