dogs vs intruder Watch- what happens vol 2

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dogs vs intruder- Watch what happens 
Watch what happens - dogs vs robbers 

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Erika Gonzalez
Lol The WhiteDog At 3:51 I BELIEVE I CAN FLLYYY. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
and the cat will jump out of nowhere and claw eyes out
fred onions
I really enjoyed that last one, didn't want it to end. Although I do have a pathological hatred of burglars I must admit.
Stuart Matthews
If they weren't there it wouldn't happen, I don't know why we pay to keep these people in already overcrowded prisons, if a dog bit them they would have it put down, why are people any different. If they turn ferile get rid of it and send out a zero tolerance message. I hope they are at least heavily scarred for life mentally and physically.
Monkey Agar
Dog is better then gun
deathwish stay gloss
tommy Twotone
Don't hit a pit in the head that just get them more pumped up o wait how about you stay out of other people yard and property
Roger Luman
the last one. you do that to my dogs and i respond you will die.
George Micheal
then two dogs looked back at the owner like to ask him should I of bit his sss
Emma Hutton
3:57 lol
Jay North
I miss my dogs R.I.P Diva and Runtz miss you B.O.S
Chiru jason
i suggest cons carry Pitts with them while going for robbery so they will take the shit out of their so called guard dogs, if cops arrives it will rip their k9 neck as well..haha... kidding
The voice fuckin ruins it
alex karoulidis
fucking intruders I wish I'll catch one
Pete Smith
Niggers wont steal your stuff,if you have a guard dog,just sayin'
moana walters
I loved the two dogs at the end. Ha ha ha
Dogs Rule
Watching this video makes me want to see my dog.
teresa anderson
the last part is my favorite πŸ˜„
0:13. butt crack
Mr riskskin
Minecraft music really
3:48 I think the he thought that the dogs are nice because they were waving their tails. But nope he was wrong
animal lover
2:21 it's at that moment he knew he screwed up
Inspired Genious
People need to think! Stop trying to be a thief! Dogs are ready to bite you if you want to take that chance!!
Giada Ortiz
poor mailman didn't see it coming!!!
Ims H
Good for them how stupid are they πŸ©πŸ©πŸ•
Hamza Khaled
last oneπŸ˜‚
Ethan Parker
I hope that last fucking cunt comes into my yard so my english mastiff cross rottweiler can maul his fucking shit cunt legs off
Video gurl
thats soo cool when the puupied started attacking a man
don pepe Vb
did the last guy survive or got ate up
Ryan Mccutcheon
I feel bad for the last guy cause those dogs are viscous but like he had it coming to him
African chickenugget
if I saw someone hurting my dogs like that their body would be undidentifiable or his ashes will never be found
4:40 the dogs will think of that and say "hehehe fuk u"
Skywolf HH -
Why the hell do people steal these days?
shully fluf
Δ°M WΔ°LL GO TO BUY +9372728728 DOGS
Caleb Rodriguez
this video makes me feel even safer why cuz i have 15 Pitbulls in my house and they are trained
I don't really trust humans that much these days... I trust dogs more then humans.. Nothing like that dog love
Supratik Paul
What breed are the last two dogs?
Lis 99
i wish i had a dog i've always wanted one, i only have a fat ass lazy cat who attacks me :-(
Ashley Rondon
bull terrior 😍😍
King of The Rings
The guy that was talking at first sounded like pink sheep
kaycie Vierstra
Jimmy Gilmore
Fucking nigger thief at 2:34 I wish the dogs tore him into pieces
DeadSilent Gaming
2:46 i dont get this one what did the paper guy do? was he stealing something?
Emerald the Hufflepuff
These were recorded with only the most top quality potatoes sold at many places such as Walmart,QuickTrip,Wholefoods,and of course McDonalds
you're a cat person?
oh really?
thomas dellarosa
great ending man .
I guess my golden is a guard dog she'll bite your ass if she don't know who you are sometimes when I bring a friend over I gotta lock her in a room so she don't bite my friend
marioo marsupial
boring as fuck nothing happens until the very end of course
3:18 - you don't have to be a Rottweiler to be a hero.
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