"We Have Obama's Wiretapping In Common" Trump Jokes At Merkel

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President Donald Trump joked during a live speech that he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel "have something in common," referring to reports that the Obama administration listened to Merkel's cellphone and those of many other European leaders also. 

At a joint press conference today at the White House, Trump was asked by a German reporter about his unfounded claims that Trump Tower was wiretapped during the presidential campaign.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News contributor, has alleged that British intelligence was tasked with spying on Trump and his team. 

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Reginald Ford
Trump fans are pretty conflicted on this one. Here's Trump trying to have something in common with her, but fails and gets laughed at by Merkel and the whole room (Merkel successfully holds in her laugh and also expresses a bit of "WTF is wrong with you?"). So, later, he refuses to shake her hand for photos even though he did so happily earlier in the day. There's no positive way to look at this-- it's just another embarrassment for the United States. Of course, by this point, it's becoming normal.
Merkel is such a dipshit. She takes shit from Obama like his little bitch.
Act Now 2017
Did anyone ever stop to think that Trump is dissing Germany, UK, Australia and our other allies at Vladimir Putin's behest? As a show of loyalty to Putin? It's either that or he is really, really dumb.
Billy Bob
Does trump have dementia?
I like that he assumes everyone watches Fox News
Anti Trump
Is that canned laughter? Pathetic.
flor wast
So, AFTER Trump says that he didn't actually mean that Obama had his phones tapped, he vomits it out, AGAIN? To another head of state?

This guy is truly stupid...
Amir Abeid
Merkel is a hero
man , this is just sad to the u.s. , seriously
Boam Boam
McDonalds is coming out with a new milk shake flavor blend that is sure to be a big hit among true Americans, they're combining the flavors of peach and mint. It's called the Trump-shake-up.
Congratulations Mr President... This traitor woman had the reception she deserves. Respect and Pride for this Great Man with backbone, capable of overthrowing our enemies, with the truth, not as one of the clowns subjugated by this Betrayer Merkel, friend of the Islamists.
This woman represents the terrorists, she is anti- Europe, anti- Europeans, she is worst Betrayer of Our Civilization. In your cause, Europe is in Agony, Our Civilization, Identity, Culture, Our Life and the Future of Our Children are in Danger!

God Bless you, Mr. President Donald Trump!
Memo C
... The presidency is comedy hour now? ?
Charlie Watts
Trump is a bozo . A buffoon with jellow hairs.
troy onan
We're laughing at you Germany.
NJay monney
at least merkel works with c.i.a...
john osborn
As usual making DRUMPFkopf (real German name), thinks he's being witty, WITLESS, didn't get there's difference being laughed WITH and being laughed AT
D Storm
Hillary said she admired Merkel, which was chilling because Merkel has destroyed Germany.
I thought he was going to say "at least we have something in common, Hitler and me", impeach this clown ASAP
I would think Trump might be referring to the, 'State of Surveillance'. i.e. any data(cell, p.c.) used by anyone is recorded.
So specifically, Trump Tower using email, cell, etc, data is recorded like anyone one else no spacial treatment there.
This is a policy way before Obama.
Misleading half truths Trump masters.
Yasmine Alhiane
Mr. I
who cares about wiretapping when you have the nsa!
Drumpf is such a stupid ass embarrassment! I really feel Chancellor Merkel's pain having to stand next to him and listen to the insipid diarrhea that comes out of his mouth every time he speaks.
Diego Zas
Why not say "just kidding" after telling the joke? This guy is presidential like my dad is presidential. How were people like "You know what, I'm going with Trump, not Hillary" Most of Trump's presidency has seemed to be rejected promises he made during his run and outcries on Twitter. What a fucking joke.
For certain - on Trump was spied! Why just not on him? Even on Merkel was spied! -.- Thank God for TRUMP! -.- MERKEL is a loser, Madame LePen is ok, even Mr Putin - the true European! Hitler & Merkel -> both are losers!
Silencer 666
That should be funny? He's such a fucking idiot and political apprentice. US is ridiculous!
Vasile Muresan
Merkel is a Nazi scum!
Boam Boam
SO ppresident trumpp, i guess you were wrong again falsely accusing President Obama of setting up a wire tap.
Or as you said a tapp. Maybe hire Obama to teach you how to spell these bigly words? I remember in your campaign you said "I have a really good brain? Don't you mean brainn?
Impeeeech trumpp now, bring in Mike Pence (not PPence). Trump looks like you just can't get enough 'p'.
Lucky Apple
look at the reaction of Merkel when Trump ironically says
"at least we have something in common"
"was? was war das er hat gerade gesagt? lol......
more like a very talented LIAR!
shame GAZA WAR 2014
down where is UN.!!!!!!!
red rocket
pumpkin...speaking about dumb cunts...you and maybe 3 other dumb cunts voted for Bernie . you fucking idiot !.move to Germany.
I hope Trump locks Obama up. That son of a bitch said I could keep my doctor and lied. lock him up.
Jeff Mitchell
Who the hell zoomed in? They missed Merkel's funny expression!
Jacobt Thoronn
Well deserved to the Muslim lover cow traitor corrupted politician Merkel's who is destroying the fabric of German culture and society, which and the very near future gonna have dark and tragic consecuences to the whole Western Europe for the Stupid neoliberal policies...
Haha! Awesome!
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