Las Vegas Hangover Food Taste Test

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That's what you get for waking up in Vegas.

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layan something
can i be friends with steven
layan something
steven looked like hes shanes son who has adhd and shane is so done with him
Amelia Joy
ok I wanna see keith on a buzzfeed unsolved, steven on a try guys and shane on a worth it
Jordan Ho
try guys, worth it and unsolved, all in one!
Sunny Wu
I want korean food now XD
Adam Wills
in the UK, the golden standard for hangover foods is the "Full English Fry Up", with none of that continental dilution. start of strong with 3 large ( or however many you want) Cumberland sausages, Beans ( no US style BBQ beans), 2-3 Rashers of Back bacon, (not streaky obviously and due to preference I like mine chewy over crispy), 2 extra runny large fried eggs, Black pudding, 2 slices of buttered toast ( cut into triangles because they taste better than square - its called food science), A couple grilled Tomatoes, with a cup of Tea and a glass of orange juice. Optional additions to the fry up include: Mushrooms and Hash Browns. Britons often fight over which sauce to Use: Ketchup or Brown sauce, so pick what you want but never ever put mayo on a Full English.
Romeo Barnes
Wanna cure your hangover? Drink Water. A hangover is dehydration that’s why food works it absorbs the alcohol, water works way faster though
Ellie Blackhurst
You've got a try guy, a worth it, and an unsolved
I love the barfing rooster on the logo.
Nicola Ampion
I think its kind of messed up that the three guys didn't invite steve out to party. UNLESS, he declined their offer.... but I feel since there was a weird tension with Keith and Steve that they didn't get along well which is why Andrew and Steve are the main host. Which is a much better pairing
All the people in this channel are really funny ..
Caitlynn Tucker
Goodness, I’m super hungry now.
AJ Wilks
steven is such a buzz kill
The Razz Dazzler
god i love this video
David Wang
Lmao what the heck was 1:31
Try pho pho hangovers
ummm, best hangover food: vicodin and a really cold, low alcohol beer
tronogaming201 0
2:22 "my cheeks just started sagging to the floor because they were filled with such delicious meat". ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Brajes Mohanty
and he is upset about it
Brajes Mohanty
wasn't he invited to the bachelor party
Brajes Mohanty
why Steven is not talking to Keith that much
Vegas is perfect for
Bec Samuela
steven is the grandpa friend that i aspire to be 🙏🏽👴🏼
Nikki King
Haha that nice loud clap. You're really working on clearing your sinuses there 😂 do a bit of blow last night?
what a sad yolk
Try guys meets worth it meets unsolved.
Catherine Amy Frazier
I want Steven to be my friend we are literally the same
It doesn't get better than Keith, Shane and Steven in one video!
Joy X
wow, try guys, worth it, and unsolved in one video!!!!
Peake Performance
this is a good group
Meghan Wynott
Shane is daddy af
coming from a US Marine, the best out of a hangover is to keep drinking. A few beers and menudo always does the trick!
Robert Anderson
my hells are 5vs
Robert Anderson
your too pritty keith too pritty
Robert Anderson
ofu yeash
Robert Anderson
to hell wana come
Robert Anderson
keith how tall r u
Robert Anderson
10 pnts for keith
Rodolfo Elias Cruz Matta
Thats korean tex mex food not mexican-korean
"Jalapeños nice and spicy wake yourself up!"

shane laughing

" y e a h m a n"
fidel alamsjah
love the guy who love seems most asians could agree with him XD
fidel alamsjah
they just put bulgogi in almost everything
Ava Rae
I just need one big video with just the try guys, worth it, and unsolved
Alex Jones
You people are the dregs of our society. I can't believe you take yourselves seriously; this is considered your "job". I hope you look back on the time you've wasted and realize just how little you've helped out society grow.

Peace and love!
Mimi Ebisuya
Wheres Eugene ?!! He's hilarious :)
Any hangover video needs to have Eugene. Just saying. 😂
Brendan Collins
They took all of there best people from all of the best series it's wonderful
so basically just put bulgogi in everything and you have korean mexican food
The only hangover food that anyone needs is Pho. End of discussion
sagita Fahrina Putri
Shane 😍
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