Las Vegas Hangover Food Taste Test

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That's what you get for waking up in Vegas.

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Jomig Carlos
oh so they were partners last time
Frank Wu
Steven just only doesn't talk much.
Amy Na
I don't drink but I often feel hungover. why donno
Ultimate top 10's
Steven has NO personality.
He is faking everything....

Or maybe I'm just a bit racist😋
0:17 oh whoa i have that book! excellent evening reading =o)
Yes KOMEX is awesome! So glad y'all went there!
nares salindri
steven is so cute haha
Ngocha Tran
Steven is a good boy
Chongxuan Wang
Komex? WTF, what are people thinking these days.....
Thea V
buzzfeed has a knack for hiring the most arrogant, jaded, & effeminate dickheads. Steven is cool, so is that "beautiful disaster" pseudo intellect. Keith & Shane can get bent tho.
Why is nobody talking about how at 2:16 Shane accidentally drops his food out of his mouth and caught it with his fork?
katie gibbons
Hi everyone, I am currently writing my final research paper for my undergraduate degree and need your help. If you are 18 or older I would love for you to take my survey. It's anonymous so no need to worry about how you answer! Thanks so much! Its about how willingness to communicate and intercultural relationships are related.
everyone is so mean to steven i swear but not andrew
Erica's KPOP
That clip of Steven reading at 9:45 made me laugh
50 Shades of Spray
Wtf kimchi isnt spicy at all. Than again I eat kimchi almost 3 times a week so I guess I am use to it.
rajesh kannan
Chinmoy Patir
asian men doesnt get drunk
honest question. As someone who has never experienced a hangover regardless of the amount of alcohol consumed, what is it like and how severe can it get?
that clap
Lisa Tan
I really like Brian. I would like to see more of him in these videos
Robert Hanbury
jasmine rice, long grain, brown...
GTA Camber
I smoke Weed instead of drinking alcohol
Wtf is a chimichanga? I am mexican and there is no such thing!
ThatGuyYouMetToday VLOGS
bruh...That tatertot contraption made me have to change my pants
Abigail Martinez Rodriguez
Shane is so hot wth
Kira Errington
If Keith or Jen are in a video, I'm instantly interested
Gaelan Montoya
What kind of Camera equipment are you using in this video?
Silvia Paz Álvarez
Cool video, but I hoped they tested more places.
Komex is delicious!
Rebeca Bonilla
Jacob Sittre
So they all got baked and pretended to be hungover
Steven is my life
Megan Louise
That one guy was such a prick to Steven n it makes me wanna punch him in the neck
I wonder if they are hungover
Sandra Ariel
Okay but why isn't anyone talking about how hot Brian is?
Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera
We want Keith back to Worth it! Please.
Shane caught his Tater Tot
K Ea
Sometimes I feel like some of the BF guys are really rude to Steven. Like they treat him like the classmate who tries real hard but they think he's not cool enough. Yet he's got so much energy and isn't afraid of just being himself, whether that's being cheesy or cheerful or just being real genuine. I mean, I like Shane, but I definitely noticed the facial expressions and the tone of voice here and there. It was minimal, but def there - and I've def seen the same sort of things in other videos.
Ethan Andrade
I'm getting pretty tired of seeing this the voice ad...
Kendra Schmidt
I love rice too, Steven
Sanjana Pannu
Steven's girlfriend is one lucky gal
Buddha B
that looks absolutely awful
Ron Poole
Komex is one of my favorite restaurants.. Glad they are getting some love
She is definitely not a Korean. Hang-over food must be with soups in Korea. Fried rice????? Shut up
Cindy Zanotta
I feel like the asian guy is annoying everyone idk
I have the biggest crush on shane.. i don't know why but seriously want to get to know him more xD
Maria Mata
Umm No. Best hangover food in Vegas and I think most las vegans would agree is, Robertos taco shop for sure👌🏼
i cant even look at greasy food while im hungover, all i want then is smoothies or salad, however, while im still drunk i would GO TO TOWN on this food!
Chino Bandito in Phoenix 👍
Elias De Dios
that place should be called mexiko
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