10 Most AMAZING Things Ever Found Underwater

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10 AMAZING things people have found under water.
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With so much of the Earth’s surface covered in water, it’s no surprise that there are some pretty unbelievable findings beneath the water. Scientists and divers have discovered a bunch of things that would shock you, including entire cities, pyramids, and maybe even a UFO. 

One of the most astonishing underwater cities is known as Heracleion. It sunk to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and wasn’t discovered until the year 2000. French archaeologists found statues of ancient Pharaohs, works of art, gold coins, and a fleet of ships. Another city was sunk on purpose by the Chinese government, and it wasn’t rediscovered until 1959. Lion City is still in flawless condition, and the water has actually helped to preserve its ancient artefacts and structures.

Hidden cities aren’t the only things that have been found below the water. A river was found with its very own waterfalls, trees, and leaves right below the Black Sea! It's like an entirely different world hidden beneath the surface of the water! There’s absolutely no limit to what you may find the next time you go deep sea diving. But if you don’t have any plans on exploring the abyss of the ocean anytime soon, we have pictures of some of the hidden deep sea and ocean gems that will surely shock you.

If you would like to see the 10 most amazing things ever found underwater, make sure to watch our video. Let us know in the comments section which of these items is the most amazing to you!

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When i was in school we learned the Titanic was found. Now the Titanic will be open to be visited in 2018. A submerine would take u there and it would take about a week or two to get there. It would probably cost over a thousand dollars to go.
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yes there was an alien ship in water
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