Colin Furze Top Gear Project #1 BIG ENGINE Small Bumper Car

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New Top Gear is on so i've been given the task of building The Stig a new ride, so what better than a old battered 1960's bumper car crossed with a sports bike.........sounds like a ride Stig would enjoy.

Part 2 out next thursday

This is a sponsored project by BBC Worldwide 

Check out Series 24 of Top Gear here

See the other Epic Vehicles i've made and why i got given the job here

Social stuff here people 


1st track is called "Lush " and the 2nd track is called "Another day" both by a band called "7Daze" more from them here

3rd track is called "Love is easy" and is by a band called "Banjax" more on them here

4th track is called "lithuanium Mercedes" and is by "Her Parents" more on them here

5th track is called "She's with you" and is by "Not tonight and the headaches" more on them here

Any bands out there want to send me there music to use in future videos then send mp3's to

So i'm building a 100bhp dodgem with 3 wheels.........this should be interesting to drive.
Daniel Cuevas
I always thought you and Idris Elba should host top gear!!!!!
Colin Furze and _BBC's _ Top Gear? Dream come true, after 11 years.
machine head
He is only a bit mad
King Kazma1243
am i the only kne wondering where he frikin got the dodge em?!?
nice video dude, avoid BBC as they're deep into children & you could make a name for y'self.
You savage! Why? Why? Why you did that to this motorcycle...!? 😱😱😱
john time
Colin Furze for Top Gear presenter petition - lets do this! haha
#JustBjörn Gamers
Part 2 pls
Дониёр Авезов
жалко мотик)
Colin can you please come to my house becuse im making a three wheeler push car bring the welder my adress 60 trinnity st midle door
Fun project but would've preferred to see a wrecked bik used instead of a perfectly good one and who carpets a workshop? lol
"I'm managed to put an engine in a small horse" - Quote of the year!
I Would have picked a 2-cycle.
nate perry
I'm building a boat for fishing
Top gear is boring, maybe we should have own Colin Furze BBC show
Dexter Pore
i subbed
Philippe Larcher
Is it a safety tie?
Manoj Rai
Great work. I am your fan!
sahrinii sahrinii
Mr.Spartian 117
Aweso e hoodie bro
Alex R.
so top gear still exists? :D:D
Jeremy Crab
Can someone tell me the name of that device he is using for the hole-saw drilling of tube etc? I really need one for home!
Felipe Minisound
Sou o único brasileiro por aqui?
Professor Corndog032
wait... why did you use such a nice expensive bike to do this?
Why not make Colin a host on Top Gear?
You ought to try and put a v8 in something if u can....
Brendon Moore
Can you make something that flys? Then you will be a modern day Leonardo.
Nicki Lundsgaard
In Denmark, it's called a "radio car", don't ask me why? ;-)
Why BBC already in your contacts?)
Imron Papakilo
🤔🤔🤔 yeaah, I think you are looking brilliant ideas
Cat From The Future
Is it more stable to make the wheels attached to the steering more widely spaced? You know with turning forces and all that?
Adam w
poor cbr f3, looked pretty clean too
The Grand Tour is 1000 times better than Top Gear, simply because there is no Top Gear without Clarkson and the gang
fuck Top Gear. The new one is shit. The Grand Tour is much better. On another note. great video!
Juan Garibay
on the video profile he looks like a gofer
Jake Harvey Despabeladero
Too much pain for a video furze... too much pain disassembling that bike..
Davide Ulivi
Wich welding metod are you using? Tig with apport of material?
Will you be lending Stiggy your safety the Colin? I think he might need it!😂
sofyan iqbal
R.I.P CBR600 😭
Самат Бахетов
You killed Honda 😓🤤😰
Ákos Habenict
R.I.P. motorcycle
Should have done this for The Grand Tour know the car show that's not failing miserably lol
At first when he bought the Bike in I was like how does afford this and then I realised that it was a sponsored video
Andy Tullett
Madness, total absolute madness, I LOVE IT :)
Good ol' Stig.
robbe van nuffel
that exhaust looks professional
Александр Попов
Colin you are the best, you have the best inventions
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