Colin Furze Top Gear Project #1 BIG ENGINE Small Bumper Car

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New Top Gear is on so i've been given the task of building The Stig a new ride, so what better than a old battered 1960's bumper car crossed with a sports bike.........sounds like a ride Stig would enjoy.

Part 2 out next thursday

This is a sponsored project by BBC Worldwide 

Check out Series 24 of Top Gear here

See the other Epic Vehicles i've made and why i got given the job here

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1st track is called "Lush " and the 2nd track is called "Another day" both by a band called "7Daze" more from them here

3rd track is called "Love is easy" and is by a band called "Banjax" more on them here

4th track is called "lithuanium Mercedes" and is by "Her Parents" more on them here

5th track is called "She's with you" and is by "Not tonight and the headaches" more on them here

Any bands out there want to send me there music to use in future videos then send mp3's to

So i'm building a 100bhp dodgem with 3 wheels.........this should be interesting to drive.
what is the song you playing??
Bumper Car is awesome! New TopGear is piece of shit...
Drive Your Dream TV
THE STIG !!!!!! Awesome :0) He is coming to one of our car shows in Essex :0)
Should have made the (current back the front with the steering in the back too it would have been a lot stabeler
Hi colinfurze I subscribed you for a long time so I have requested that can you make 2017 better
Alpha or Elite
I dont know how this guy does it but everytime i do something and i feel satisfied something goes wrong, for him everything works out perfectly.
luvstruck_ wolfYT
BBC😂😂😂big black cock btfu😂😂😂😂
Zarathos the assistan of justice
Is it possible for you to build a Spider-Man web shooter along with the web
Даня Мочалов
я школьник такшто я не понимаю английский
Santos Valdes
With that bumper car you should make a Mario cart
at least we have the grand tour on amazon tho!! :D
and not that SH*$t on the BBC!
Евгений Сульбереков
Я Русский пошли вы кроме Колина
Все все равно по русски не понимаете
всё про всё
saif & shahd
nice job 😍
You are awesome dude:-)! Wish I had half your skills.
Ryan Gooder
he's like the adult version of Phineas and Ferb and that's not a bad thing
Extra Divais
Wucifer slayer
Damn your talented man really hope you find a calling beyond entertainig
Tara Rawson
You should make the worlds strongest fan
Cyrus Hormusjee
Hi there, Mr Colin Furze, Greeting's from India. liked your technical expertise and the way you went about it.You are one hell of a fun guy.That is, being yourself all the way. Enjoyed, Good going. Regards....
Amazing you did all that pipe work! Nice job!
Ed koch Splotch crotch
what a waste of a bike
олег бокиев
я русский
Jack Rolfsness
BBC "big black cock"
Rodrigo Guillen
não entendo nada do que ele fala,kkkk mais eu gosto dos vídeos dele,ele parece salve.
why not a liter engine?
Elder Eggplant
Colin as DLC character in Mario Kart 8 confirmed!
Mohammed Salman
hay can you build an ironman
Mohammed Salman
hay can you build an ironman
John W. Ketchersid PhD
You, my fellow mad genius, missed out on a perfect opportunity to use a gigantic scoop which would have added about five inches of space for your engine. Maybe even a massive whale tail. but what you ended up with was magnificent. wow if only you would auction that new Dodger off.
That exhaust pipe is quality! You sure do know how to weld.
David Rodrigues
I am Brazilian and even do not understand the very what you talk about your projects
so you can order stig in the box worldwide LOL!
Hits N Whips
Calob Hotovec
is it just me or does it seem he has lots of money to buy them nice bikes
Besnik Kuka
As you welded the exhaust pipe together did you put welding gas in the inside of the Pipe?
shame your not building for the grand tour Colin that's a great project for the wrong show
David Acero
It doesn't appear like so at first but notice how a lot of his tools are top notch and stuff.
David Acero
5:15 he dug in his carpet ! lol
Guillem Segarra Monfort
You're the best Furze! Greetings from Spain!
Paul Boughton
Haha, love it, delivering him upside down!
Congrats, that kicks ass.
Ender Shard
0:48 anyone else think that sounded like keemstar?
Ho Yuen Cheng
poor bike
Tristan Wilder
The Who Dare
justin alvarado
Is this Stig Valentino Rossi
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