How To Break Bad News!

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April Artemis
"And may divorce be with you." OMG THAT WAS FREAKING HILARIOUS I DIEDπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"Hey you're cheating!" "I really am tho" OHHHHHHHHH
Bros Perfect
When your the boss
What are you doing:Sean
Lighting this ring on fire:Ryan
What why:Sean
Cause your fired:Ryan
Angie Suou
Rubberbullets 88
Im watching this in 1080p it looks like 240p
PesPillo 567
Nice base Ryan!
At 2:45 Ryan created the first ever salt bae, exactly the way it's done normally with the context of the men as well waaaaaaaaawawwt
Stephanie Henderson
Alec Jkul
May divorce be with you
SamCrosser ghost eje dhebrdrhejsje hehe
4:12 why did he poke her
Ivona PečurliΔ‡
hair πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
Endermans Cool
Charlie Nau
At 2:38 marly walks by
Livvy [Suga's Noona]
4:51 best
oliver zhu
4:15 i get it, the wifes/brides's eye is down wif i XD LOLOL β˜†*:.q.o(≧▽≦)o.q.:*β˜†
nisa teixeira
Dear Ryan : can you make a Pokemon episode?
FootyLife 7
Awesome video
You can make such awesome ideas
Krisel Q
I feel like receiving bad news is worse, because my brother died and it hurt so bad
Why is the quality kinda weird in this one
Order Of the stone
i usually karate chop the bad news
Blayke Fisher
Why is the bit rate so low??
Jack Sharpe
He is a orange as trump
Dylan khuang
How your skin is black but now you white
Here I am going crazy as to why the quality was shit....I thought it was his video upload for like 2 minutes hahah
Aly Sutherland
i died at "may divorce be with you"
Daizy Singh
may divorce be with you XD
Damian Pham
Love duh puns
Stephanie Henderson
I told my friend that our classmate got stabbed at the library... She thought that I was kidding. I thought that it didn't happen at first, but I saw it, and...
Recording sucks
George Big Bunny
I love this potato quality
I knew there'd be a Breaking Bad joke
This is Sikhi
Eklavya Singh
watching in 2017 for 5th timeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Iron Miner
at 2:35 Marley walks past
Harry Type-C
I thought I'm watching this video in 2010 cause it's too blurry lol
Who saw Marley in 2:38? πŸ˜‚
I'm a High Hippo That Loves Heroine
The ending was golden XD
Filled To The Top
Omg, your base sucks in clash of clans, ryan XD
neikote dazo
nigga you black
Al yce
Dang his girl is hot.
jankiel bobrowsky
The puns: "master skywalker there are too many of them what are we gonna do"
Ceca Siahaan
The good and bad news technique. Here is how you SHOULD use it:I got some bad news for you, I ram a kid at the parking lot. But there is still a good news, and the good news is that there is no more bad news.
This video is about #BREAKINGBAD
The Derpy Axe
I lost it at 3:23
The Cheese Lord
one day at the hospital

Wife: Is my husband okay?
Nurse: I have good news, and bad news.
Wife: Tell me the good news first.
Nurse: The good news is your husband is alive.
Wife: What's the bad news.
Nurse: ...

The good news was a lie
It would be great if he just wrote "bad news" on a lamp and broke it.
Orca Guy
Why is he always sick when he comes back from a trip.
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