Fila Mom
PERFECT for bugging out...nice & small; no weight...easy to assemble.... Thx!
Rushikesh Sonar
Great Video ADDYOLOGY I love your life hacks.
If you like this, check my stuff.
Tomaya Freeney
3 life hacks that are the same smart one
Kiratjot Singh
first buy Hot glue gun
Rohil Rajpurohit
can someone tell me what is the name of the background music?
TecHn!cal M!nDs
It was really awesome:*
Absolute Zero
for emergency 1000 degree knife videos
Sadasiba Rout
i have same lighter
Siddu Salecha
You are good
ur videos are awesome
tater man
Once upon a time life hacks were innovative. Now we have 3 of the same thing in a video. Did I forget to mention a 6 year old in his mums basement could have done this?
So this video talks about putting wood,metal stuff and zip Ties? Disappointing.....😕
HollyGunBoy Graal Tube
what the intro music
End Dex
Your videos are always cool keep it up bro
JuicyCAKE y7ME
Ubaid Ullah
amazing bro
Denis Preedy
Another pile of bloody dross.
vlogi- ja pelivideot
is that wood?
Angel Andrew
pak you gago
Gran LRS
I only comment Chas
I like the second one
Graffitiman Pro
Am like dis video and subskription and 👍🏻
From reading this

You have wasted your time
The cuts are sooo smooth!
badass if you ask me
Marion T
How many likes can this comment get
Zbieram suby na złoty przycisk na YouTube pomożecie
music 0:50
1000 degree kmofe confied :)
Gohan Yang
What's the song called 🤔🤔🤔😄😅😅😅
Jorge Reyes
lol I love that song
عمر البرنس
ممكن تصنع اله غزل البنات
You should write scenarios to "Three happy friends" series. That are the ways how to hurt yourself.
mursalin bd
i like it
videos name:3 Life Hacks for Lighter YOU SHOULD KNOW
videos starting message:dont try them at home
mind blown
eklapsCZ Neubauer
3 same lifehack, useless
Adam Beebe
This is 1 "life hack" just different shaped metal on each one... kms
Alan Ortega
How the 1000 degree knife was born
random chanell name
these were all kinda alike
What was the first song in this video
Strawberry Clorox Bleach
Says you shouldn't do this at home but the title says you should know. 10/10 logic
Fallout Ranx Gaming
thanks for saying what your using unlike some other people
Luv patel
which super glue u use?
Leon De Vane
Its always the same😂😂
What the hell are any of these really useful for?
Sandeep Sandy
super knowledge
The sub to tab
oooooo intro with Legend
Benjamin Rios
this has to be the stupidest shit i ever seen why would you need to poke holes in a bottle top and why would somebody just start slicing threw styrophoam
Adrian SuperBattlefield
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