Google Earth 4.3 = GTA San Andreas Google Earth Now = GTA V
Pradip Shakya
Nicely Earth
Matthew Riley
Wow, those are the most realistic buildings I have ever seen!

der Nick
Sieht aus wie GTA san Andreas...😍
Gl Sharma
Sohan Singh
www 9apps coming
Md.Ejajul Molla
bigdogjustin gaming
Who's watching this in 2k17
Anurag Anand
Why Google Earth is not available for India?
It looks old little bit
Neuer Channel.
8 Years later
Jimmy Moonshine
Terrorist must be jumping out of their bunkers right now! Let's give terrorist a more detail building layout of our country. We have to be the stupidest nation on the planet! Technology wins every time over protecting our country's security. When was the last time you used a 3D layout of a city and for what reasons?
Jimmy Moonshine
Did you know if a hamster could reach his penis it would masturbate 98,000 times a day?
starbase five
All of it is Artificial CGI fake horse manure and cow dung!¡! google bs.
Toai Pham
james peters
Very interesting.
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▲ ► ▼▲ ► ▲ ► ▼▲ ► ▲ ► ▼▲ ► ▲ ► ▼▲ ► oops...I dropped my Doritos 💕
Shoop DaWhoop
0:09 photorealistic my ass... what is this? nintendo 64?
Lee Harrison
"To enjoy a beautiful sunrise and sunset, just click the sun button and play or drag the time slider"

You can really study Land Regions a lot more better now with the shadowing that it causes!! Thanks
Rogue Barnacle
remember remember the 5th of november
paul levasseur
who cares ?.....
pHiL Kizer
I love Google but it's 2015. Trying to impress us with PlayStation 2 graphics is not gonna cut it. Still love yall though.
Fourth-Dimensional Quasar
Those are not photorealistic images.
wow, ashame this was the update, even for 6 years ago the 3d models for the buildings are terrible
Hoten Hitonokoe
This is interesting.

From Japan
lokesh kola
slick willie
I heard there's this really neat video game coming out soon called Pacman. Can't wait ! ! ! !
Clayton Klemm
dem graphics
Moteh abone pour ytb money stp pd
Ouais vais me balader comme un forever alone
Richard Cornwell
Wow that was the best you came up with? Soo... "Original... Kid".
says your chubby ass fucking fatty
Richard Cornwell
1,292 People that can't walk liked this!
then by all means, watch a CGI animation.... and if you're deaf, listen to the birds sing... o.O
Linda Ranidall
wonder if u can't walk and r stuck in the house. What would u do??
Augustus Brister
You tell me what google can do BUT NOT HOW TO DO IT!!!
Everytime I try to delete buildings at the World Trade Center or around them, a message pops up and says "Google Earth has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I have tried all the steps to stop this, but none of them work. Can someone help me please?
Fredikr Fredrik
C Rogers
Not quite "photo realistic", but getting better! Put it in Google Maps, where it will actually be useful!
to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset just click my asshole, GO OUTSIDE AND ACTUALLY LOOK AT ONE ya fuckin goofy jackasses
Alois Tomek
GTA San Andreas Has still beter graphics :D
HA HA HA! I proved my point and made you look bad now you're trying to be soft :3
Wireless receiver? Are you fucking drunk? Who the fuck would ever broadcast internet connection to the whole universe? It's not that fucking easy.
How the fuck can he access our internet from another planet?
im also waiting for street view on mars, to see all the aliens, hurr hurr
google earth is so stupid, it was taking up 5GB of cache!
Stiggi Shumi
Let's make captcha! Aliens not pass.
"Photo realistic" HAHAH.
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