Rani Padmavati And Mughal Sultan Alauddin Khilji Story - Upcoming Deepika Padukone Movie

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Rani Padmavati And Mughal Sultan Alauddin Khilji Story And Upcoming Deepika Padukone Movie. Indian history abounds with captivating tales that introduce us to our rich and glorious past. Our past is so fascinating that the more we learn about it, the more intrigued we become. This is perhaps why Sanjay Leela Bhansali keeps making history-dramas. His upcoming film Padmavati is yet another such drama, based on the life of Rajput Queen Padmavati also known as Padmini, and it promises to bring one more interesting story from the annals of history. 

The legend of Rani Padmavati is a tale of lust and war, which unfortunately ended in tragedy.

The story of Rani Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji is mentioned in Padmavat, an epic poem written by Malik Muhammad Jayasi. A long time ago, in the early 14th century, Chittorgarh was ruled by Rawal Ratan Singh of the Sisodiya Clan. Padmavati was his second queen, whom he had married after winning the swayamvara. 

Among the king's many subjects was Raghav Chetan, a musician in his court. What nobody knew however was that Raghav was also a sorcerer. One day, while he was performing sorcery which was considered illegal, he was caught and banished by the king.

Enraged at the humiliation, Raghav Chetan started plotting revenge. He went to Delhi and took refuge in the court of Alauddin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi. As he gained the Sultan's trust, he began singing praise of Queen Padmavati's beauty, thus invoking the Sultan's curiosity.

Intrigued by the description of Padmavati's enticing beauty, Mughal Sultan Alauddin marched to Chittorgarh with his soldiers and set up camp outside the fort. Word was sent to Rawal Ratan Singh that the Sultan of Delhi had come to catch a glimpse of his queen after which he would leave. The request made the King uncomfortable as Rajput custom didn't allow women to meet strangers. But Rawal Ratan Singh knew that upsetting the Sultan would result in an attack. So, to save his kingdom and his people, he agreed that the Sultan could see his queen.

Padmavati didn't want to have a face-to-face meeting with the Sultan. So mirrors were arranged in the palace in such a way that the Sultan could see the queen's reflection, without the queen having to meet him in person.

But with just one look at Padmavati's reflection, the Sultan was smitten by her beauty. He was so captivated that he changed his mind and decided that he would not leave without the queen. On his way back to the camp, the Sultan was accompanied by Rawal Ratan Singh. 

As they reached the end gate of the palace, Khilji sensed an opportunity and captured Rawal Ratan Singh. He then sent a message to the palace that if they wanted to see their king alive, Padmavati should accompany him to Delhi. That was when, two loyal generals of the king - Gora and Badal - devised a plan and sent a message to the Sultan that the queen had agreed to go with him.

The next day, over one hundred palanquins made their way to the Sultan's camp and he was told that the queen was coming with her maids. Only she wasn't. The palanquins had soldiers hidden inside, who fought fiercely and freed their king.

Alauddin Khilji was enraged when he realised that he had been tricked. This sent him into such a fury that he ordered his army to break into the fort. But the mighty Chittorgarh Fort was impregnable. So, the Sultan's army laid siege to the fort, cutting off all the supplies. Days went by but the Sultan and his army didn't budge. Inside the palace, the food, water and other supplies began to run out. Finally, Rawal Ratan Singh decided that the warriors would face the huge army outside. The valiant Rajput soldiers vowed to sacrifice their lives for their pride and their king. But the small army stood no chance against the well-equipped soldiers outside who were massive in number.

War ensued and Chittorgarh fell. It soon became clear that the Sultan's victory was inevitable. With their men fighting the enemy, the women of the palace chose to sacrifice their lives over a life of humiliation and ill-treatment at the hands of the Sultan. A huge pyre was lit and the queen and other ladies dressed up in their best clothes. They sang religious songs and prepared themselves to endure the pain as the flames engulfed their bodies. Rani Padmavati jumped first and the rest of the women followed.

When the war ended, the remains of the bodies and the ashes were all that was left. Despite winning the war, Sultan Alauddin Khilji did not succeed in getting what he had fought for.

The legend is disputed and many scholars claim that it's just an epic to glorify Rajput history but nonetheless, it makes for an interesting story!

sahabuddin mortaza
lol...Khilji was not Mughal dude
Bhaskar Dutta
Mughal Empire was established in 16th Century by Babur, Alluadin Khilji is from Delhi sultanate from Khilji Dynasty which was established by Giasuddin Khilji, Please correct it
kabeer 123
he belongs to khilji dynasty not mughal
malek tahir
Abe oye Alauddin Khilji Mughal Nahi Khilji Vans Ka Tha Sale Head Line Me To Juth Bhara Huva He Tera.
chutiye ala-ud-din khilji mughal nahi tha itihas ki ma ki ankh kyu kar raga hai
mohd aslam
Puri galat story bola Tu samjha
mohd aslam
pura galat hai re ye
karan rathod
Bhai Rao Ratan singh hare nai the Aaj tak ka itihas he rajput kisi se nai hare vo bhi mewade. Ke toh bilkul bhi
shahebaz khan
bhai histry nahi maloom hai to uski ma behen kyu karraha hai wo mughal nahi tha
abhishek bose Bose
He was a Turkish ruler...Please don't defame a great ruler like him
asim Khan
mugal saltanat zindabad
hamza ali
i love Allauddin kilji he was my idean.long life muslims.
MK Ahmed
Tune sultan Alauddin khilji ko mughal bolke ye proof kardia ki tuje history k baate me kuch bhi pata nai hai tu sirf muslim rulers ko badnaam karra hai bus....
Saurabh Sharma
bakwas band kar
Abhay Thakurr
ranveer beta roll toh soch smjh Ke karta
aage film nhi Karni kya
Junaid khan
khilji mugal nahi tha
Avnish Mukherjee
he is not a Mughal Sultan
Achha Bachcha
abe gando hai sale haram khor
Mukhtar Tamboli
Abe Alauddin Mughal nahi Khilji tha...
Anmol Singh
bhosdike mughal tha hi ni alauddin khilji..
Anil Pawar
Ye khilji vnsh se tha naa ki mugal
deep 10feb
Ye to Babar vali story batyi apne sale kuch Bhi batate hai.
Karan Verma
क्या बात तू तो मानस ही नंबर वन है
Kunwar Heer Singh Salkhawat
pura etihas toh padte
sheikh imran
Akash Jadav
owner of this video#he is not mughal he belongs to khilji dynasty
Sanjay Mech
Mughal khiljl ek Randy ki beta tha uski maa behen ko British ne chood ke mar Diya tha
Younus Choudhari
Maha Fake story
Riyaz shaik
Bloody hell .. All Lies U have told here ..!! Tell What is Written in Books Not ur Own Script ..
Ami shuvo Shuvo
Khilji mughal nehi tha bho Afghanistan tha
Abhishek Roy
Alauddin khilji was from khilji dynasty of delhi sultanate not from mughal dynasty
allauddin mughal nahi tha
muhtasim abir
Idiot Aladdin khilji was not a mughal
Noushad Girganvi
Mogal se paihle panch dynasties Raj karte te dilhi par 5th standard k bache b jante hai a...
Noushad Girganvi
Khilgi santati ka suatan ta allaudinn khilgi.. na ki mogal ta ..paila shabd hi jhoot kaha ....
Aslam Quraishi
Kya bakwas bate kar rhe ho
Phle puri jankari malum kari
Mughal koun hai aur non mughal koun
Tech with fun
Alauddin Khilji madarchod tha.
Sajeel Aryan
This history is shared by Indians & Pakistanis ,we both have Rajput Hindus & Muslims . Gen.Raheel Sharif , Pak's most loved Army chief till date ,is a Rajput . Pakistan's whole Military leadership has 80% Rajputs/Jats ..So protecting honor of Rajputs & Rajputana is shared responsibility of Both India & Pakistan . Dont being religion here . Khilji was an outsider Turk who attacked a Rajput kingdom .
fudu...asa kuch ni hai...aur ye mughal tha hi ni..aur padmavati se phle gujrat k ek raja ko hara kr bi uski biwi se bi shadi ki thi alaudin khilji ne....aur malik kafur wo kinnar phle gujrat k raja k sath galat samband thay...waha se alaudin khilji ne usey 1000 dinar ka kharida tha...wo kinnar iska army men bi tha..
see chakraborty
Sorry not mughal ...he was Turki...please know history properly
khan_222222 jshdasj
this was just a story written by someone even after 200 years Khiliji Death. no facts at all. Raja and their fore was beaten by Khilji and finally and he got her.
sajjn Singh Dera sajjn
Aman Ahmad
Khilgi is not mugal he is king in khilgi wans
Hindi News 24
tuje pehle ye pata nai he ke khilji vansh alag tha aur mughal vans alag tha aur video bana dia bas pehle pura itihas jan thik se fir video bana pagal
Hindi News 24
ye jutha itihas he
saif zlatan
5.15 what was that ✌😉
Ahsan Habib
not mughal...dude....its delhi sultan
Dk Music Series
Please go read history before making such videos. Khilji dynasty was different from mughal dynasty. There is nearly 300 yr gap between these two dynasties. Ur title has a blunder. Class 5 students also know this difference. Your title speaks for the level of authenticity and accuracy of your video.
Haya Dua
What a flase story .my dear read a truth histroy of alaudeen khilji the book name sultan of hind.padmavati ka kabhi koi wajod nahi raha ye hindi wrtiers ny sultan ko badnam krne k liye mangharat ek poem ko reality samjh liya hai.dosri bat he was not a mughal king he was turkash and sultan of dihli.
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