Ed Sheeran | Give me love (Acoustic)

Ed SheeranEd sheeran give me loveacousticlivemark watersmarkwatersfilmmusic video

Directed, Filmed and edited by Mark Waters | http://www.markwatersfilm.com/

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Sound engineer: William Evans

Sound/lighting Assistant: Ellis Powles

Ed's debut album + out now! 
iTunes: http://atlre.co.uk/r1Qybn
iTunes Deluxe Version: http://atlre.co.uk/rjrmBJ
Play: http://atlre.co.uk/qvO50K
Amazon: http://atlre.co.uk/kDOh38
HMV: http://atlre.co.uk/jI2rGR
Tesco: http://atlre.co.uk/rrLznw

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Alejandra ϟ
I love it Ed sheeran ♥.♥
Jetta Mae Obiedo
It's 2017 and I'm still listening to this song 😍💕
çalikusu 16
Acústico puede ser también llamado "sin auto-tune"???
Adriana Gonzalez
4:19 - 5:46 OH MY FUCKING GOD
Magdalena Moses
I'm learning this song on guitar, could anyone find me the chords?
Helena Ari Rodríguez
qué miras, sigue bajando :v
Sam Turner Antwoord
Give me love like never before
Because lately I've been craving more..❤️😞
I don't think people realize how impressive this is. Not only is it beautiful but takes some serious chops to pull this off without all the technical help a lot of performers require.
His voice and the acoustic guitar... Absolutely flawless...
Ksenija Jemensek
Cristalina Rodrigues
Amo essa canção. . ♥
Suzanne Herbster
looove this song
when I listen to this, I lose myself somewhere deep. I cannot tell really. I love this.
Jana Märtens
The end was so sweat 😍
susan smothers
We Love you ED!!!
susan smothers
Love it...My daughter is one of your biggest fans..I would be so humbled if you checked out her clips,,She has been very sick but started singing again.I would so love if you would make a comment on her youtube page.Heather Ehrhart..If u don't we will undrerstand..Your fans always :) xx..And we love you
Aliyah Sainte
i like you
Granato Anna
thank ed sheeran j love this Song
Sarah Anderson
An assembly of angels was formed just to specially craft Ed Sheeran's vocal cords
I never get so excited to listen to any singers other than Ed Sheeran. He's my #1 favorite and he always puts a smile on my face; even when I'm sad or mad.
Tyneisha Edmonds
When his voice cracks, * sighs * it gives me feels. ❤
Sameer Thakare
Someone give him some love! Please!
Austin Davis
Dylan T.
Best recording of the song. Even better than the official music video itself.
Mari Pedrini
Lindo, apaixonante <3
canal doidera
I love you ed
Ly Mongio
His voice sounds so true it hurts.
Anika Sonia Chowdhury
Literally, chills every time
Biel Santana
kd os BR?
I love teddy 💙😍
Michele Zavala
this is a awesome song
Z Diesel
A cara de nerd dele no final é um sarro kakaka
xX__ thejfrd__Xx
a quien mas le parece que el tipo esta drogado ? v:
Tom Hopkins
acoustic love
this must be the official video
stewart Mirfin
Yuri Carreño
Oh Baby give me all your love again😭😭😭😭😭😭💔😔
Elliot Green
Wish he had done his album stripped back acoustic - that's what he's born to do
Julissa Bradley98
948 people are dum I love this song and I love him like WTF are people thinking
ram zh
Quite clearly there is an over dose of the lines - "My My My My, Oh Give me love..."
How i wish he hadnt repeated it so many times... It kills the song actually.....
Mikki Msp
Ed <3
Forever musiclover
You can really see his influence on James Bay in this song.
Sophia W
His voice! I love it so much! * - *
Pleun Stork
946 people thought the dislike button meant "dis i like"
EricAndErica M
When I want to become sentimental, I listen to this.
Thunder bolt
He is sooo good with the gitar.Big respect for this guy
Duda Scheffer
algum BR amando isso tmb?
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