Gifted Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Chris Evans Movie

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Starring: Chris Evans, Jenny Slate, Mckenna Grace
Gifted Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Chris Evans Movie

Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece Mary, is drawn into a custody battle with his mother.

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Ayush kumar
jerry sepang
i thought it was X-Men >:c
I cried like a baby
Sing Mate
Good bye captain america
Assad Elfarouki
Good movie, seems that there was a lot coinciding with my life, particularly the fact that I studied philosophy, have conducted seminars, as can't lecture yet, have an assault charge in the past too, and I also have the appearance , as the cat fed, of having one eye, pretty much haha. I was good at math during high school but not on par with he Adler family though.
Debby *wink*
the movie is way better than the trailer let's on
Koppada sudheepthi
the real sharon carter and steve rogers relationship
i cant understand these gifted math children like who told them how to get the root if a number someone has to have explained it to them at some point they cant just know that stuff
Не кто
Ну естественно, куда ж без стариков из России!
I subscribed this channel because this trailer :o
Kirsti Swanson
I love Mckenna
OMG, Mckenna Grace! And to think she is only 10. I hope she really goes places. She is so good.
Sofiane Haciane
wow looking forward to watch this it looks brilliant
I really wanna see this
this is such a great movie. i loved it.
kameli asmaa
even i watch the fim i still enjoy the trailer
Marjaan Khan
isnt the teacher chris evans girlfriend
Milo Morrow
Oh look, a movie with a Marvel superhero. spams comments acknowledging that the star is an avenger surprising no one
It's like Matilda! Without the telekinesis.
Rimusta Q
anyone feel like the first teacher was shaming the kid
this movie is soo boring
The school scene reminded me of that one scene in Matilda
eit Wachs
these kinds of trailers ruin movies. you basically told the entire story in 3 minutes. great movie, watched before watching the trailer, but learn from this- dont tell the entire plot line in the trailer. entice people with something else
Loved this movie so much,it made me cry:(
Ricky Liao
Amazing, the whole movie in 2 minutes
emily porte
Good Will hunting in a dress.
Lucy Cannon
already watched it on fire stick and the film is pretty emotional
Nadia Pullen
I think I will cry seeing this but I still want to watch it
I like how 72.3% of the comments are Captain America related
Moriah Williams
it's a really good movie and very sad
Zureya Odula
CAPTAIN AMERICA can do such boring moviessss?
Justin Bowen
I'm a simple person. I see Chris Evans and I click and I hope a shirtless scene
So this is what cap did after civil war.
Sandy Roman
Nobody likes a smartass

Turuncu ve Siyah
Basically, Chris Evans was the worst part of the movie... Imagine the gravity of it!
Phoenix frvr
such an amazing movies...💞💞😍😍 just loved it..
brown begerson
I just like the trailer no jokes
Peter-John Zakhour
I'm watching the movie just because he's hot
moh amine
Chris and Octavia in movie gold
Swetha Shankar
suddenly i would want to be chirs's daughter and sebastin's girlfriend.....oops im weird.
Wind Breaker
Matilda without powers, a non-abusive parent and played by discount Dakota Fanning. Actually looks promising. I wanna see it
Zahirul Amir
Si Bestfriend
damn i cant even pass my integral calculus class for the second time. :(
being gifted sucks - Cat Stevens Sucks - Captain America .... well, he's ok ...
suppose: a*b=a(a+n).. the smaller n.. the closer to a^2 ...the product becomes ..
samsam SONE/Melody/Shield/MooMoo/Blinkanimelover
"He loved me even before i was smart"💯😍👏
Mikal Mullaly
Watched this last night. EXCELLENT!
This is Matilda.

So it's a 2017 version of Matilda?
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