Gifted Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Chris Evans Movie

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Starring: Chris Evans, Jenny Slate, Mckenna Grace
Gifted Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Chris Evans Movie

Frank, a single man raising his child prodigy niece Mary, is drawn into a custody battle with his mother.

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lx Alz
Amazing movie, it made me cry
Rinzler :.
Best line in the movie:

He's dude and he's a guy and he only has one eye. Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Fred, Ffred!!!!
Anthony Webster
Good to see him in a film where he's not throwing a shield around,looks ok.
Bollywood talk
you are very handsome chris
I watched the movie and didn't think about him being captain america, he definitely made his point fairly eloquently
Laura Oni
Lewis R Mefford
I saw this on Sunday night, a woman with three siblings left before it concluded, must've had to go to school on Monday; affecting my sensibilities,
Gifted little actress
Preeti Saxena
Captain America: After civil war
Angelica Santini
Cap wen r u going back to visits ur old pals? I NEED AN ANSWER I NEED IT! I love MARVLE!<3
Will K
A 10/10 movie,would recommend to everyone
star love
One of the best movies.
Mohd. Zaheer
It's a summary of entire movie.. Thank god I ha vent watched the trailor before watching the movie.
Penjejak Badai Angin
The trailer tell the whole story...
Schleich Splatterpaint
I have a theory!!!!!

Mary is Henerys mom from the book of henery, so basically what happened is she began to drop grades in school at highschool because she wanted the most normal life possible but then her smart genes passed on to henery and made him really smart!!!
Amazing movie I love it
Lol 100% like in reality.
Sourav Chakraborty
Impressive trailer, love this guy Chris Evans, he is chosing some really good movies
Before We Go, and now Gifted
Chris Evans is one of the best and now my fav
I was able to calculate 135 * 57 as well but in my head but it took me about significantly longer... :(

My method was to make a series of approximations: 135*57 ~ 135*60 and then I broke up 135 into 100 and 35 and multiplied each component by 3. This lead to 300 + 105. Doubling this leads to 600 + 210 = 810. Next I multiplied this by 10 to get 8100. Obviously 135 * 60 is an overestimate so I need to subtract 135*3. This means 300 + 35*3 = 405. 8100 - 405 = 8000 - 305 --> 7700 - 5 -->. FINAL ANSWER *7695*

that last line pretty much is the reason why she should be with her dad instead of the grandma: "He wanted me before I was smart", the grandma wanted her only after she found out she was gifted.
Pilaiwan Lakkasorn
Which timeline is this? Steve Rogers is an uncle? Damn it Barry Allen! You changed the timeline again
natasha khan
a decent loveable simple movie with an important message for parents which everyone can relate to on some level. they dont make these anymore. 8/10
Denyrose Abonitalla
Classroom scene feels like Matilda <3
Want to come to Thailand. The movie looks very good.
Jasper Alimin
What camp did she go?
I found after than 2 second but slower than her. Tactic 50*135=6750 or 135/2=67,5 so 50*135 is 6750 and 7*135=945 or 5*135=675 because if 50*135=6750 5*135=675 and add 2*135=270 270+675=945 6750+945 =7695 and this is just 5 second to solve it. And sorry for bad english. I am not English.
Ernesto Cortez
i HATE how every trailer tells us the whole movie... ffs
lolstorm forfun
another disney movie
Moldo Van Wesseli
One of the best movies EVER!!!
pamowei berezi
what do you call a hyena with half a brain?
yeuda medina
אם אין את כל הסרט.זה לא שווה כלום ...זה לא מעניין לראות שתי דקות מהסרטים .זה בזבוז זמן.
Watched this movie for Chris Evans
Ended up loving the movie so much had to rewatch it again😂
Shatrunjay Katmore
Calling Nick Fury for the rescue
Hazar Gelen 2
i watched it yesterday night.. this film unbelievable..
Niño Paulo Reblando
"I'm not supposed to correct older people." "Nobody likes a smartass" Wow the dialog in this film is crazy good! gna wathc this
Pinkan Gusepta Nareswari
Anwar abdul khader
It's been a long time Chris seen this type of roles...........I liked that .........
Devin Tariel
The Enhanced
Mario Gautama
this little girl is really remind me of myself...... hahahahha
panizzo gameboy
Captain America: Civil Custody
Hürkan Ağca
Türk yokmu amk
Potato Puke
chris looks like captain america and agent mulder had a child
no one likes a smartass
UtkuDaKid :D
matilda 2017
Wow New version of Matilda
Mayrane mohammed
A good movie with a clear message, I'm sorry I ain't into philosophy.
Just watched this a couple of hours ago. Really sweet and compelling story! This trailer made Mary's grandmother look more of a bad guy than she really is though.
Sasha Raphenon
Wth it's literally Matilda 😑😑😑😑😑
Gaming production
this movie is a rip off of the movie Matilda
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