basketball time
Ayyy I am Canadian I live in Canada ayyyyy
Alyssa Gomez
5th grade was easy, now I am in 6th grade
Brijene Flores
Christian had the best bit
rainbow cakes cupcake
Im in 5th grade your the best☺
Ernesto Gutierrez's
What about you jake Paulmdb
Heyyyy im in fifth grade
Zella Mae
The capital of ohio is Columbus
Lola-Grace Perrott
We don't have "grades " in England we have years and I am in year 4
The vlog channel the gaming crew
Do we un-subscribe if we already subscribed
Hailey Enright
Who else is a fifth grader while watching this because I am
Jasalin Maltos
Hi Jake Paulers! Like if you would agree for Jake to do another tour and comment where.
Michelle Ibarra
I am in 5th grade
Harry Potter Fan
Ayo I'm a 5th grader here bru
he ate his booooge wtf
Justin Bailey
I'm a fifth grade
Mia Tomey
Im a 5th grader
Erin Harris
Gabby Leoro
matt hartley
England is my country!
Elida 590
I'm im 4. Class doe's that count?
Mason Payne
Hey Jake if you watch college football you want to see Kansas vs Ohio Ohio State won
Shaleen Rao
Shaleen Rao
did anyone notice Chads GF
Roblox Legend
Nick I have a question

Ramen Noodles Animations
I'm in fourth grade and there's a special thing in my school called G.A.T.E and it teaches me highschool and middle school stuff. And you have to do a test and get a good grade to get into G.A.T.E.
Ramen Noodles Animations
I wish I lived in this house, or if Jake or anyone in Team 10 would be my dad/mom. They're so freaking rich!!!
ethan hake
Mandi Rosenbaum
Nick-eeeyy eyyyy eyyyy ey
Me-lol what am I watching
Jessica Aakre
But freshman is in team 10🧐🤨😏
Nick is so cute and chubby and has a beautiful accent.
Gilbert Ruelas
Bny gk
Pandie Landie
Actually this is the best funny vlog XD
Brady Projects
I subed
Javiera Fernandez
I'm in fifth grade
Royal Hibbett-smith
I'm in 9th grade too
lui lopez
100 + 100 =200
Danniella tucker
it's everyday bro
Gabriela Flores
Chance rolled his eyes when Jake said chessa was right
Alexis Fudge
That was so funny.
That Toxxic Lyfe
1 like for every time nick said aaayyy when he was 12
Danika Garner
Nice shoes Nick
Danika Garner
Dab on them haters!!!
Gato De Taco
Why are we running
Svetlana Dimitrova
I’m a fifth grader I’m 10 and a half
Christian Mendoza
nick is wearing shoe rag
Bella's World
The actual answer to how much wood could a wood chuck wood... is as much wood as a wood chuck could chuck would chuck wood
karl alexis
I'm in 5th grade (quick question do u know want DNA stands 4 ,I do
I thought they would all loose.
We’re is jerika th0!?!
Kenny Trinh
I'm a fifth grader
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