Donald Trump refuses handshake with Angela Merkel! (17Mar17)

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'Friendly and frank'...

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Germany will be nice . . to . . . "TRUMP" / USA . . . and then . . . cold Trump !
Trump mill make him self "sexy" . . . will war ! STOP TRUMP !
Cactus Jack
Make a thug life bitch
j.callan kroll
Fake news. Trump shook her hand about 5 separate times before this clip.
He is such an idiot
Why am I still living in the US -_-
RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed
who wants to hand shake with this traitor Islamic bitch
What an asshole!
Mario Rivera
Hahaha! I love it! Trump doesn't give a FUCK! πŸ€™
Jan Shankenstein
No what happened was Trump refused to do what photographers /journalists were telling him to do. Cause he is at war with them.
Rohan Gupta
anyone want my asian willy
Mark Stinson
Was this before or after the NATO request? Could be a show of dominance thing.
Big bubba Brown
I don't think he heard her. Kinda looked like he was waiting for the press to leave.
All this hate against merkel. Have you ever been to germany? Do you even know where germany is positioned, do you know a shit about this country and about the situation here? Everyone's like "merkel did awful things to her country, she flooded it with terrorists". No, she didn't. There sure are a lot of refugees, but they are no fucking problem. There are loads of germans who say that the refugees came to steal their work or to rape their children, that they don't even want to integrate and that they are completely worthless. Lots of them would as well like hitler to be resurrected. And if there is a mr. Trump who tells everyone how bad things go in germany, sure, lots of people believe in what he says without doing any research. Merkel is a good leader. She's not so charismatic and talks damn slow, but she does everything she can for her country and the rest of the world. I am proud to have her as my counselor! Do your research first, if you still are against her afterwards it's fine.
Maria Fernanda Flores
People here saying Trump did right by not shaking her hand and complaining about EU traitors. But they still brag about their 30% German, 25% French, 22% Irish and 23% Italian heritage.
Senica Ptica
Around the world, inhabited by Muslims from other nations, conflicts are inevitable! Here's an example: the Balkans, Russia, Middle East, Africa [many countries] India [Kashmir] China [northwestern province of] the Far East [many countries] and of course Western Europe and the US.
hes the president !! Goodness me Cant believe
Omar OMH
Very disrespectful, this woman has her own beliefs and a chancellor why should she be ignored and disrespected like that if she had different beliefs than yours? This woman should be respected for at least saving Germany's economy, unlike your fucking puppets "US presidents" who keep raising the country's debt. HER COUNTRY IS 0 IN DEBT FUCK U USA
Γ–zge İşler
music love and pride
someone who can not even follow simple rules of behaivior should not be allowed as president. It is his Job to be respektive towards other countries.
Jan Hahn
Danke dafΓΌr iblali
IT'S OBVIOUS THAT THE TITLE OF THIS VIDEO IS WRONG! Trump didn't hear any request for a handshake!! This video clearly illustrates that the photo session was declared officially over and everybody was exiting the room when one cameraman asked them to shake hands. Many other people were talking louder than the cameraman so you can barely hear him mention a handshake.
Angela Merkel ist nett
I am journalist Christian Welp from Germany and i need your help!!! Merkels secret services are killing me with an almost total sleep deprivation. They are torturing me 24 hours, seven days a week, everythere. It is about Electronic Harassment and Gangstalking, and this is absolutely real! Please help me! I arrived in Rome/ Italy yesterday and did not sleep the whole night again. When many come together they can force the German government to stop the execution!
bruno sv AfeganistΓ£o
Donald trump the best united states president πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘votem on him donald trump for president and for a better country πŸ“£πŸ“£πŸ“―πŸ“―πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ·πŸŽ·πŸŽ΅πŸŽΈπŸŽΈπŸŽΊπŸŽΊ
The son of Liberty
You could see only one true German there.... He is on the right.
Sofia Kanavos
The choice of music at the end...πŸ˜‚
Rana Biswas
read what happened with Indian PM
He actually did offer a handshake, but his hands are so small theyre invisible to spot
troy onan
Good for him. Fuck Merkel
krebs's fish
thats my president
Sven Meier
An die Farbenkenner; kennt jemand die genaue Bezeichnung des Farbtons von Merkel.
Frog Cartoons Are Racist Nazis
I wouldn't shake that bitches hand either, she destroyed Germany and want's to destroy the rest of Europe too. A spit in the face and prison for treason, not a handshake!
Ina Evers
Such awkward. I feel sorry for Angela Merkel, intentional or not, that's pretty hostile.
troy onan
He would rather have an awkward moment than shake hands with a piece of shit like Merkel. My respect for Trump has now skyrocketed.
Donald finnaly doing something right
nico olsen
So what? she does not desearve a hand shake. Am a european, and I tell you Americans that Trump did the right thing, by not shaking her hand there. She is a traitor, and hypocrite with alot of power and greed(hopefully she will loose tha power soon rather then later), so why should he shake her hand there? I would not shake her hand. I would feel disgusted after. I would rather spit at her feet then shake the hand of a traitor, so why should Trump?
no need handshake with a traitor
Why would she even want to shake a small clammy hand that smells like stale pussy?
He looks like a clueless child.
Brian Doguet
He wasn't paying attention.
Peace M8 ツ
You might talk bad things about Angela Merkel,but she knows what she is doing compared to Trump.
Billy McAuliffe
what sour faced cunt he is he's a childish bastard
A Π’
You don't know God's strength. Js Ct NT
fucking US-yankee! no respect for anybody in the "greates" country of the world! only one word: fuck the usa...
If mr Donald trump wasnt rich, he would have a wife like angela merkel.
Andress Constantinides
hands of trump were dirty
Steve H
Merkel is the Enemy of freedom; she's a self confessed Commie. I'm surprised they=lefties; aren't calling for President Trump's impeachment for even talking to that traitor. No Wait; she's the savior of Europe. She saved it for the Commies and Islam.
poor silly clown... can't fill the role he is in...
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