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A compilation of Conor McGregor Losing MMA fights Leaked footage. For more conor mcgregor content, and MMA content be sure to subscribe to Fight Zone.

Cool Kid
Pick me 1235
Josh Hughes
Conor your never be prepared to die not as fast as you tap mate
Suresh Navaneetha Kumar Shanmugam
pick me
Venkat Dio
Pick me
Kb blair
Pick me
Corey Shelp
when Connor wins he sounds like a savage when he loses he sounds like a professor... m
Renz Adbert Archeta
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Dodi Kampar
Pick ME!!!
UCF 2-0-1-7
Mc Gregor πŸ”ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ”ͺ
Matt Cassidy
God dam it Conor why you lose
Pedro Espier
Humble in defeat!The only reason he was humble, he had 2 come up with something, after being choked out by, a fat long 2 wks 2 train not on his level kind of fighter.
good job
pick me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pick me
Изи изи
Oreo Savage
The only thin Nate had was height .
Oreo Savage
All he did was tap his and . β€œThe medics are in with him now . His wrist will never be the same .” Had me on the floor . 2:06
Keith James
They're both great fighters!! No question
Llewellyn Erasmus
So lets see Floyd in a UFC fight against Conor, 50-1
Jake Loftin
And I quote "skinny fat body"
far cry
5:32 adjuicement
Lusiana Anggun
Mohd Auf
Burit mu burit ku
Porn for Diaz fans
eniilekcaj esiilevii
Disme con quien ando y te dire quien soy
Kelvin Austin
The dislike.. LMAO.. Nate > Conor..
nate is great and modest. hard as nails.
Joelson Sabado
Connor has no jiujitsu he's vulnerable on the ground
Justin Deboer
Never will i ever drop a likee
Conor McGregor has serious brain damage. The guy is a POS.
Yessenia Kaehler
pick me fighting zone
tomasz kowalski
isidore bucyanayandi
pick me
Anomander Rake
Would somebody just shoot McGregor and get it over with. His mouth will cause his deAth......a bullet sounds the same in everyday language douche.
Kimberly Weathers
Put me in the ring with McGregor
Clarice Theys
i liked
jared cramer
why is he always inefficient with his energy when he loses maybe he just lost
Rock Bomjan
Pick me!
dan preston
pick me pick me !!!!
Wayne Auvae
Pick me
Sharkey Chumbag
Conor = G O A T ! Deal with it bitches...
Jim Cree
he can always go back to laying tarmac on grass
cornwallis west
connors time is running out fast
Mohamed Ziani
Roblox Gaming
Pick me
Eric Phillips
is it just me or is conor the biggest douchebag ever
Corrie Jacobs
REAL Fight
Danny Okun
everybody loses its part of being a winner
Adam Lambertville
Please take me be a UFC man i live in Malaysia pulau Pinang bayan lepas kampung seronok
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