Isla Moss
Not Ed
ella clark
That's not ed
Tiago Medina
its all nice
Johann Clein Quimada
this is ed
This isn't Ed....
random person
is this actually ed?😕
Heather renee
beautiful songs ..I love the lyrics ..
John Cedric Eniceo
lol! it's Ed on his teen age
shayna carter
It is an older song of Ed's. His voice has grown over the years but this is def old school Ed's voice
Raquel Viana
Not Ed, But is a beautiful song!
Anne-Marie Graham
Love it!
JIVE Gaming
Deathcab - I Will Follow You Into The Darkness
TheDiamondEmerald 5000
lucy wedge
you sand nice
diggory turner
Not ed but who cares, it's still nice 😂
Grace Wright
it's not ed morons
Belinda Gore
he sounds so diffrent I still love him more than ever
Mona Rodrigues
Love this song it going to be one of my favourite songs
BaktaBak - Country, Rock & Oldies band
Like IT ! ! Different.... & Like it :-)
David Gonzalez
Eni Hiirt
Not ed but I still like it. Nice voice boy😉
Joy !
that's not ed
Maia Daborn
That's not Ed Sheeran
Dwayne Creado
This bloody account must be banned
Amy Froud
not ed at all
Ksenija Jemensek
This is Ed's older song.
Flor Segura
Thats not ed sheeran
Antonio Peralta
The best
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