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Aired during the Oscars on Feb 26th, 2017.

Simone Berries
Ganesh Harish
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Ben Clark
it's 2017 and videos still get 7k dislikes because of a gay couple
Paul Alston
This is the definition of homophobe: a person with an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people. I am a Christian and I do not approve of same sex marriage. I am not a homophobe. I disapprove of what My God disapproves of. I also disapprove of people 'shacking up', but I sure do not hate them, just as I do not hate homosexuals.
The fact that this is the year 2017 has nothing to do with a lifestyle God does not approve of. God's word will never change. He said it in the book of Leviticus over 2100 years ago and He still stands by His word today. Homosexuality is an ungodly lifestyle, just as 'shacking up' is an ungodly lifestyle.

Sin is sin. God loves the sinners, but He hates the sin, and there is nothing anyone on planet Earth can do to change God's mind!!
Scared Matt
That bottle flip was fake
Palash Kumar Daw
Please show us best website list :)
Anigel Barboza
0:45 I swear theres a white Nissan in the water
Abbie Ruperto
I'm not gay but the end made me really happy <3 it's sad how many homophobes there are in the comments
Anuja Ariyaratne
0:48. Very. Bad. Idea. The Pixel isn't even waterproof, I tried doing this and broke it.
Mateusz Pawelczyk
The amazing photos and videos.
Paolo Natividad
love love love
Mahalaxmi Subbarayan
David Diaz
David Diaz
Rupal Totale
Da DewDem
Fix this now why google map is wrong way to tatchaplace
Michael Bascuguin
fernado p jr
Visions of Love 25
Please help to support by adding Que Gliizzy on Facebook Instagram Snapchat. He is a talented kid. Please and Thank you.
neydi bu şimdi
F all the dislikes and comments, I just love this video! Cudos google!
Edgar Taracena
sexy 21st home today is going to be U.S.C in 6 san Francisco giants starting lineup 60
That little girl falling on the bed 😘 😭. Beautiful moment. So many Girls don't get to even have a relationship with their dads.
Al Bergstein
Superb piece of advertising. Well done.
Ranga Rao
Annas Zukhra S
dafuq LGBT ?
Every homophobe can literally fight me, I'm so tired of this conservative rhetoric and trying to hide your hate behind a religion focused on love. Every one of you disgust me.
I love how they end with the gay couple ❤️ so what, im bisexual and proud, what are you gonna do? Try to dis me in the replies 😒
Christa Chn
That was so sweet and cute. ^_^ kawaii power.
Fira Polèmos
By far my favorite Google ad. A picture is worth a thousand words.
S. Labouisse
Whoever's in charge at Google/YouTube, you need to be hung for the traitorous, censoring, truth-suppressing cowards that you are.
Heedlesscolt Airsoft
0:09 grandpa- " my sweet granddaughter your adopted-----------------------------------------girl no what come back
jassir amed
so it belongs to homosexuality ,okay?
Del Madzay
erin bradley
Does anyone know the backstory of the video from the hospital? If so, what is it please? Or maybe tell me what the title of the original video is.
Tobias Brown
Omg it was super cute and then the two grooms at the end had me squealing

awww gosh this was lovely
Laura Hoesly
This is the best commercial ❤️ thank you google
johnathan smith
she does look like a clown in the last video
johnathan smith
favor gays at google
omg I always skipped this ad not knowing it was from Google and it wasn't actually a competion then just now I decided to finish it and it's an amazing and touching ad for technology.
True Bobbian
Isaiah Pena
you mean moonlight?
Megan Lee
Anyone has the links to the original clips used in this ad? They're so funny.
It looks like some Homophobes are afraid of the gay looking back at them in the mirror.
why does the first one remind me of a fursona
Oh wait no sorry it actually goes to moonlight
Natalie Burnett
omg the man in the hospital bed looks exactly like my grandpa that died almost three years ago I stg 😵😵😵😔😔
TheFLO 0
kale daddy
Jacob OG
Typical google to add that last thing. I like the rest of it but they have to be that guy
Dr. Edgar george Zomboss
the old guy in the hospital looks like my grandpa
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