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Hey Guys! After being a HUGE fan of Austin's for a few months now (culminating in us by PURE CHANCE releasing videos tackling the same Minecraft topic from two different angles), we're super excited to have Austin on board as the newest THEORIST! And I know a lot of you have been eager for MOAR SCIENCE on the channel, so here it is :) But, as always, since it is a new show, let me know what you think - at the end of the day, new things are always meant to make your lives more entertaining, so if you love it, AWESOME. If you hate it...well, hopefully you don't hate it.

To Evolve, or not to evolve, that is the question. Sure there are plenty of strategic reasons to figure out the exact timing of your Pokemon's Evolution; but what about the disastrous, world ending implications? That's right - it's NEVER the right time to evolve your Pokemon! This knowledge might just save your life. In today's Episode of The SCIENCE!, Austin breaks down what really needs to happen in order for your Magikarp to become a Gyrados and the truth behind this metamorphoses is utterly terrifying.

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So wait, this is a new series right? I really like this guy.
Homestuck Obsessor
The first time he said "bone city" I thought he meant death. Didn't realise he meant sex until the censored gif appeared.
Attila TITI
You make my music playlist Austin
lets just say xp = all of what you need to evolve

also what about mega evolution...since it takes it all in and throws it out and takes it all in repeat?...
shafiya nabilla arief
I am sure.... that not mat Pat....😐😑😑😑
Los Angelos
You killed my dreams
Emma Soria
I'm 9 that makes no sense I'm going to 4th grade
Napping Goose
i was sleepy when you were sohuting while everything was excploding and the instense song

i yawned
Michael Sebastian
Not really, magikarp used the blue stone to evolve right so maybe the stone has the power
Michael Yao
"Where Pokemon get jerked off by jiggly puffs" lol
Jesus Christ, it's just a game.
Took me three mins to realize it wasn't Matt
chaos cracker
Darkskull 956
11:35 Why is a stupid magikarp so complicated
I think the Pokemon are going through metamorphosis until the point they can actually evolve, which is like them coming out of a cacoon
Marcus Colby
Jacob Hendy
anything that doesn't make sence to me? if nothing can't turn into something and something can't turn into nothing what happens with deterioration? also if you have a condition that stops you growing or atleast effects your growth in negative ways, what happens to all the food/or drink you're taking in that doesn't end up helping you grow? yeah Ik this is game theorists but he said anything 😏
The Plush Squad
Whats that song that starts at 11:42?
Theshaddysnake 67
Alanine arginine aspartic acid cysteine glutamine glycine histidine isoleucine leucine lysine methionine phenylalanine proline serine threonine tryptophan tyrosine valine myristic miristoleic palmatic palmitoleic stearic oleic linolic gamma-linolenic alpha linolenic eicosanoic arachidonic eicosapentaenoic docosapentaenoic docosahexaenoic. You can't even comprehend how long that took
Kevin Hoaglun
This gave me a headache
Can anybody tell me the name of the background music?
savage cabbage
Actually when you level up to evolve it technically does go through time to evolve not mere moments and that supposive instant change is kind of like a before after
Daylon Hodgin
https://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/4yozla/who_is_matpat_and_what_did_he_do_to_make_rtf2_so/ bring back the old Austin
Vox Cruora
I'm laughing bc literally every single problem with pokemon evolution can be solved by just removing the "instantaneously" aspect out of it. Which can be done by theorizing that all of the "experience" a pokemon needs to gather to evolve is them collecting the needed nutrients and materials. Because why else would a creature need to defeat dozen upon dozens of other creatures that eventually leads to it changing into a different form? Why else would they change at specific, predictable points in time?

Pokemon are probably just doing what butterflies and frogs do: hunting, eating, and maturing over a period of time. Their evolution level is just the point when they've obtained enough to finally metamorphisize.
tyler abdill
now we must also ask if they actually get at least some of the materials by killing other Pokemon and exp or experience is them just some how taking resources from the defeated Pokemon
maria villegas

You are good
Norman Teh
10:16 I think my brain just blew up.
6:21 into the video, and my thought for this is that kind of like leveling up, xp is stored until a point where the pokemon can level up, evolution is the same way, its the storing up of power until a pokemon is able to use that power to push itself to new limits, causing the bright blue that comes from a pokemon before it evolves, its a show of more increasing power coming arise, and the pokemon endures some changes that best suits the pokemons power, like a pokemon getting bigger as it gets stronger. just my opinion though, and i havent finished watching so
GStreams Music
If you get tired of listening to this guys annoying yelling youtube voice head over to my channel :)
Goth Sans *Female*
wait,did u say Oregon.....I LIVE IN OREGON O^O
Heinzi Gugglhupf
But what if they take all the elements from the Pokémons they kill until they evolve and the xp-bar is sort of a meter to determine how much of those elements they need to evolve?
Clint Shussler
14:00 I play kerbal space program... fffffff************************kkkkkkkkkk I feel like I'm watching this video while high
Covenant Express
I mean when they evolve
Pokémon are like us getting older
O God, what happens when Pokemon mega evolve?!?!
Except for electrode... Electrode just flips upside down...
Atharv Sharma
destroyer Emmett
screw you
SuperGamer 05
They evolve coz their level is there strengths and energy to do it
wHyyyy did have to show a catterpillar... WhYyyyyyyyyy
i liked this video before he called Spirited Away a cartoon >:(
Ren Winde
I miss the good old days with MatPat only :(
Pink Master
I 💙 rattata
From where is the First OST!?!?
Jar Jar Binks
hey Austin that is only about 97.5% of the animals make up...so what is the other 2.5%
Andrew Miernicki
Terrible. I want to enjoy your video but I can't get past all the unnecessary vulgarity. You sound like 12yo who had too much red bull and realized his mom wasn't in ear shot and is showing he can cuss. The point being, your vulgarity comes off as swearing for the sake of swearing vs having any real effect. Then again, video game channel, avg age of your audience etc...
Ryan Forde Bois!!!!!!
Hi mat
Joel Martinez
Theres two possibilities to help this problematic situation possible and allow it to co exist peacefully. Either the pokemon world has unique traits and elements and vitamins nutrients etc, comprised of completely different stuff on a completely different scale. Which would allow for this process of extreme metamorphisis to happen within reason. That or the pokemon is storing energy constantly up to the point of its "evolution" and when it reaches the proper age, strength, and amount of energy needed it undergoes its "evolution". Theres also a third possibility that these are unique creatures that defy reality as we know it and basically flip off physics and negate the entire idea of this video but thats out of reasoning and not so feasible. More than likely a form of the first two scenarios is the case so that the extreme metamorphisis can co exist and occur peacefully.
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