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Hey Guys! After being a HUGE fan of Austin's for a few months now (culminating in us by PURE CHANCE releasing videos tackling the same Minecraft topic from two different angles), we're super excited to have Austin on board as the newest THEORIST! And I know a lot of you have been eager for MOAR SCIENCE on the channel, so here it is :) But, as always, since it is a new show, let me know what you think - at the end of the day, new things are always meant to make your lives more entertaining, so if you love it, AWESOME. If you hate it...well, hopefully you don't hate it.

To Evolve, or not to evolve, that is the question. Sure there are plenty of strategic reasons to figure out the exact timing of your Pokemon's Evolution; but what about the disastrous, world ending implications? That's right - it's NEVER the right time to evolve your Pokemon! This knowledge might just save your life. In today's Episode of The SCIENCE!, Austin breaks down what really needs to happen in order for your Magikarp to become a Gyrados and the truth behind this metamorphoses is utterly terrifying.

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So wait, this is a new series right? I really like this guy.
Symplistic_Sam_______________ _______________
that guy just did a 3 min itro. 😂
Carlos Luis Cordero del Castillo
!OMG The Game Theorists is the eminem of science!
Tammy Stiles, Paisley, Kirkbride
shut up my brain is completely twisted And I kinda like it!
Geez, Austin. You should be a rapper.
YAY POKEMON COLOSSEUM! Hands down the best Pokemon game ever, go GameCube : )
rich gregory
I love this mat pat. so we got fat pat, cat pat, mat pat, mad pat
Quang Huynh
yay! pokemon=fallout 1-4 confirmed.
The Pout Master!
You realize......pokemon eat before they evolve, right?
and when they eat....they dont grow.
or poop or pee.
so where do you think it all goes?
boom, evolution.
The Pout Master!
name of music?
Ashely Milner
Well that was a lot of science very quickly. I like this. I'm a science nerd.
Bushido Cobra
Hype, I was thinking the same exact thing at 13:03
Blue Bandit
But Mega Evolution
11:37 biology....
Magikarp is scarier that gyarados
sean the animated gamer
dont you now kids watch dis
Lauren A
We just spent a boring week learning about Darwin and his stupid finches. It was summed up here in an entertaining video super quickly. Goodness gracious, YouTube teaches me more than school at this point. Half the time teachers just play videos anyways!
wiseflame 12
What about munchlax into snorelax?
Melee Creeper
You know the Pokémon could get their nutrients and stuff from defeated pokemon like you know how you never see wild pokemon again after fighting them?
Amer Dahbour
you forgot one thing the exp the evolution of pokemon comes from energy because when they fight they build up friction, energy, and potential.
Blue Soul
After this who agrees not to talk about wailord.
Happy apple
what if every time you make another pokemon faint you obsorbe part of it and that makes your pokemon able to evalve after you absorbe enough pokemon parts
I Stink
I figured out the whole thing just by reading the title
so pokemon do not prove darwins theory of evolution because they actually use metamorphosis. but pokemon outside certain species like caterpie poliwag must of evolved to be able to use metamorphosis since they naturally werent able to
(i.e. non fish lizards and bug) then what explains several different classes of flora and fauna gain that key ability?
Simon Rose
Ahh but Austin the Pokémon eat up xp
Midget Plays
10:49 omg take a breath dude
Unrelated (and reasonably irrelevant, I suppose)... but are you a musician? Your breath control seems pretty impressive, to a certain degree.
Hall of the Mountain King for the god damn win!
Surf makes absolutely no sense because of how much water it creates
Sly 2855
at least you did not have to endure the easiness of x and y
Tecnhically, I think a pokemon could just absorb hydrogen contained in compounds around itself (water, organic matter) and not only free atoms of it.
youre missing the fact that hes IN water, always, somehow.
Riley Cyrus
so what ive gathered from this video is magikarp got that guuud suck during evolution
Alex Timmreck
I'm curious as to the effects of all that matter being generated by converting the available heat energy into the required materials; anyone else?
Megan Vu
bob dole
power of friendship is the energy they use to evolve. trust me.
Joaquim Neto
Oh my god! My head exploded!
Gavin Applegate
hey dumbass using dark energy/matter you actually you can bypass that rule you said
Oryaam L
Maybe Pokémon absorb the energy from the Other Pokémon they defeated
Does this guy ever stop to take a breath?
9:32 I like science truns on slow mo
Pinkie Spot
what if the darned thing just picks up nutrients from food and when it gathers enough, evolves
Lene Lefiti
Honestly, I appreciate the use of classical music in the background, very nice choice using "In The Hall of The Mountain King". I've loved that piece since I heard it on Tom and Jerry. At least I think that's when I heard it for the first time.
Spirited away was an amazing movie-- what sorry--? OOOHHHH I was watching an evolution video
Over 800 Pokemon...and that is correct! There is 801!
There's only one explanation to this. Science is broken in the pokemon world.
Patrick Collins
cHILD HOOD RUINED with science sweet
Jesse "SuperWaffle57"
THE SCIENCE videos in a nutshell:
dear company
(unimportant info blah blah blah)
(explaining the game)
BS info
Sincerely, Austin
Robert Curran
how did you read all those papers and write out the necessary elements but spell sulfur wrong?
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