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Hey Guys! After being a HUGE fan of Austin's for a few months now (culminating in us by PURE CHANCE releasing videos tackling the same Minecraft topic from two different angles), we're super excited to have Austin on board as the newest THEORIST! And I know a lot of you have been eager for MOAR SCIENCE on the channel, so here it is :) But, as always, since it is a new show, let me know what you think - at the end of the day, new things are always meant to make your lives more entertaining, so if you love it, AWESOME. If you hate it...well, hopefully you don't hate it.

To Evolve, or not to evolve, that is the question. Sure there are plenty of strategic reasons to figure out the exact timing of your Pokemon's Evolution; but what about the disastrous, world ending implications? That's right - it's NEVER the right time to evolve your Pokemon! This knowledge might just save your life. In today's Episode of The SCIENCE!, Austin breaks down what really needs to happen in order for your Magikarp to become a Gyrados and the truth behind this metamorphoses is utterly terrifying.

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Deserted Nebula
He just put Eminem to shame...
Lone Wolf
Welcome to GT Austin, but does this mean you quit Shoddycast?
MoltenSkies Terminus
omfg this is funny
his rival is matpat lol
Austin really needs to do the periodic table song XD
At first, I was like "Who's this annoying asshole? I don't want him. I want more MattPat. GET RID OF HIM". By the end of the video, I was like "PLEASE TELL ME HE HAS MORE VIDEOS ON YOUR CHANNEL. I WANT ONLY AUSTIN AND NOBODY ELSE"... Don't worry. I still love you, MattPat. I only said that in the heat of the moment where Austin basically gave me a scientific orgasm at the end of the video.
hey sup
This guy is awesome. Must kill his voice though
danna checa
How dddddddaaddadadaaaaaarrrrrrre u call spirited away a cartoon it's an art
Crosby Lopez
11:43 background music
Gamers by Knight
This is a good theory, but I think you may have missed a crucial detail. Pokemon have to level up before they can evolve. If what you say is true and Pokemon need to gather all these other elements to evolve then why can't they do it over time. Pokemon gain exp. after each battle, but think about what that experience actually is. Pokemon spend all their time inside of a pokeball and they usually only ever get out during battles. When they are out they are slowly gaining whatever elements and other materials they need to evolve and what the materials they gather is represented by exp. points. When a Pokemon reaches a certain level and evolves it means that they have stored enough nutrients inside of their bodies to be able to grow into a new form. Take weedle, it starts out as a little bug and once it gains enough nutrients/exp. it evolves into a cacoona or whatever it is called and it stays that way for a long time gathering more nutrients form surrounding areas and then when it is ready it evolves into its next stage by leaving its cacoon. This works for all Pokemon. You are right about Pokemon being black holes, but maybe instead of them gaining a ton of nutrients all at once they slowly gather it over time represented by experience and levels and when they have gained enough nutrients/materials/elements they are able to grow into their next form. They evolution process doesn't happen instantaneously, but instead it happens slowly over time just like the caterpillar getting really fat before it can go into a cacoon and then grow to be a butterfly.
I mean... or they could just be storing those molecules every time they level up. This would explain why Pokemon (at least in the anime) will get gradually bigger as they level up, and why most Pokemon that explode in scale take much higher level limits to reach said final form.
Bella Knight
My theory is that per level the pokemon absorb a fraction of the material that they would need to have their evolution. So, in the case of gyrados, a magicarp would absorb a 20th of the resorces needed, each time it goes up a level until level 19 when the majority of the resources have been stored and prepared so by level 20 it can become a gyrados. I feel like its unlikely that they would suddenly absorb all the resources at once, because that would leave no purpose for multiple levels between evolutions. That result would only make sense if level 1 were one pokemon and level 2 was the evolved version, the little time gap between the levels would cause the outcome that you described. Because it takes multiple levels to evolve you can assume that each evolution still works towards the overall goal of evolving, which is why its not all simultaneous. This is also why the physical appearance doesn't change. Instead of slowly becoming a gyrados, portions of energy and resources are accumulated until the amount needed to begin the process has been reached.
For some reason, I feel like Austin fits in here better than at ShoddyCast.
Could just be bias now that I have all of my favorite videos in one place, though.
Bella Knight
His speech patterns are exactly like Hank Green's... that's how smart people talk. I'm excited already
Bella Knight
the first thirty seconds alone are why austin deserves to be a theorist
That was awesome
Marino Vargas
Songs uses?
I want to play a fallout pokemon game now
Fillory's Future
Maybe when they level up, they gain energy.
Da Dude
And when Wailmer evolves.... well....
Lets just say the planet will lose a continent or two.
no name
My brain hurts from the speed reading
Alexandra Minter
I like Austin a lot 😊
The Jeff
what if the process of leveling up is the stages of metamorphosis, and it's just hard to see?
Warrior's Vids
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA poor child.... if only I made my youtube channel before you
Dk Yeargin
2:45-2:53 um excuse you
Callen Moreland
9:40 = WTF my brain just died
Danny White
Austin you're adorable. I can't wait to see more of you!!
Where did our beloved Austin go?
André Lima
a 1.6 m goliath?XD
Lila DiMasi
11:11 sounded like the "gotta catch em all" rap from the 90s!
Pool Ninja
This is a really cool episode and I'm sorry I'm late to the episode but the whole base of your theory is wrong because they don't get the energy instantly they have to level up get experience and while at first glance it seems that they are getting just that experience they could be getting food or energy from these battles thes creature while similar to real life animals they are different so there is no reason why it could be how they could get energy
Levi Bickham
according to past pokeball theory if you returned a pokemon to its ball as it started to evolve it would be OK right? it would definitely materialize teleport somewhere else evolve cause destruction there and when you bring it back out the new pokemon would have absorbed all the components needed for this evolution and would be fine by your side it doesn't matter if it destroyed the pokemon where it's sent to via pokeball because each pokemon is killed everyime it is Teleported via pokeball anyway and it's existence has no true meaning
I wanna see one on Dragon Ball Z. I think somehow ki is terrifying. The Saiyan's Zenkai boost, Super Saiyan, giant Namekians...
Emerald Dragon
Music at 11:54?
Miklós Pál Márton Molnár
hooooly crap emi laughed myself to tears😂😂
i love this show
Aaron Aylward
Link to this guys channel?
Shomari Glass
Wait can magikarp learn surf
DinoShotgun Gaming
This guy sounds like PETA.
barbaressa miau
Forget MatPat, I LOVE this guy
Fudge Cake
I have a reason:
Magic XD jk jk
Prussia Tamer
there goes my childhood.....
anime fan gaming
i like his voice.
Finn Alvarez
I deeply relate to this video's athmosphere of existential dread. Love it
Hunter Hughes
and just like that you,ve lost me
Does Austin have "no god damn sense" Hotkeyed. Cause he wrote it in 4 key strokes
Austin is best! I love vids on shaddy cast too!
Anime Guy
There is a solution and way to get around the law of conservation of mass and they have to absorb all your bodily fluids.

first one, you said that they are pulling in lots of different kinds of atoms to make them selves bigger mostly water and oxygen which they would get from mostly other living things, but there is a solution that still follows the law of conservation of mass, instead of pulling in full atoms they could pull in smaller particles like protons, neutrons and electrons which are found in all matter and could be used to make bigger particles aka atoms, so now they don't need to absorb all the water with in a set radius they can now use any and all matter, but on the bad side it would leave a giant crater and tons of fusion radiation. so it would still be like a nuclear bomb but way more powerful like billions of time stronger. so bright side you don't have all of your water sucked out from you but on the bad side you will ether be broken down on the subatomic level or blown up and blasted with gamma radiation . but at least your not dehydrated.

second, they are magical creatures and the multi verse theory in pokemon is canon so they could be drawing from another universe there for by passing conservation of mass since nothing is being created or destroyed only moved, and the multiverse has the possibility for infinite matter. but it would be bad for the people in the other universe, also another universe might be using your universe as the place where they get the mass. so no one is safe. from random portals opening in your universe suck in tons of matter.

pokemon evolution is basically a random appearing nuclear bomb with times like a billion power

in the multiverse their is infinite pokemon soo yeah not safe
Rokogu Colossus (Brian)
Elizabeth Neuman
When he starts talking fast turn on CC

You'll see what I mean
Pika Kid
austin there are a few ways of evolution in some cases it is via growth which is like a dog it starts off tiny and helplless and as it grows it gains defining features that tell you its age and in adulthood it is strong
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