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Hey Guys! After being a HUGE fan of Austin's for a few months now (culminating in us by PURE CHANCE releasing videos tackling the same Minecraft topic from two different angles), we're super excited to have Austin on board as the newest THEORIST! And I know a lot of you have been eager for MOAR SCIENCE on the channel, so here it is :) But, as always, since it is a new show, let me know what you think - at the end of the day, new things are always meant to make your lives more entertaining, so if you love it, AWESOME. If you hate it...well, hopefully you don't hate it.

To Evolve, or not to evolve, that is the question. Sure there are plenty of strategic reasons to figure out the exact timing of your Pokemon's Evolution; but what about the disastrous, world ending implications? That's right - it's NEVER the right time to evolve your Pokemon! This knowledge might just save your life. In today's Episode of The SCIENCE!, Austin breaks down what really needs to happen in order for your Magikarp to become a Gyrados and the truth behind this metamorphoses is utterly terrifying.

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So wait, this is a new series right? I really like this guy.
so, a nutrients black hole?
Subscribe to my channel plz
GD Pokecreeper
Magikarp Evolution = Yveltal Dying
That was stupid and not even funny. Unsubscribed.
Kelly Nietupski
Rather than getting their mass from physical materials, they could be using some sort of "otherworldly power." Who knows, maybe they draw the energy to evolve from their EXP itself. Or... those dead Pokemon bodies have to be going somewhere..
OMG pokemon in the fallout world NEEDS to be a thing
Twin Rage Gaming
Wouldn't when a Pokémon kills a Pokémon would mean the victor would gain the vitamins it needs?
tommy karrick
Well time to draw gyrados at the center of an atomic crater
Luis Borton
Mike Bolyard
Lol Lol
two words for you. quantum physics
max solis
Terrifying. GDT
Actually, Pokemon evolution does make sense. You mentioned how you had to get a Pokemon to a certain level more than once. What if that is the Pokemon's way of gaining these materials? "And uh... there it is." -Ian Malcolm, 1993.
soccerduck gaming
Do how the vacpac in slime rancher can hold all of the items it can
Zayaan Dadwani
Kade B
9:39 onwards at 2x speed
The Project Productions
this is the best so far
Wizard Dragon
Again The Recomendation At The Video
What if when you fight other Pokemon your Pokemon is actually eating them? Which is why they get more "EXP" after the fight based on how much you use them. The Pokemon would be getting bigger, and receiving more mass. So being that it has more mass now then it wouldn't need to take mass from its surrounding area. This theory would be cancelled out in the "Pokemon Go" game though since that you can see that the weight stays the same when you go to the information on the Pokemon.
so what as a pokemon levels, the energy is stored...then unleashed at a level of evolution?
Archsage 87
name the song at 5:20
Max Mamo
What about negative mass
Gangsta Bear
Am I the only one who knows that Austin is shoddycast?
Adrian Pena
I am 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% smarter/nerdier😥🤓
sparky2ben gameing and more
10:10 sparky2ben.exe has stoped working
the theorists are llittle boxes of surprises
a.k.a black hole boxes
Kitten Puppy
Video in a nutshell: Magikarp is one of the most deadly Pokemon of all time..
All this seems like it would kill the "evolving" Pokemon... doesn't that make all of this impossible since most can't reproduce in their initial stage?

And please do Ditto/Mew's transformation abilities, I wanna know how that could possibly work.
Blade Gaming
Am I the only one who would sacrifice the world to turn a fish into a flying snake dragon
Nobody Important
Looks like the game theorists have a new science guy. Nice. I actually like you so far, Austin, and I usually don't pay attention to shows that aren't Game Theory (no offense, but I just prefer it over the others). I look forward to seeing your future output.
Goin Berzerk
hey Austin can you do a SCIENCE!! video on the clickers from The Last Of Us? I'm really interested in what real world equivalent would turn humans into mindless fungi animals. I think it would make an interesting video if it is possible and or should be worried about this future of death and destroction.
Emma Watkins
I have a magikarp
What if the Pokemon evolved inside of the pokeball and then you threw in some portal logic, then the pokeportal creates a wormhole to separate places to gather resources from celestial bodies by dialing Stargates at random that are known to have said resource at that specific location in the DHD. Then after Ash visits those places and the pokeball automatically collects all the materials, you can then harness the power of nuclear fusion, quantum mechanics, and great software programming to create a 3D copy of whatever the software analyzed during fights to determine the best fighting beast then the original pokemon's personality is transferred into that beast and the energy is dissapated evenly by using the power of the fusion reaction to simultaneously dail all non-busy space Stargates and Supergates up to 7 - 9 chevron's based on the pokemon's mass to next evolution differential.
was that "tryptophan" soundbyte from the seinfeld episode?
I think I had a stoke listening to the explanation
What about mega evolutions?
Not to be a hater but it's a video game frickin buzzkill
Haden Sings
My tiny lungs deep breath have to take deep breath a deep breath deep breath every three words deeeeeeeep breath
Games Unlimited
"Nobody wants to see that"
Me:goes to a rule 34 site
john cena:are you sure about that?
Warren Casari
subbed , rolling on the ground
Chameleon EDM
Well that was hilarious.

Just a thought though, what if pokemon are 4d creatures? The energy change could be rectified in the 4th dimension?
JerriDoes Gaming
I love this guy and matpat
Charte r
I legit get a Pokemon ad before this.
Fallout Pokémon Edition, I can see that. :'D
And I thought the guy from Brief History talked fast. I think you beat his speed. :'D
Wladd 1120
what if the Pokeballs and the stones that instantly evolves your Pokemon bring resources from a different universe/timeline
Aka: Multiverse transporter.
Gamer Man10050
Austin they are leveling up so the could be building up those items inside of them growing and and evolving in a matter of time like when caterpillars and tadpoles but instead of building up the items the eat it pokemon are Unexplained creatures
Austin from shoddy cast Ayy?
Texas Gam-ad
I'm starting realize you're the conspiracy theorists in the group, and I love it.
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