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Hey Guys! After being a HUGE fan of Austin's for a few months now (culminating in us by PURE CHANCE releasing videos tackling the same Minecraft topic from two different angles), we're super excited to have Austin on board as the newest THEORIST! And I know a lot of you have been eager for MOAR SCIENCE on the channel, so here it is :) But, as always, since it is a new show, let me know what you think - at the end of the day, new things are always meant to make your lives more entertaining, so if you love it, AWESOME. If you hate it...well, hopefully you don't hate it.

To Evolve, or not to evolve, that is the question. Sure there are plenty of strategic reasons to figure out the exact timing of your Pokemon's Evolution; but what about the disastrous, world ending implications? That's right - it's NEVER the right time to evolve your Pokemon! This knowledge might just save your life. In today's Episode of The SCIENCE!, Austin breaks down what really needs to happen in order for your Magikarp to become a Gyrados and the truth behind this metamorphoses is utterly terrifying.

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So wait, this is a new series right? I really like this guy.
Eren Jager
When you see the google doc and hear carmen playing in the background and know exactly what's happening. And you're completely OK with this.
manuel iradier
so this is where you fleed Austin?
Sans The comic or skeleton if you want
Didn't you mean:
Nyeh heh heh heh heh!!!!

Fancy Suit
Actually look at quantum foam,mass can be made from nothing the guy that said that was never checked.
chaotic wonder
girl voice girl voice girl voice

ya you make that girl voice
Caleb Firth
I think I need answers to how in the goddamn world stuff just flies in Minecraft
Well what if instead of them using matter around them right when they evolve, they conserve the matter from different Pokemon that are killed. That would explain why they need to level up.
Travis Matos
What's the name of the music played in this video ?
Jacob Davis
Remyred the man
Who'd think a Magicarp would end the world?
xXSilver PlatniumXx
I have the REAL answer....

its a game ppl.
Cole Lewis
Someone make this a rap please
Vilma Orcajada
into a fuking Misty's goldeen good thing misty eats magikarp not train magikarp but still train water Pokémon
Xane Usher
magikarp's revenge
Sapphire Seviper
Did I accidentally click Rap God?
Andrew Juwari
so Pokemon evolution is a MASSacure
Arlene Cardona
I can turn chocolate into nothing :D I eat it
selim nader
there is 771 pokemon
Grant Booth
and the point of this is?
Piotr K
how dare you mention digimon
Jaylin Broan
The Answers are GOD
Me: Roll credits
bluepiff gz
lol this guy should stop in his traccs lol
Ian Wah Law
Wit the hell did u just read about your so call rat fish
ya suck the life out of pokemon to level up / evolve
Darla Gallagher
I love Pokemon especially Pikachu
Darla Gallagher
de bezt persuhn
don't worry, heartgold is the best pokemon game
Mega Evolution = Wasting resources every day
The Blue Shnaub

I see what u did there
I like that guy . he is cool and nice Video , loved it
Raven Boire
Well, Good thing i dont capture magikarps!
Wilfrido Saguay
dude Brighton up and stop talking about death
Conor Fitzpatrick
Hey Austin

Not sure if you still do requests but if you do, could ya do The Science of Titanfall's jump pack. In my opinion, I have no clue how it can make pilots wall run and fall from great heights without breaking their friggin legs.

Yours sincerely
A guy who plays way too many video game.
Connie ta
I really like the video but... would you mind to tone down a little? I get it, it's your style but you scream a little too much for my taste and it gets distracting
Yukitzune chanel
did ya consider the fact that in the pokemon world there is rain that never stops to fall. or that programin and animating a creature growing in a 2D enviroment is to expensive so evolution is a representation of a creature in its most distinctive faces? ... also pokemon never eat, whats up with that?
Platinum Rampage
Sheesh, and I thought MaPat overthought stuff. Geez.
Hussain Sha
that's why it takes 400 god damn candies to Evolve into Gyarados
C Sapphire
Im laughin so hard,,,, This guy is so extra
it took you this long to realize evolution in pokemon is BS? now, I didn't go into as much detail to prove it. But it should be pretty obvious that becoming a cute fishy in the sea, transforming, stretching, molding, and growing new bones into a giant sea Dragon in a matter of seconds would be at the very least excruciatingly agonizing.
Riley Vaudrey
14:25. All hell just broke lose.
Tyler Treffinger
I actually started laughing pretty hard when you said you better hope there's a barrel of water between you and that God fish
Nintendogslpsgirl AJ
My God you can read fast... Unless that's been fast forwarded lol
Retropanda 8
ummm, XP is the nutrients you have absorbed...
I actually understood some of this. Yay.
Ariadna Valdes
u can't complain i traded a keldeo for a magicarp when i was 8
aoop aop
7 min in still didn't get to the point xd
Grey The NerdFurry
All of this. All of this is precisely why suspension of disbelief exists.

Logic is for chumps EMBRACE ABSURDITY!!
Damn I still love this show though.
aimee coalson
OH MY GOD TALK SLOWER I CANT UNDERSTAND A WORD HES SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Heath Craig
The Pokemon u murder are eaten by your death monsters
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