RED Hydrogen Prototype Hands-On!

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RED Hydrogen One is real. This is your exclusive hands-on with prototypes, straight from RED!

Updates since recording: 5.7" display. Bottom headphone jack staying.

Original breakdown video:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: On and On by Hocus Pocus


Navegantes inc!
Do a collab with tailosive
Martynas Bartkus
Why you dont talk about the actual camera quality? RED- cinema camera
You should collaborate with Tailosive Tech
How much is it gonna be? I wanna save up
Joep van Aert
Pretty cool that you got the exclusive dude! Congrats!
Nice video
First world problems
Megabyte Gaming RUS
Dislike 'cause ur black
Kinann Alamir
Ohhhhh that intro man
dark ashes
what is the release date for it
Christopher Zylstra
In this gr8 vid the ever-likable Mr. BHD, harbinger of our collective digital future, is presented with what for all intents and purposes looks to be a crystal ball... Do we see the holo-phone in action? No, and we didn't expect to (did we?), What we did see was old fashioned salesmanship honed down to the molecule. So fine is the blade herein that not only will you be compelled to order without having even seen the phone, but while your wallet, wealth and possibly future credit rating are being amputated you. will. not. feel. a. thing. Here, when performing, the device itself is visually redacted and we become voyeurs to MK's first encounter with Millenium Falcon holo-chess - except from a phone instead of a spaceship capable of making the Kessel run in twelve parsecs. Or so we're led to believe. Straight-up people, it looks like it looks like it's looks to be the real Red deal. MK is the medium and the message looks to be, gauged by MK's dinner-plate eyes, absolutely f-ing bitchin'. For me, now, it's the PR that impresses. In our age of vanishing authenticity and language's attack on meaning, delivering a message via one man's body language alone is a master stroke.
Isaac Splinker
It looks like the Future get used to it lol
I hope Red gives us some pricing on the modules, that's going to make a huge impact on if I want to buy it.

I know it's not going to be cheap, but there is a difference between $500 - $1000 and $5k
shalon rogers
You can guarantee the camera and the mods for the camera will be amazing
Henry J
Hm I'm okay with using the same camera for years, but not the smartphone
Liam James du Plessis
This is my dream phone
Omar Rodriguez
This is the Creative's phone. I'm a Graphic Designer myself venturing more and more into video. Based on the little info shared and the potential of this device, I'd ditch my iPhone and replace it with this!
Gaming night
Che figlio della merda
Rahul Mishra
Im defo buying it. Where can I pre-order it?
Lexx Low
I hope, that they'll bring a Mod to use the Smartphone in combination with a RED Cinema Camera. Maybe as a screen, so you don't have to buy the expensive Screen from RED.
You "just" buy the Smartphone and you have a Screen for your RED Camera, or Remote Control for RED Cameras,. If there's a dangerous situation on set, you just pick your Hydrogen and you control framing, shutter, aperture, iso & framerate directly from the Phone.
That huge logo is so tacky.
Over here trying to take a crack at Moto mods
David Phume
most published videos today are shot from a phone, so red is aware of this shift. The value in this phone is going to be on the camera. The number of videos posted on Instagram is rising exponentially. Film/video production has evolved, branching to micro scales and almost everyone today is a published filmmaker thanks to IG and SNAP. This is Red's response to this inevitable future. A better tool for the social filmmaker.
forgotten toothpick
mariano alejandro hernandez carrillo
y cuando estará disponible? y podremos ver una prueba de uso a ver como se utiliza el mentado teléfono " holografíaco"vamos joder tio, enseñen algo por lo menos.o ¿quieren que Apple les quite su idea?
Kenneth Hunter
عبدالله العنزي
the metal part is metal WTF
Tyler McCandless
This thing is so damn ugly
Alessandro Iodice
What's the name of the song in your intro? 😍
Will it cost as much as their cameras? Like around the 10.000`s ? :D
Kayser Yoshimatsu
your video is sharper than real life
This will not age well :)
Bernardo Santos
Love the look
Douglas Masters
Red is getting owned by black magic and decided to make a phone? If you can't beat black magic what makes you think your going to beat Apple lol?
Pulkit Kumar
To people who are saying it is ugly, you don't even know it's features, god dammit just google Holograph
will riseabove
as someone who takes alot of photos with their phone, tbis seems very interesting but at the same time samsung ruined me because I can't stand a phone without the curved display /: it just doesn't feel right plus id rather spend a 1000+ on the odysse honestly.
Bryce Betts
I think I'll sell my rx100 and get this. But I do hope for water proofing. The stereo speaker is a huge plus to me
Harry Johnstone
The audio was messed up for me?
Brendon Owens
That's ugly bruh it look like the bottom of my shoe with a price of chewed up gum in the middle.
Alan Xie
Red... for filth.
D Darty
I love it. I'd just hate to receive a call after you have all the mods installed and locked into an indie rig. :Þ
I would like the headphone jack on the bottom. To be honest i put my phone into my pocket upside down so i dont have to turn it ... Its that simple :D
How can they expect a customer to order the phone without saying when it will be available/shipped????
Taqi Mollah
I feel like it is the 3ds equivalent to a phone...

edit: woah 1 like!!! lets get it up to the top YO
Chhatrapati joshi
1000 $ for this... Are you serious!
Kaiwea Richard
I've never seen a phone so ugly. Different looks are good, but not like this
TheReal DahliusCrowsley
When that bad boy drop?
Morty Bot
What about the selfi cam?
Marc Daigle
Thanks for sharing an insight on the new advances in technologie that never ceases to amaze me...
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