Dan Rather On Donald Trump Jr: "Jaw-Dropping...The Game Is Up" | All In | MSNBC

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Those emails -- the first evidence that the President Donald Trump campaign sought to collude with the Russian government -- raise grave questions about the Trump team's ethics and patriotism, according to Rather.
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Dan Rather On Donald Trump Jr: "Jaw-Dropping...The Game Is Up" | All In | MSNBC

Sharon Snow
When I was a young mother, I'm 75, now I use to religiously watch my soap operas, "All My Children," As the World Turns, all this with trump, is the best soap opera yet. This will be great fodder for all those who want to write books about this, I envy them!!!
Trump is my man! He's a GREAT president.
Signed, Vladimir P.
Bria Webb
Family Guy brought me here, to see if he really whistles 😁😁😁. I'm not dissapointed
Dear Buckley
Uh didn't Dan Rather lose his job in 2004 for pushing a forged document about Bush? 😂 why are we taking information from these dinosaurs?
Jeff Laffite Jones
Dan Rather is projecting His, Democrats and the Fake-News own fears of being exposed for all of their Lies and Corruption because they know the people will drag them out of their cosy offices and hang them all for treason.
Michelle Obaaamu
Dan Rather😇 talking about ethics. Yeah, ok I'm really interested now.
Danielle luv People
Love Dan Rather
I'd "RATHER" watch "Fox News" then watch this tripe.
Coogan Alaska
Dan Rather.... the "Father of Fake News." Yeah, lets ask him about the truth.
This country has been lied to for a 7 months by the national press you can tell that when they put a proven lyre Dan Rather to try to make there stories true. The people who voted for Trump still back him and it is driveing the press crazy so they put sewer rats like Rather and other has been on so they think stupid people will believe them which they do.
liamyty Wzw
He's just like a kettle
Larry Mcmichael
liberals invented the Russia story cuz they are afraid if Trump stays in office for too long he will uncover all of the deep States crimes Democrat and Republican
Robert Houtz
Go away you lying old man.
Pete Salas
I think that everyone has to realize that Donald Trump will go down as the Greatest President in history. Hillary Clinton would be in line as the WORST president of all time right behind Obama.
Deanna Delmar
Dan Rather is a Giant in Trusted news journalism. So good to have him . Hope he stays!!! So good to hear news with lots of 'good words'. Thank you Dan Rather and MSNBC!
trickle-down economics works for those in the .01%
Larry Hicks
Do we really care what Dan Rather thinks or says considering you can't trust him to give me the truth he was infected on NBC or CBS because he lied. How are you guys can even consider having him on your show is beyond me. He's as bad as CNN and as a matter fact he's the original CNN
Abigail Andino
Dan Rather for 2020
Abigail Andino
it feels like 6 terms.
0:31 "This situation is unprecedented in our history."

The media created "this situation" and now decry it.

Time to stop yammering and bring forth the damning evidence.
Freedom and Liberty
DRUMPF his real name, thinks he's in the drumpf tower with minons all around him. He thinks hes a king and the CIA, FBI AND JUDGES work for him, they work for the American people. And thank god they are good people in those agency and not these crooked people in office. Muller is a law man he don't care about politics. And when its all said and done Drumpf will be impeached. Because with all that has came out, especially Russian came here to talk about babys BS, why would they do that when he had no power to do anything about it because in June 2016 he was not President, but they would have a meeting to bring in dirt on Hillary. Common sense people wake up. He's the biggest scub bag talking about screwing his daughter. Now that family values from the Conservative party.
Isn't it ironic. The guy that the liberals thought couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't be President, is now our President. Oh snap, that's has got to burn ! Do you liberals wake up every day with that burning sensation. You know the sensation I'm talkin-bout. The one that starts deep in your gut and works it's way up into your throat. It like having mourning sickness every day and there ain't nothing you can do. If you think our President is going down without a fight, you are sadly misinformed. Here is a bit of advice. Instead of asking for help from other people, try taking personal responsibility for yourselves and work your own program. Stop blaming others for your mess. Don't be a victim, that's just being weak. And for those you who try and get over on others, it's just pitiful.
Is this the same Dan Rather who was fired from CBS for presenting false documents. Hey Dan, Just report the story and try not to be the story.
Michael Clements
Time to impeach now
Joe Ferguson
Dan Rather...early Fake News. Very early, lol. IE fired for reporting fake news.
Dan Lather was not bitcihn about the tons of wrong things Obongo had done while he was playing potus
Michael Schneider
+1. Refreshing perspective from a true broadcast journalist !
Doctor Hill
MSNBC pounding another nail in their coffin. They'll never learn. lol!
Doctor Hill
Dan Rather came though Kansas recently. I'm sure he found hardworking, honest people there and made him nervous! Deceptive Dan talking about the truth? What a jerk!
jay walker
dan rather your liberal politicians did some bad deals for america that has caused alot of loss of jobs and economy to the usa so dan lets talk about you bad deal liberal politicians and the bad trade they passed and how it caused harm to the economy of the usa your a bad actor out of touch talk show commentator who is retired
Jacqueline Kirkpatrick
President for six months, and has already brought us to the brink of nuclear war.
Daryl Lynch
Hysterical liberals do you know that these comments here reflect the reasons why you're voted out of political office and are the minority at every level of government, your party is only a coastal party now and you continue doing the same BS. , we need a sane 2 party system and you are giving all the power to the right because of your foolish behavior , you did not lose because of Russia or collusion, you lost because you're out of touch and are to far left. I hope the moderates get back in control of your party.
Michael Avery
You of all people are talking about ethics , patriotism and truth !!!!
First off, Dan "You are no Walter by a l o n g s h o t ", have you all ever noticed that all
your commentary is prefaced with a true statement of fact and then comes the "but,
then the greased up twist is inserted into the conversation, like here," What we have here is *strong suspicions*BUT no facts(almost in a down play whisper).
Proteus TG
Technology improves our lives, not politics
John Mclaughlin
rather king of liars
we will see....
Michael Gfroerer
Dan Rather has more credibility than the entire Trump White House...
there was no information to attempt to collude on.
Jeff Bingaman
Where are the people selling the purple Haley's comet koolaid. They got to be around here somewhere.
They are waiting for next election where they mass suicide to ride the tail of the election.
They're making tales now.
LOL! Dan Rather? What's the frequency Kenneth?
Jeff Bingaman
"The hot web of truth".
Sounds like the line the guy that led the Haley's comet cult to their suicidal deaths.
Better put a purple blanket and purple tennis shoes watch on the dems.
Reason it keeps going you dumbasses keep bringing it up crap lies fake news presidents son is not part of the administration you idiots
Ian Wall
What do you expect when you vote in white trash?
JoJo Mama
ain't nothing jaw dropping about it,the only way he can get his agenda accomplished is to devaluate the U.S. dollar...look what's happening,your money(savings,investments,retirement,etc.) all of what you thought you have will very soon be worthless while all his buddies will make insane profits just moving their money from place to place
hermes now
Anyone remember "RatherGate" ? That is why he is the OG fake news.
But Hillary met with the Ukrainians! But Obama allowed the Russian lawyer into the country! But the Secret Service didn't stop the meeting! But . . . but . . . but . . .
Strieter Marine Survey
More fake news bla bla bla! Hillary had so much credibility murderer!
This man is a fken joke
Trevor William
tips on getting rid of corruption is the most patriotic thing ever!!
Dan Rather is a washed-up disgraced news anchor go the f*** away!
The old bullshitter on the Globalist network. Meaningless.
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