Koopa plays
If emogi is not yellow you colorblind B-)
life is more real in roblox Live gamer
Yay I don't have it
life is more real in roblox Live gamer
Gianna Genwright
U sure this is real???
Jazzy drawsYT
the thumbnail is silly,how could you see blue from the outside and red from the inside of the strawberry!
I colorblind I saw my gluestick blue
Rebecca Robinson
I thought at first the title said "How the color 'blind' see people in the world"
These vids are cancer.
The kid Gamer
i am color blind and the thumbnail is not at all what a strawberry looks like
Scarly G
OMG I'm colour blind I went to the optometrist . Seriously I only see the world in black and white!
Nyomi Manuel
Well, I thought when your colour blind you see different shades of colours than others
Faze Snipes
Logan Paul is one of the people that is colourblind
Ann Droid
I want to see the world as black and white. World is already dark for me anyways.
Pink Puppy
I'm colour blind, but I have glasses with lenses that make the colours mormal
at 2:53 i saw on the nine some of the red dots were brighter does that mean i am color blind or is that normal
KatieTube HD
My brother,Josh is color blind
Thanks for reminding me that I’m colour blind
Mangle Loves plushies
I'm colourblind;-; still see my profile pic different colours to my bffs say it is
Random Person
What if color blind people actually are not color blind but that we are color blind? Maybe what we see as red and a color blind person sees as green, is actually green, but most people on earth just is colorblind.
Geography Made Easy
Things that piss me off being color blind is when you get asked what a color is and you say it right and they say you ain’t like bitch I know what blue is see I can’t see red I see it as green and green as a wreide green I also can’t read red writing also I’m pissed out of my skin when people say I won’t be able to tell if it’s a red light or a green light like bitch there is a difference
Bernard Makuaole
The thumbnail is misleading
Zebra Popcorn
The problem with these kinds of videos I'd that when you see it, you think that, that's how colorblind people see but if you are colorblind then you see what real people see and think it's normal.
GirlWillDich _HD
You are the same channel aß the german one! Even the voice, the Photo, and the name, it means the same aß the german channel! You are the same Person! Oha, das wusste ich am Anfang garnicht!
If they saw it as a green jacket they're mentally disabled.
XxxMoto MontxxX
#color I’m color blind
Moose Mods
can see better kaki
Kitten Puppy
Who else watched this because of Matthew Meese from Studio C???

I did....
Gracie Pomainville
I'm colour blind I've none that my eye doctors told me and ya
Candy Crush
First time i heard about this
Slavic Boi
If you came here for the thumbnail, you will be disappointed. No form of colorblindness can make a strawberry look like that.

All types of colorblindness (Deuteranomaly, Deuteranopia, Protanomaly, Protanopia, Tritanopia, and Tritanomaly) preserve the color blue with a decent amount of accuracy, so it would be extremely odd if a colorblind person mistakenly thought that something was blue.

The color red is sometimes confused with yellow, green, or brown, but never blue. In some forms of colorblindness (Tritanopia and Tritanomaly) red is preserved with a decent amount of accuracy.

There is one other form of colorblindness, Achromatopsia (less than 0.0001% of the population have it) which results in NO colors being seen (black and white, basically). I don't think I need to explain why this doesn't work for the thumbnail either :p
The Obscure Rambler
"shadows of red and green"? I cringed so hard every time. Shadow versus shade?
Monkey D.Luffy
42 the number of the universe
past the breakers
I see some colors, but I don't know what they are.
Claire Hayward
It is because if they are color blind then they can see the foe because the foe wheres shades of green to mach there environment.
Akula A
WARNING 1:55 If you can't see that the apple on the left is purple then you are color blind.
Indianna Gobby
my sisters is color blind
ATTN Awareness
they should make eye lenses for this issue instead of the eye glasses so people can stay wearing it all the time and take them off only when they go to bed
Adam Brown
My grandma sees green as blue and blue as green. Does anyone know what type that is?
Alan Preece
#Mind Warehouse is being racist about colourblind people
Clay Dellinger
It’s 1 out of 10 men not people, I am colorblind
Savage Squad 21
I'm Color blind Blue is red
Bessie Johnson
it is ok if your colourblind because we are all the same because we are all humanes we are are made by god. :) (here is a joke) if you was not made by god then i don't know what you are lol but still we are all the same from head to toe if you have differnt hair coloulur differnt skin coloulur we are all the same (like it if you think the same thing)
Okay. Tell me why the actual strawberry is blue BUT when you take a bite it’s red. it’s probably obvious but I just don’t see it.

Edit: It’s in the thumbnail
natalie smith
My mom's boyfriend is color blind
Gaming With Xavier
How would a colour blind person see this video?
Beth Dolbeare
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came for the thumbnail
And u did to
Why on the thumbnail you change the outside of the strawberry blue but not the inside? :l doesn’t really make sense.
Donovyn 2nd Acc
Roses are red violets are blue i got clickbaited so did u and this is not original
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