mistr eddie
Im colourlind. This is #fakenews
Gabriela Alvarez
My teacher is color blind...
Benjamin McEvoy
I'm colour blind and I see a strawberry red
Pug Bananas
My crush is colorblind...
Ben Madrid
Many shadows of car key? I've listened many times, but that's all I hear.
that blue strawberry in the thumbnail looked like someone put blue eye shadow on it.
Christine Coletta
I believe that the military began letting color blind pilots because certain types of color blindness actually work to the advantage in that they can see certain things in patterns that people without color blindness can see. Am I right? Am I close?
Rose GamingTV Roblox & More
My Dads Colourblind..
how do we know that they are color blind and we are not just color bountiful?
what if our eyes add in extra colors ?
Luke Matthews
This is really offensive to me as I'm colourblind and this is not what I see!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexis Young
Well I already knew I was color blind but I like doing these fun little tests anyways lol. I always fail them.
Daniel Malice
You overused hollywood films scenes in the video. Especially Jim Carrey. Downvoted.
Delon AlSabbagh
If u don't belive me I am colorblind for me red is orange😩
Rito Feather Gaming
colour blind pilots were better at spotting out people in camouflage because they could not see the colours
Arsena Kurnia
Im colour blind but I don't really see color mixed
Tyler Nason
@ melissaMmalma009 Using other Souls see what your alcoholism diseases doesnever do you accept responsibility for your own mistakes ignoring one's true self and attacking that persons in her soul Just For BeingHuman
Pizza Smile love
Pizza Smile love
I see 5
Steven Cassidy
Buy him some of those enchroma glasses for Christmas this year and it'll be his best Xmas yet. You may need to remortgage your house to afford them though, they're not cheap!
I'm not Color Blind Yayyy!!
MidnightFalcon 000
I'm colorblind
Eva Castaneda
My teacher says girls cant be color blind but bishhh I'm color bind
Colorblind people don't see colors at all.
my dad is also colerblind but hes lucky he never got braces when he was little.
FireRam PLC

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I once thought burgundy was a dark magenta. ._. or did my sister think a dark magenta object was burgundy...?
Sweet Tastic
School of rock
When the guy said that ball was yellow and blue I was like "THATS BLUE?!" bc it looks purple
Eorann McCartan
What's the show at 2:32? I've seen that actor before in a different show and really like him
Apex Radish
deuteranomoly how 'bout you guys
Pavel Slavětínský
Haha, that Brad Pitt part :-)
Summer Jones
Were is he blue strawberry
Jrytsray9573 Jerry
What wrong with this 10k tumb down???,... Are there colour blinds also???,...
Desmond O'Donoghue
Ok...So I'm probably wrong..but the cover of the video has a blue strawberry, however! if strawberries are red...but they see them as blue, ok fine, but, if the inside is red, why do they see the red inside of the strawberry? Wouldn't the person not be able to see red????
Jamie Sumpter
If you ever played Minecraft or Roblox his Give Me A Sign sign in then give me some Roblox is like 10,000 of them
Emils Daksa
0:26 IS colorblind, not are is...
Boris Samovitch
its pissing me off this is innacurate and people are believing it
Brandon Damian

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Bo Collings
If someone was coulorblind they would agree on coulors because you are born with it therefore you lean it like that
Anna's World!
im color blind with yellow every yellow thing is orange to me so minions are orange i just found out they wore yellow and I'm 9
Skywtaker Is here
Thanks I found out that I really was colorblind
When you tell the teacher your colour blind
Teacher: How
Me:I just am
Teacher: what colour is this( picks up blue pencil)
Me: blue
Teacher: how u colourblind
Me: it's only some colours
Teacher: ok tell me if you need help
Teacher sets up coloured cones (red and blue)
Teacher: can you see this
Me: yes
Next day
Teacher asks about a colour
Me: I told you yesterday
Such Doge In Space
im colourblind i feel SAVAGE!!!!!!11!!!
Tym Avice
Color blindness doesn’t change colors, you just see less of one, two, or three of the primary colors, a red jacket wouldn’t look green...
Julie Mathisrud Sterud
But what color blind are actually those who look the right colors and we see them wrong.? 🤔
Rani E
Stop shouting
awesome girl killer 210 vlog
I call Devine
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