Beth lira-macalinao
what booger😬😬😬😬
Latha Karthikeyan
i love ur videos bad babies
Fbiydd Vjgshk
Christine Colunio
i hate how they eat with mouths open and shuv it in their mouth
Christine Colunio
what was that second candy they tryed that was on a stick
Maria Liduina Alves Pereira
I love you
Иван Михайлов
Hằng Diễn
capricetodd178 107
capricetodd178 107
The fat girl is greedy thus
Aubree awesome Plante
where you get the Rice Krispie Treat
nicole olivia
Hailey Castaneda
I'm not trying to be me or anything but they act like they have never eaten before
Tina Clinton
qkiop do
franklin guerrero
they are going to get daiebetes
Robert Avalos
Calipso and starbuck Are sisters
Calipso and starbuck Are sisters
Ewww so gross lern how to chew
Mary Keeton
I was laughing so hard when the granny said hmmmmmmm I think I ate it's eyeball 😅😂😂
Melanie Cajas
Bad baby Victoria i do she makes me cry when she is away👍🏼😘😪
claudia Trujillo
I. Hate. You
Andre Hamilton
tayra peredo
Thuy Cao
very good
Paige Nichol
ew tf is this shit, nasty as hell and that lil girls teeth be taking up the whole screen
Paige Collins
I'm not trying to be rude but can eat with your mouth shut
my hanh Nguyen
Carmen Rodriguez
Talea Collins
Victoria is sick and nasty
Jambo Chowdhury
everyone dislike it
Jambo Chowdhury
i can tell why Victoria is fat
Jambo Chowdhury
Americans are weird englishes are better
Jambo Chowdhury
yout family is abnormal
Jambo Chowdhury
brush your teeth stinky breath
Tasnime About
vous. manger. comme. des. cochons
Ashley Pardo I
lol 😂💩💩💩
Greydis_ Vlogs!
victorina loves candy so much me to
Annabelle is cross!
Abida Chowdhury
Jameson Nguyen The FUNnel Vision Fan
Why does Granny have brown eyebrows
Chris Hodges
My granny is dead but I love
Anjoleigh Flores
Victoria dosent know how to chew with her mouth closed
Lillyann Anguiano
happy birthday Victoria and Annabelle
Faith Lily9
Faith Lily9
Victoria my nam died when I was 2 and my other nan well she was mean
Ms Nereale
Хуита тупая
VidswithAlyssa Xx
I hate victorious you so Gross🤢
Sanda M'changama
porc Victoria and hihihihii
Renáta-Enikő Nemes
Sandra Lopez
tis good just try it
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