Donald Trump denies Angela Merkel a HANDSHAKE 17/3/2017

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Donald Trump appears to refuse handshake with Angela Merkel in Oval Office Donald Trump has welcomed German chancellor Angel Merkel to the White House. Very awkward situation and very unprofessional from the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world!

Credit to: MSNBC

Mark Stang
The Chancellor of Germany and President of the United States are not models or puppets on a string to have posing commands yelled at them by the Press. Also, a handshake AFTER their meeting would suggest that some kind of agreement was reached in their meeting, which there clearly was not.
tony rishkofski
the German people hate this lady.
David D
well played
Jay H
God Bless President Trump
Mark Birtley
RIP humanity if you call this a president, what a disrespectful person that does not even deserve to be a citizen.
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