Bill Maher Just Broke His Silence to Address Donald Trump

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Bill Maher talks Trump, Russia and the War on Christmas in an exclusive interview with ATTN: co-founder Matthew Segal. 

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Christine Strong
Shut up
rich stanley
i respected this guy now i just feel pity for him as a clinton/obama cuck
Drew G
Maher was good in Religious.. and..


that's it.
ray cogo
bill marr is a political sophist and makes a living at this you fools lmao how fucking brain dead are u people ? lol what the fuck are you commenting on a predetermined politically facilitated interview ....i mean really lol
Trump saying: "I will be the greatest failing pile of garbage that god ever created." Check the video on my channel.
I pooped today.
Andy Olsen
So who was President again during the election? The buck stops where when it comes to national security? Who does the CIA and the FBI report to again? if they cannot prevent a little hacking, then they on have Obama to blame.
Country Dave
lets me guess he sad because his vote lost .....yano I use to watch him but his not real person he just an over paid star in my book dat crying and bitching
We liked the silence better.
Tommy Villains
U are all brainwashed zombie con combattant borderline homosexuals !! Fuck bitch ass bill maher!
The Rabble Rousing Pleiadian Dragon/Lion
you can't be SURE what he is gonna do. what a propagandist. .. lol
Minecraft TNT
i cant laugh when i watch him talking anymore
mano fiske
"slow moving coup"???!! , Bill Really? After a successful 8 year obama usurpation of the highest Office in the land.

Abolitionist and Architect of the 14th Amendment, John Bingham speaks : " Every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States OF PARENTS NOT OWING ALLEGIANCE TO ANY FOREIGN SOVEREIGNTY, is in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born Citizen "
Lieutenant Prick
Why is Maher being interviewed by a 12 year old
Larry Brown
He had some key points
Classic Rocker
Fuck Hillary and Fuck Trump supporters of either are complete dumbasses
rapier1954 Farrell
Bill you can relax you really are a nobody and nobody gives a damn about anything you have to say. Yes you have a few loyal followers, very few if the ratings are right and they may hang on every word you have to say and everyone else has something better to do than listener to another left wing wanker.
I just assume people who dislike this video are Trump supporters and by the looks of it, they're in the minority once again.
Peter LaCombe
Hey Bill did you know that when they take brain scans of people , they have discovered that people of faith have a far more active frontal lobe than an atheist, or any body who cannot believe in something greater than themselves. There you go, you have lobotomized your self, and to display even further ignorance you wallow in it like a leg humping mutt you act as if stupidity were a virtue. Hey have you tried dropping some seeds in soil and watching them grow and having the good sense to water them first you MORON.
Tom Burkholder
Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but she only won a small number of states! We are set up so the majority on a pile can't decide the direction of the country for the people that actually make up most of the country!
Pamela Bates
I love Bill Maher.
franky m
What is he doing right know the same thing he says donald doing ... Get over it you did your best sir you lost and now move on.
Gamer Norcal
I'm not anti Bill Maher but Gavin Newsome! LOL! Give me a break. He's an empty suit.
Ran Cobb
I've got news for you Bill. We have committed cyber attacks against Russia, and Iran. Maybe more. Israel has committed cyber spying against us. So what? I think it a great idea to become friendly with Russia and set aside our differences. Find some common ground where we could make the world a better place. Or we could have a nice big nuclear war, or something in between that causes a lot of blood shed.
No one seems to be able to explain how Russia could affect an election with a cyber attack anyway. And thanks to our last administration, I do not believe anything the Government tells us. And thanks to our extremely bias news networks, I don't believe them either.
I do know that UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL! So cut the crap. Trump won.
The election is over. All this senseless protesting is fueling the fire of a divided nation.

UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. Actually, I really don't think you care.
Art Tucker
Trump is another example of Republicans voting against their own interest. He promised to drain the swamp and what did he do? The opposite by bringing in career politicians and millionaire friends of his. Trump voters want less regulation and more state control which is exactly what the big corporations want. This is not a coincidence. Corporate moguls like Rupert Murdoch control the media and they misinform voters and tell them what to think and convince them to vote against their own interest by playing to peoples primal instincts of fear of the unknown, hate of the other, bigotry and ultimately violence. I do not blame people for voting for Trump. We are as misinformed and ignorant than ever. We are our own worst enemy.
A McDonald
Bill Maher hates democracy. Noted
Brian Poole
He won!! get over it
Bill Maher has no mind of his own.
psst bill it wasn't the Russians hacked america it was wiki leaks so fuck you!
Now billy can feel what it likes to be a conservative for the last 8 years with the IRS being used to harass and target conservative organizations. I hope your life is made miserable after endless questions from the fbi.
jan bar
a pitifull undereducated leftist activist
Rey Galjour
can we petition that any celebs said they would move actually move to Canada?
thought he was moving to Canada?
Vic Paski
oh yeah God and Jesus would say build Bridges not walls amen
Vic Paski
now Donald Trump another one of his big lies or we're going to build the wall and Mexico is going to pay for it will now he's going to build a wall and we're going to pay for it and then he says oh I'm going to get the money back from Mexico now if anyone believes that you are stupid you can talk all this bull crap all you want but at the end of the day if you believe that I'll sell you swampland in Florida or that means you went to Trump University
Vic Paski
although I laugh and I act like a clown beneath this orange face I am wearing off proud I'm a loser and my name is Donald Trump I'm a loser and I'm gonna screw you off you guys were dumb left in me for the time now I'll screw you all and it won't cost me a dime
Vic Paski
yes Friday Bill Maher will be back and Trump he'll be sworn in but sworn in as a loser Trump is a loser like the Beatles song I'm a loser I'm a loser but my name is Donald Trump I like to lie and tell a lot of stories I tweet all day and all night why I'm dumb I suck my thumb and act around my name is Donald Trump
Kaylasa JaguarStar
Many Americans may laugh now that Trump kicked CNN out of his conference or sues a guy for making fun of him....BUT THEY SHOULD BE SCARED. If Trump can kick out a giant like CNN....what will happen to small media telling the TRUTH? Americans don't realize Trump is doing EXACTLY many things Hitler did. He was also a clown loved by the masses that did many apparently good things (populism), to the point he was named Man of the Year in the 1937 Times Magazine. But he started repressing freedom of expression, he used racism and corruption to get power (just like Trump)...and one day he became a monster.
Sofia Khan
US is hell bent on starting a war with Russia . Russia is referred to as an aggressive country but US is worse
Dimitrios Desmos
Presidents don't run the world...They manage it...can u imagine if they run it?? would have the world run by actors and football players LOL.....Please. ...
Troll Onoroll
Any guy who voted for Trump is a faggot with daddy issues. Too late for their old man to bugger ‘em so they settle for old Pumpkinhead in the White House to fuck them over in life.
Mavsfan042 2011
Bill Mayer is a pussy
Trump is gonna be great. ;)
It would be nice if these Jews would put America first instead of their Zionist handlers and the terrorist state of Israel. Jews look out for Jews and don't care if they obliterate all other non Jews (goy) while doing it. In fact, that's their plan.
Peggy M
Arctic Ice
Maher the perfect libtard arsehole.
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