My Sourcefed boy trying hard not to look at dem tittys!
Claudia Ethel Grace
hot mess
John Tucker
what is going on are they talking to eachother?!
all I can see is boobs
i learned it in the club...
Zach Okey
no way Lee Newton and Elliott Morgan they got new jobs
cade taylor
Source fed???
Dave Morgan
Cantaloupe...Kate Upton...melons....
Jack Perkins
I like how he's holding the card upside down lol
Leandro Milagroso/D Creature
Her face is sweating a little
Jonathan Flax
That was awful, and unoriginal.
Adam Moody
It's nice to see that the Source Fed crew found work.
She needs to be a weekly guest on this show.
RN Jesus
1:50 nut
jessica pacheco
She's beautiful but I need to say her cleavage literally looks like a butt on her chest
Kaylee Schatz
Neil McDonah
Elliot's card! hahaha
CGCentral HD
Norman reedus vs Andrew Lincoln
Bradley Corp
black male? what? lol
Battle Minge
omg i found elliot and lee :O
so this is where lee went.
andy da
Leeeee and ELLLLLiiiotttt!!! yes! ... Love you both!
Miami Rick
A lot of blackmail
Chicken Patty
Isn't he from SourceFed!?!?!?!
Sam Creighton
I feel bad that elliott and Lee are trapped inside this dru humor
Sam Creighton
Seth Michael
Ricky Martin is still alive?...huh who'd a thunk it
Henry Berrisford
Elliott needed 100% of his man-power to not look down.
adam wheatley
leeeeeeeeeee f newton .
I can actually feel his struggle not to look
Marty Mac
Did you notice this guy while he was interviewing Kate Upton?? He was having a hard time keeping his eyes UP and look at her face instead of DOWN and looking at Kate's ..... uh ....... well, you know!! He even took his cue card on a couple of times and put it high up in front of her ....... uh ........ well, you know! One heck of a super, supermodel!!
Ffyona MacPherson
lol it's Elliot his ex was on revenge body
She looks like she can't breathe in that dress lol
Charles Goss
My wife has warned me to not act weird during this episode...I decided a trial separation would be best. Because there is no way I'm going to act right watching this.
Minori ruba
Its Kate Upton,middleton,downton.why no boobyton? I mean its a nice name too.
Duncan Mackenzie
Oh hey! So this is where Lee and Elliot are now.
Kate Downton
riccardo 1989
I love Kate Upton
Abdalla Mohammed Uaguob mohammed
Hello nice مرحبا جميل
These two are like those awkward award presentations where they feel the need to do some scripted joke. That aint funny.
crazy because I'm definitely not even into sexy hot gorgeous beautiful blonde white girls but I would have to give a small pass to Kate Upton since holy shit her voice and perfect awesome cameos in movies and green eyes totally makes me wanna smash her so damn good lolz
Anthony S.
Be like Jim Carrey in the elevator..."mama..(suckling noise)"
One day a Ssr
Personality is ass
Ray F
I want SUPERNATURAL lip sync battle. Jensen vs Jared!!
Wait what on earth are Lee Newton and Elliott Morgan doing here
The Fredster 2014
I'm more excited to see Lee Newton and Elliot!!!
I'm more important than you
This is better than the actual show
He was trying so hard to not stare on her boobs during that Interview :D
fuckin stupid...
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