Roberto Ibarra
I want to go to Juilliard so bad omg
Johnny Galindo
Dude's pretty funny. Hawkins.
Pulled out the "Funky Drummer" huh? Complements to the band.
ky B
Fred Mason
But did anyone else catch the band playing go-go music at the end? Well done guys!
He played Dr. Dre in NWA and his mom is a cop. That must have been awkward.
Zero Zero
Great Band
Casey Grae
I would love to see some segments (maybe pre taped) where Jon interviews the guest. I love his Batiste Sessions online, and I feel like he can bring a really cool vibe to interviews, especially when he already knows the person or if they're both musicians. Imagine Jon and Corey Hawkins talking for 6 minutes. Could make for some great TV
He seems like a really nice normal guy. I wish him much success!
Elena Eisenhardt
Just fell in love with him
He blanked and then... became famous? You gotta fill in the gaps for me man.
Patrick Hemmig
He might have froze during the audition but he is still Dre
Brian C. Browley
Love the fact that they started playing go-go music for his outro!
Eric P
Getting pretty sick of hearing about Juilliard. Does the person in charge of booking moonlight as a recruiter there?
Namaste Peace
I love Corey Hawkins!
Philomena Weekes
Stephen's vibe was weird during this interview. Maybe he couldn't out of his head about the matching suits?
Asif Khan
He is adorable. ADORABLE. So humble. Men like that are rare.
Vesper Martini
He reminds me of a younger version of Sidney Poitier.
Dr. Nasty
Is the apostrophe really necessary?
Very, very , very impressed with this beautiful black man, GOD Bless him and his family
Branko Jackman
Why is there an apostrophe after his name?
I wanna know the rest of the story. How did he recover from that?
Ollie Mitchell
exit challenge continuing research public option
Marcelo Souza
24 legacy was awful
So happy I watched this interview; what a charming, articulate, humble dude!🙌
Seth Friedman
Why is Stephen Colbert afraid to debate Alex Jones ?
Christine Tweddell
Omg he didn't get to finish his story! I'm pissed!
Quaint Deliveries
0:15 to 0:25, somebody back there is in trouble for goofing up like that on the clothes. I am thinking of someone like the gay guy from Devil Wears Prada or Sex and the City making that decision like, Corey's wearing a matte finish, Stephen is not. There's a world of difference in that, we're not savages, people will know the difference. lol. Stephen seems like he will go savage on him. Special mention, Ari Gold.
I haven't seen straight out of Compton but he does look like Dre. Then he said he was an east coast dude and all lost all credibility.
Shan Tv
ny nigga moment!
Fil Marcos
I don't know anyone that went to Juliard that isn't a cunt.
anony mouse
awesome guy! DC!
Messagefrom Montie
I tried so hard to like "24 Legacy," but I was bored out of my mind. i gave up after about six episodes. Loved him on "Straight Outta Compton" and "The Walking Dead" though.
David Perez
We finally found Heath! Lol
I noticed they played that go-go beat for the DC brother's outro. #iseewhatyoudidthere
Alpha Juliet Charlie Hotel
Look they're all wearing the same suit it's hilarious
i love this guys energy. such a positive guy
Natalia Silvestre
So the audition story, how did it end? =\
Vicky Mc
why would Corey not feel like deserved to be at juilliard? bit of a werid thing to say. the guys really talented.
James Burgess
Straight outta Juilliard,
a crazy mother fucker with a bachelor's.
Going to a music school, to be an actor.
Saddened to see Stephen yet again placing his life on the line without any animal control present to aid him in the event of an accident during this interview. I understand that interviews with wild animals get insane ratings, but Stephen already spoke with one gorilla yesterday - surely his producers have the foresight to realize that sooner or later tragedy will strike?
Tosin Otitoju
congrats, handsome.
Now I think I'ma go read some plays or find some to watch. Forgot about that aspect of the world.

Yeah, I noticed the suit colours too. Very...very...something.
only movie ive seen with him is kong skull island and he was pretty good if you ask me.
j-dog anderson
hzl blt
love this dude's voice!
It's so good to see someone who has worked so hard and who is so humble to make it in Hollywood. Can't wait to see him in more movies!
Ahmad Al-Kurdi
this dude seems talented, smart and hardworking as hell. good for him. #blackpower
Liyah U
So how did he get in Julliard then, if he bombed the audition?
I couldn't get myself to watch him in 24 Legacy, still can't move on from Jack Bauer lol
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