Arkancer Gaming
That was intense 😧😧😧
Adam Leban
"You alright, man?"

five six
you and your team deserve 8 mil subscribers
Anho Lee
I think this stinging is the best stinging
Dylan Mccanlies
Natural selection candidate...
We live to watch him suffer
Carlee Berglund
This is the most bravest guy i think is on YT. He gets stung by every single creature out there.
Stupidity & big balls = entertaining watch.
Jessica McElroy
I'm the boy
Jessica McElroy
I would rather be in jail than that
Tashi Tseten
This guy deserves the most out of anybody
Raphael Vasconcellos
sateré-mawé people in amazon use hundreds of these ants stitched to gloves on rituals that mark the end of puberty and the young índios can't express pain. indigenous people are strong af and deserve all the respect in the world
Karina Perez
Your super brave
gate crasher
There's a tribe who make gloves out of these things and wear them for ages, as a ritual
Too scared to watch ✌.
kathryn moreno
Is this your last vid
manliest man alive
Erkin Yurdakul
İts obvious the overreact guys
Functional OrOO
Whiner. I got stung by a mosquito once and I only cried a little.
Jordanlovesanimals Animals123
Michael Gardener
This guy is s lunatic Iv never experienced being stung buy anything
stop you carzy
XXBlockStrikeXx kline
See that spider on the right on the screen 12:00
Stop hurting yourself
wtf always after i see these bite videos three seconds after the bite i get an ad like usually i get ads about lego but this time i got an ad of chipotle nacho cheese....whats up with dez ads
Dylan Lemasters
Looking for a thrill? Forget about rollercoasters, go get stung by the most painful insect in the world! 😄
That Russian Guy
Eat these ants for breakfast... I don't freak out...
Christopher Prater
Me when i drink decaf
TheGhostOfFive - TGOF
This guy should team up with the bee sting addict
Gavin Macpherson-Smith
Now put it in your eye
sip sip
coyote: dies
ghost of coyote: did you get that on camera
mark: yeah
sip sip
coyote: dies
ghost of coyote: did you get that on camera
mark: yeah
Hoàng Lâm Robert
The ant is as large as our thumb.
Sam Burns
Coyote deserves a medal for maintaining a family-friendly dialogue despite the tremendous pain he endures.

On the other hand, I wonder how he'd manage if he was tasked with wearing the bullet ant-riddled gloves worn by adolescents of certain tribes residing within the Amazon (or is it Amazonian - English is my second language, sorry) rainforest.

Or how about the Asian Giant Hornet?

Don't get me wrong - Coyote's got balls of steel which are so gigantic that Mark is stuck in an inescapable orbit around them, but I digress.
And he didn't say a single swear
Emilio Trillo
13:26 When your girlfriend wants to introduce you to her mother...
John Dunn
L.A Beast got stung by hundreds of bullet ants and didn't act like this...!
Ky Duarte
its hurts so much . let me do sexy poses to help with the pain
How to type with keyboard
He can frikin trap them even after getting stung.. damn
That bullet ant must have had FMJ equipped.
black widow next???
Zee Video Production
12:01 Love how a casual spider is crawling up his left shoulder and not a single care is given
BM Freestyle14
Just gonna move the wooden thing.....chicks it off the table😂
Harry Hannah
Him: I’m pretty excited about this

John Cena: Are you sure about that
DaCwazyGamer 970
14:55 the ant is just admiring his work
The Derp Show
Destiny Wimsatt
Me to
Tirann Laws
Ouch I definitely do not envy his job lol
pinbada de bala
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