Melpha Fist
Hell yes motherfucker
Paul Msilanga
Lol. The way samuel j was watching Ryan through the car front glass with what happened to the seat belt rule talk in the end of the trailer made me laugh like crazy.
Spitter Theepoet
3Ds Max Learning
full movie
Mohammad KaLaM UddiN
i loved this movie.. just have watch it, :)
Son Goku
Fucking loved this film
Don't Know
Does the song make it better...???
brother old
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full show girl 2017
Matilda Zandrén
giovanni pilu
no thanks.............
brother old
new app sex full video 2017 reg now
brother old
love me?
Konstantin Kocevski
The movie was better the the trailer motherfucker.
brother old
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Ilham Salim
Please, motherf*cker😂😂
Lanruze Music
JESUS CHRIST is the greatest & the most Powerful name ever . . . it's not a curse word . . . hollywood desist from ur wickedness
Neri Matrixx
Watching for WHITNEY's sound track FIRST....
Raul Randall
The Hitman's Bodyguard 2017 full movie D o w n l o a d
Luciano Neto
very nice movie, funny and the actors know what do. but the logan lukci is dont is movie is one desgaste. like my english kkkkk
Chim Aruk
tesh waseer
best movie
Abinash Senapati
Now watching this, it's my 2nd time and counting :) wat a great movie :)
why the fuck would a hitman need a bodyguard, he's a fucking hitman! hollywood is running out of ideas.

but really it looks good
Daily Royal - Latest UK and World News
I do not mind watching this movie.
tori louise
thats why i love michael.jackson
Bethany Bruce
So Deadpool and Nick Furry walk into a room...
Good movie, lots of action and fun
the movie is great but theres salma hatek in it fuking it up,untalented bitch,she aint even that good lookin,fuking shit up
Samuel L Jackson is Agent 47 but the black version
0:55 Dutch license plate?
petros komputers
deadpool vs legendary John SHAFT ,gotta see it
Suchuato Ritoru
Shitty movie, Samuel L Jackass is a shit actor.
Joey Angel
Amsterdam.. Amsterdam? Amsterdam!
Gea Nathalia
The Hitman's Bodyguard FuIIMᴏᴠɪᴇ [ ]
Shirin !
I just saw the movie yesterday, and it was the most amazing combo of comedy and hardcore action that I’ve ever seen in my life!
I can honestly say it is the best movies that Reynolds and Jackson have ever made. I could not stop laughing, I was almost too embarrassed to laugh as much as I did and as loud as I did in the movie theatre. And yes, you bet your ass I recommend it! I have now changed my mind, THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!
And let me just say I don’t know if they give Oscars for these types of movies, but I sure as hell hope they do, and they better give two to both of Reynolds and Jackson, because they both were terrific, LITTERALY!
If you are stupid enough to see the trailer and read this comment and still not go watch the movie, then you are absolutely insane! You sure must have lost the most amazing experience of action/comedy movie of all time, just sayin!!!
Winnie Mawombeke
daeemnn!!! cant wait!!!
shivendra sharma
gonna see this movie for sure... eagerly waiting
Fergal Cooke
Shan TLapp
The Hitman's Bodyguard FuIIMᴏᴠɪᴇ [ ]
soya jones
Looks entertaining to me
mR cordwilK
Bad boys 3 lol
i thought samual Jackson was leaving America cause of trump becoming president?????
Cisco Cabs
sam jackson yelling in yet another movie, surprise surprise
Its Sharlele
Eat my asz lol
xeve yeve
Drink a shot every time he says motherfucker and you'll actually be able to enjoy the first 20 minutes of this dumb (in a fun way though) movie.
Shilla Elfiadri
2 of my favourite annoying actors in 1 movie.. Definitely gonna watch this.
Lol Whitney in the background 😂
i am so hype to see this
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