Talking Kitty Cat 52 - Daddy Issues

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Things get disgusting when Sylvester (the talking kitty cat) is asked to look after Gibbyson as his own son. Random is violated, and Shelby (the dog) is missing. Flaggle Claggle.

Sorry about Gibson Steve when I heard about Gibson I bursted whith tears whoever missis Gibson drop a like plz
Mystic Wolf
Gibson died πŸ˜­πŸ˜“πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ rip
Uni Tato
How did Gibson die
Ted Anderson
Gibyson is me sylvester is my uncle
Mudkip Legend
Dude I like ur PS4
Mudkip Legend
alexander white
Jesus Christ selvester raped random Shelby's missing and gibiyson has a step dad
Rachel Figueiredo
Enable caption for portuguese please!
Rachel Figueiredo
Brazil is love Gibson! ❀
Riley Blackburn
Did gipson
Handy Catz
2:30 lmao! XD XD XD
Lexi Yost
Slyvesters fangs doooooe
the eliet wolf
Lol Sylvester is beast
Tabitha Erwin
Kitty cat Lover
Me to
lol This moment when Sylvester raped Random that was extremly random too..
Undertale Fan
How do they talk
Sean Costoso
Steve:he's almost like a grandpa.

Sylvester:fuck that.
Claudia Southwind
I miss my cat . he was gone for three weeks .I still have he's toy's and other stuff πŸ˜₯πŸ’“
marsh pandas
Man random kitty can move!
Becky Boo 6
"That's not how you say sorry"
I died πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Carya McDonough
I'm so sorry about what happened to Gibson I just figured out
Carya McDonough
Wait what happened to Gibson?
Rin Matsuoka
XxGamercatgirlxX GCG
Gabriella Innes
this guy deserves so many more subscribers his editing is amazing!!!!!!!!!

come on steve deserves so much more
Allison McDonald
poor random kitty!
Merrilee Nickerson
how did Gibson die Steve on also you're awesome subscribers I also have a YouTube channel I want to make one just for you online you can react to it or whatever I don't care also I'll see you later bye
Sophie Hammond
you need to start uploading more videos
Cooljay Thunder
Rip Gibson
Creative Kittens
"You tell her your sorry right now!" "SLUT!" "Thats not how you say sorry!" XD
hahahaha you are a genius Sylvester!
BunBun AJ
this is so funny i now how randow cat feels
Zidekit Gt
Did you know Gibby son is actually not a Russian blue it is grey tuexodo cat Yeah the have great personality, playful loved by the kids like the Russian blue RECOMMED if you have kids and a new cat or Russian blue fun fact : My grey tuxedo cat died two days ago Cri evertime
Milica Paunovic
my black cat is ginger my talking cat
RealWaG YT
Gibbyson is like slyvester jnr (>﹏<)
RealWaG YT
Gibbyson is like slyvester jnr (>﹏<)
Mae Walczak
um cats are awesome and they have sex
Borracha de conhecimento
I Want Random kitty music!!!!
Moana Channel
Shit lol
Moana Channel
Moana Channel
TheProGame r
Is the cat actually talking??
Daycen Greencorn
its sad gibbson never met his dad
Kitten lover 82 Lps
Selyester 🎡why you godda be so rude🎡
Marra Last
gibson is dead??????!!!!!!
Nurkhaliza Salim
Nightcore Tones
Liz Lamanna
Make more videos please
Heather Kizito
I only came across these video's tonight I'm hooked 😊
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