Talking Kitty Cat 52 - Daddy Issues

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Things get disgusting when Sylvester (the talking kitty cat) is asked to look after Gibbyson as his own son. Random is violated, and Shelby (the dog) is missing. Flaggle Claggle.

Ang Siew Gek Joyce
steve were is gidson man
Harley Quinn
I just subscribed
cutie panda gaming
rip Gibson
puppy talk
Kimberly Johnston
Sovestr was tchrid to play PS4
Vanida Tanpradit
R.I.P gibson :(
kiean high
what happend to Gibson
Mokie Rose
you say sorry
thats not how to you say sorry
Scratch fur
say sorry
thats not how you say sorry
Scratch fur
gibbyson sounds like gibson now i cry when i hear his name rip gibson
Ellson Pinanzu
It was so funny when random kitty was chasing syvlesters tail
Elvin Flores
ah aha auha ahaha ahahaga agga yes harder
ShleaicHorslover 257390
I riealy LIKE Sylvestor
Emily Lidstrom
R.I.P Gibbson
Jennifer Crews
lol f of steav ha
Christopher Skover
name RM Cute Mama
LpsDream TV
That's not how you say sorry!
hariz tubehd
wait u make the video that's it mean u know where your dog is . second is hard to be live to your video that black cat have an idea to bring that dog out
The Animated Cat
wait.... what happened to gibson?
The JayJay Show
where is gibbysin
Chicco Federico
Carla Erwin
what happened to gibson
Woj Cim
Hey is sebairer do someing rong Just slap him
Carolina Ornelas
eww there are sexing
matteo lepe
why would he fuck random kitty
matteo lepe
you never made a video on gimpsons death
EnderManov Gaming
Gibson is gone
taco cat gomez
plus acts like him
taco cat gomez
my cat looks like sylvezter! are the twins?!
1:32 when someone tries to wake me up
Chubby Bunny
Sylvester is a rapist
Chubby Bunny
Joann Oriol
Why are Sylvester fangs so long?
lol febuember 12st 2:44
mangle girl
he should be a dad
Mara Rieger
wait, Sylvester is Gibson's kind of brother, Gibson and Random made Gibbyson so technically Sylvester is Gibbyson's uncle!
Did you low key make rape jokes? That's not funny
Katie Redward
What happon to Gibson?😣
Tevin Farmer
that look he gave him while kicking his face priceless
Tevin Farmer
that look he gave him while kicking his face priceless
leonardo silvestre
NO WAY So if Sylvester's dad was Gibson and Gibson had another son that means... Gibyson and Sylvester are brothers 0.0
Jakob Heisel
danm Sylvester beat the fu*k out of gibbyson
malie haile
😍😍😍😍😍 love these videos
Izzy Tiger Lily Oh my God
I want gibbyson to have a diary I think you look cute like if you agree
Илияна Vidiova
random kitty look a bit fat.(????)
emilee Kadyk
no he said badwords
emilee Kadyk
I like kittyson he's real cute i hate safester
Alyas Grey
Ok, Steve... I was on the fence with another talking animal comedy show until this episode.
This was absolute gold, thanks for the videos.
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