Always loved the Sulu chop.
Ah, the beauty of the Enterprise's food dispensers. :) I think I want some chicken soup! :p The perfect dish to eat while watching this episode!
This was the first example of a replicator seen in Star Trek, isn't it? Still odd to have a food replicator in a transporter room though.
They did have food replicators. In tomorrow is yesterday the transporter chief gets the guard a bowl of chicken soup.
John Ham
2:59. Kirk so good, he can punch air and knock someone out.
3:00 LT. COL. FELLINI ? Somebody's a fan I guess...
It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key.
Ted Peterson
2:46 Standard issue government desk and chair. Probably still some on active duty. The chairs have a distinctive squeek, I can still hear it.
Such a great episode, so many great moments plus Kirk breaking the fourth wall: "That oughta be...just about right."
Galileo Moment
Don't worry. Spock comes up behind him...
Spock: Don't you find that painful Captain?
Kirk: Yes I do.

This is why Kirk took up chopping wood. It would make him a harder hitter feeling less pain.
The year was 1968.... and we got a glimpse into the future.... and saw the 23rd-century's version of our yet-to-be-invented microwave oven at 1:55 into this video segment.
I'd've asked for a carnitas burrito
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