Guys Experience Periods For The First Time

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"Mm, someone's PMSing. How'dya like that? How'dya like that?"

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Let’s Finish This
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Saturday Morgan-Lynne
I'm on my period lmaoooo they don't even knowww
My Username
Anybody on there period now 😿
Wait you forgot the part when they get kicked in the stomach 30 times a minute
Pokemon Go
Died laughing at 1:05
Men are weak, if they had to go what women go through. Mankind would cease to exist.
elyse moscozo
poor guy was soo sure he didn't bleed through haha awwww
Nerdy Animator
Now they now the feeling, do you know how hard it is doing it at SCHOOL? It's frickin horrible
I wish they had like some things to put on for their stomachs for like cramps
Layla Dragneel
Add a bloating sim.
We Slay
That awkward moment when a guy gets a period before u do
Sara Roberson
trans men who have periods are women
Nichelle Bell
I think periods is something that's brought all women together... if you need a pad, ask... word will spread and soon someone will show up with a pad. In college I was pretty desperate for one since I live 30 miles away. I ended up asking someone who really didn't like me and she handed me one without a word. We all go through it, so even enemies help out, because they don't know when they're gonna need to ask you for one. In highschool if we noticed a girl not getting out of her seat and would give us "the look", like 5 girls would jump into action, one would run for a pad, one paper towels, one a female teacher and the other to distract people from wondering why she's still sitting down. And we did it with direction... no planning.
Meme Squad
Yes,feel how we feel.
Robert M
Try getting Hemorrhoids by eating junk food you get it fast.
Skylar Taylor
and this is without the pain 😂😂😂😭😭😭
that blood consistency is way to smooth lol if only they could know what period blood rly looks like eww
LV Parker
@0:58 😂😂😂 "girl you know I do!" 😂💀😭
Starasia Brimage
glad now you know how it is for us girl am I right
I wish all guys could realize the struggle of periods instead of making jokes about it so I really liked this video:)
Oh, Shane. So pretty. 😍
I really think Buzzfeed should make a video where 3 women with different flow types and lengths of periods and symptoms document their period and their routines and what's going on. I think this could be a really interesting cool video idea. Who's with me?!
Lily Mara
how did they get blood there anyway?
Freya Bella
They are so many things they didn't have to experience! For example, no awkwardly asking anyone for a pad, no cramps and other pains, no s***ing yourself with worry whenever you sneeze and/or laugh, no mood swings and most people's periods last longer than three days! I feel like every teenage boy should have to go through like a simulator which makes them experience all of these things so that they understand what we go through. Maybe then they'll stop saying 'she's on her period!' every time I'm angry or upset!
Freya Bella
Hey they don't even have to experience the cramps!
Delightful Blue
this video is so funny 😂😂😂😂 make another video of random guy's reaction to periods lol
Sansational Sans
at least they don't get cramps
Jasmijn Groot
Bless Edgar. Big hug.
Unicorn Nishka
Oh no men would try this and just today my mom told me about this
Brianna 852
Every time you sneeze it's like a tsunami of blood and I'm just like😒😒😑😑😭😭
Taylor B
you should totally do a part 2 to this!!!
Ha! Welcome to a tiny corner of our world, boys! And for the record, most of us have it for longer than three days. I consider myself lucky to have only five days.
Raven Scamander
And they normally go for a week. For half our life. We are constantly bleeding.
MadaStilinski 24
but in reality we have cramps and they is what makes the blood flow. all the guys in the world who say we complain too much I want them to go through what we go through 😂
La Moccata
"I wont be part of the sisterhood anymore" lol
Anat Lawal
my record is 2 jeans, 3 sweat pants and six Slips in two days.. i don't know how i did that..
Mihika Deo
I applaud the spirit of these men!
Luna MacTire
WTG guys
Debonay Joseph
Lol this is so cool
Gabrielle Romeijn
at least they don't have craps
Gemstone Chimera
I'm a girl and I use boxers so yeah, buddy, you can wear pads.
Grace Gouveia
only if they could feel the pain XD
I have terrible cramps, and everytime the pain kicks in, i cant sit up, i literally have to curve my abdomen the whole time and i cant get my butt onto something so i have to kneel on the floor.....welp
Carly Marie
And they only did it for 3 days with no cramps or headaches 😂
Bella Stenstrom
Tip:don't we're $200 jeans on your period. I learned it the hard way *sigh*
Boss2119 •
It's not fair they can just get rid of their periods and never deal with this ever again. When we are off it it comes back 28 days later
Cindy Espadas
I used to have really bad periods when I was a teenager, I had cramps that made me feel I was going to give birth a vagina. But somehow when I entered adulthood (I'm 25 now) it all progressively disappeared, now I have a 3-4 days period, extremely regular, no cramps, just a little discomfort on day 1, I feel in heaven!!
Clorox Bleach
boy: im bleeding right now.... girl:oh where what happened boy:im on my period girl:*leaves*
Unicorn Girl
At 3:54 😂
Summer Bush
Lita Bazuin
I want to say how much I appreciate the participants in this video. I'm
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