Guys Experience Periods For The First Time

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"Mm, someone's PMSing. How'dya like that? How'dya like that?"

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Let’s Finish This
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Hannah Johnson
These guys act like they have real periods like bro try having terrible cramps and bleeding 24/7 without being able to physically stop it and we get bloated and we of course have mood swings and that's nothing compared to the discomfort we women go through 7 days a month!!🙄
Am I the only girl that doesn't experience cramps when I'm on my period? The only thing I've experienced was nausea and that was only for a day.
Peculiar Alpacacorn
that is literally only half of it there is still the hormones and pain and all that stuff.I think that so many men should do this to understand.
Anna Gel
try to handle that for week seven fucken days
here is a trick WEAR ALL BACK AND HAVE A REALLY THICK JACKET problem sloved
the ending...... IF THAT ISN'T ME??
Convinced that this channel is for women. I see what people mean now.
Sydney Landry Stitz
mine last for 8 days.. fML ugh and my back craps are so bad i cant stand up. anyoneoen else? OF COURSE
Ashlea O'Connell
That is so unrealistic!
Tyrah Bunny Boo
Now you see how us girls feel
Elizabeth Webster
it sucks when you bleed through.
Emma Stallings
What about cramping?
Wow transgender woman don't even have to worry about periods. They have all the benefits but none of the cons. O_O I'm getting a bit jealous now
Nick Candage
And theyre not even having cramps..🤣😭
rainbow flower vicky
I am on my period
Jordan Taylor
this isn't even with cramps and be g in a bad mood and craving food
Army ChiminieKookie
the moment you sneeze accidentally and you're like nuuuuu!!!why!!!
ashley sarwinski
I low-key want to make every guy i know do this now
Sindhura Pothineni
what about the excruciating want to kill myself pain
next time, they should stab them in the kindneys :)
Tamsin North
watching this while I'm on my period to make my self feel better 😂😂
Awesome Fabulousness
I don't have period and I always am super scared of getting at school or swimming ( I'm 12)
AKL Makhubela
AKL Makhubela
Icey Games
I'm so scared to stand up right now...😂😭😂😭
the other guy look like kawhi leonard
Chloe Forever glitter
I wish they could feel the pain 👿😾😤😡
#1 astronomy fan
who else is watching this with a period of their own?
Oh but they don't know the pain of sneezing when this happens
Benjamin Esposti
At least it's illegal for women to have their genitals mutilated. X'D
😂 my period is irregular and has been going for a year straight Lol they dont know the pain
Hayden Rinker
they don't know the hormonal pain either they only know blood.
Kiki Ponc
Guys, stop suggesting they should've added cramps, bloating, moodiness, etc, because
1. They already acknowledged it.
2. We all know no man would ever survive even an hour of the cramps and bloating of the menstrual cycle.
Detective Pug
I had plans to go to the pool with my friend and I got my period the night before
0:56 😂😂😂"can I get a pad"
Ghost Girl
I'm just laughing at them. The struggle is funny because it's not you.
Kassand R.
Worst part is having severe craps in class with globs of your uterus lining gushing down at the same time knowing desperately that you have to change your pad before blood seeps through your clothes on the chair with no extra pants while you're trying to focus on the teacher's long lecture that will be in the mid-term :/
The Psychopath
Feel our pain!!!
Wolf Fang
3:12 he has unlocked a secret in 3 days
EmilyLiz BeautyChannel
periods to women/young girls: bloody, painful, emotional, stressful, a little scary.

periods to most men: bloody.
Tiffani Harahap
they haven't feel the CRAMPS
All they need to do now is the frequent pain , like being stabbed repeatedly in the stomach
Ally Russell
They don't even know the half of it....
Brena McClure
the cramps the cramps !!!!!!! the cravings the cravings!!!! they don't know the pain !! it hurts!!!
Checkoby Cottle
Am I the only one here who doesn't get cramps
Lyanne Nuñez Castro
any way to give them cramps??
Nicols Pony
That is only blood! What about the paint?
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