Star Trek - Showdown

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As Khan plans to take over the Enterprise, a weary Kirk puts an end to his reign. (Space Speed)

Paul Arias
Stop Genetic Engeniering
Haydn Anderson
Fat lot of good the strength of five men did you. A few karate moves, some precise blows, and a little dirty fighting, and you lost all the same.
I sometimes poop on other planets. My fecal bacteria combined with my DNA on 2 of them and created whole new civilizations. I am the father, the space seed, of 2 new races.
Nice "sucker-punch" at 1:12! Lol
Kirk wins on the ground... Round 2, in space. :p
You idiots! These are not them! You've captured their stunt doubles!
Alexander George
Best fight in All Star Trek TV series!
Troy Ortega
Modern day belaying pin. Lol. Although supposedly belaying pins were rope attachment points. They just happened to be shaped like truncheons/billy clubs. And thus came in handy for quelling attempted mutinies, etc. I always wondered how much head trauma was suffered in the old days. The head was the usual striking area
They'll be plenty of this kind of fighting with the liberals and all the middle eastern peoples in the U.S.
Philippe Constant
3mn05 : He's not william shatner but a stunt double!!!
Danyelle Ellis
Oliver as Kirk's Stunt Double(Gary Combs) Duncan/Spencer as Lazarus Stunt Doubles(Al Wyatt/Bill Catching)
Danyelle Ellis
Chuck Couch:Khan's Stunt Double Gary Coombs:Kirk's Stunt Double 2nd Al Wyatt Sr:Lazarus's Stunt Double # 1 Bill Catching:Lazarus's Stunt Double # 2 Gary Coombs:Kirk's Stunt Double Al Wyatt Sr/Bill Catching:Anti-Matter Lazarus Begins 1 and 2
all hail the inanimate carbon rod
Chad Hinshaw
Space Seed
John Smith
So even future super strength is no match for a old fashioned lead pipe (or something like it) butt whoopin'.
Libertu Bey
The engine room before it's expansion in the second season, for the better, actually.
Jack BNimble
How does Kirk defeat a man with 5 times his strength?


Scotty lowered the boom on one of Khan's dudes. Knocked him out with one punch! Scotty is the Man!!!
Enterprising Captian
I love this so much more than ALL of Into Darkness!
I can't get over how much he looks like Benedict Cumberbatch.
Huge plot hole at 2:06. If Khan could destroy a phaser with his bare hands, why not shatter Kirk's arm?
To think that a soap dispenser would be the downfall of Khan.
Andrew Chapman
2:53 That's it, Kirk. Squeeze the hell out of Kh-- Whoa! Wait a minute! That's not Khan, that's his stunt double!
R. G. W
I have five time your strength. Such arrogance. Physical strength became obsolete when man began making tools. U tool!
John Suter
I LOVE how Scotty gets a crack in before he leaves the room!
Much better than the Gorn fight. ;)
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