N. Korean missile test fails, officials say

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An attempted missile launch by North Korea failed according to US and South Korean defense officials. CNN's Will Ripley has more from North Korea.

nathan lamoureux
Nice plastic missles 👍👍👍
cnn is fake news
Sandra Chavez
This war has to end countries are fighting over Syria because of their petroleum everyone want to rule Syria because of money ,and civilians are paying for it , money is the root of all evil and I hope we don't end in war anything can happen hope this war in Syria ends
Jill Jacks
"officials say". what or who are these "officials"? get the fuck out of here with this gay shit. Once again western propaganda has ZERO PROOF.
Before ww3 starts, does anyone wanna admit they got a crush on me 😏🙈
Belen Blancas
I thought CNN was China News Network. Should it now be NKR? (North Korea Network)
Nathan Jones
This is why trump was golfing
If someone dont stop him the innocent japan risk the same tragedy like the civilians of Siria...
Eli OvOkid
The camouflage missle looks like a dick
paul smithson
Breaking News,The Rubber Band Broke on there Sling Shot. Currently Having Trouble Finding a New Rubber Band.
Chris LeDoux
anyone else ever think these missiles are just as effective as cosplay shields are against real swords?
M.A. Qammar
Fake News
Augs V
Does any country tell the world they have failed a military test?
The President 4Real President
CNNtards seem upset that their dear leader failed. Please shut down CNN. Each time you brain-dead retards watch more of their fake news, it gives them more power to aid our enemies.
salahudin Mohamed
fake news US world cancer
This is wonderful news. Just think about it. Hollywood will produce M*A*S*H 2.0. Little fat Kim Jong-un's days are numbered. But I wonder who will get the kill-shot? I'm thinking the MMS will escort Kim to hell. Tick, tick, tic.......
Panzer Pete
I wonder why the missles keep failing. Prob some kind of highly advanced sabotage. Satalite lasers?
Diego Perez
i think everbody here should just have a good laugh and just carry on with their day
La Brea Man
Ofc their would say it failed soo there wouldn't be panic in the US.
if only someone had a Pepsi
Shimshon Karbasi
CNN please stop working against USA please stop with Fake news to destroy USA Rats they are too many against us stop your anarchy STOP destroying USA Stop
I don't believe the trump administration. those people are bunch of liars
Pure Fidelity
Don't Panic
Theory: US Naval fleet is in range to use Laser Weapons Systems.
Crash Durdan
Clearly the scientists and engineers are saying " dude this guys off his meds... Leave out the flux capacitor"
Callum Gibson
Suspicious much
OHY!, Doe butt look big? pr are you offended?
Barack Obama
lol I love how they preface it right away........ 00:01 "we won't get any confirmation of this." that's always a sign of REAL NEWS
This is a joke. Right? Happy Easter!
the whole country is a fail...what do you expect. LOL!
Shaun Todd
I wish we could just stop sitting around. We need to do something about North Korea. I understand the consequences if we struck North Korea first but we need to get Kim out of the way and move on to the next global problem
,,, even US failed missile launch:
On January 28, 1986, the NASA shuttle orbiter mission STS-51-L and the tenth flight of Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, killing all seven crew members, which consisted of five NASA astronauts and two Payload Specialists.
On February 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon reentering Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven crew members.
,,, to design long range will make it heavier even American engineers have problems with it.

,,, Kim Jong Un's sub-lauch Nuke missiles short-range is enough to melt USA.
,,, North Korea has perfected submarine launch missiles so it can Nuke America.
I think it was 4 days ago, American and allied anti-submarine military aircraft spotted participating in operations together off the California coast has fueled concerns that either a Russian or "North Korean submarine" was detected.
,,, North Korea can Nuke all of America.

note:,,, nothing personal but facts in war games, "The Art of War."
Khalid Saeed
America like a bitch can not fight Korea because America is a cowardly country
Wicket T
does this mean the task force will leave the area? or will it stay there and be used for a false flag attack and give the USA terrorists the excuse they want to invade yet another country....
Hamad Oman
If CNN says it, you know it is a lie.
Didn't that threat us in 2013? Isn't it 2017? When will they actually nuke the us? 2099?
corrupt bambi
“ Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” - Kim Jong un
ben kennedy
Thank god if trump attacked it would be a disaster.
Alan Marques
this way young you can't attack merciless the U.S hahaha FAIL
Dega Jago
Nasa failed TWICE and faking the moon landing, N.korea is still better!
So their missile test failed....yea right.
Voracious T
I'm not a paranoia nutcase , nor am a person who is a fan of war, but this atleast calms me a little but
for several years like everyone else when i get on the train to go to work, we turn a blind eye to this sorta stuff, we live in denial and beleive we are safe and continue to live about in our little worlds.
But this shit has been brewing for many years its only going to be a mtter of when.

So i'm deciding to invest my life savings into building a bunker in a secret location, the only thing i can hope for is another stuff up and hopefully they blow themselves up
Weedy Gonzalez
North Korea did the work themselves and the us didn't have to blow up the missle
bOuss LucifeR
Kim will end up nuking his own country !
Kim Jung Ate It.
happy guy
believe nothing folks .south k. and Us would never say his enemy succeeded.beside they do not want america to know we all can die for Us government irresponsible behavior.
we destroyed the first one and this one...he will never get one off the ground..
Mag- nos7s
North Korea wants America to believe that.
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