Game Theory: Star Wars Lightsaber Vs Halo Energy Sword

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Two EPIC weapons in the ULTIMATE sbowdown: The Star Wars light saber and the Halo energy sword! Fans of both franchises know that these are iconic weapons on both sides, but that they also have some pretty interesting similarities. Researching how these weapons would be made and what kind of damage they could really do led me to ask just one question: Which one would win in a fight?! 

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what if the was a big battle with 100 dudes of lightsaber wielders against 100 of energy sword wielders. you don't think that one of those 100 would run out of battery?
William Craven
youre so stupid
Luke Sullivan
I am named after star wars, and the outcome almost made me unsubscribe
Thundur Cats
yes but the hits only deplete on contact with a living organism not with another plasma source so in all the suspects you mentioned halo wins
Supreme Overlord
A lot of the time in Halo Campaign I sometimes have two Energy Swords
Animus Praticus The real Batman
4:53 yes I love that movie!!!
Animus Praticus The real Batman
SKYRIM THEORY PLS, or if he has done it could someone leave a link?
boooooooooooooooooo go star wars light saber they r the best. but mat pat u r still awsome i still like star wars though no hate going around by.
Plasma stick
Light Sabers are made using kyber crystals. Also red ones are made artificially unlike other colors which are pure.
Jacob Hemphill
what happens when you heat a plasma
Daniel Abarca
halo is better
Daniel Abarca
who won
Wow it seems like he missed a big flaw in the energy sword. The so called design superiority in the form of the blade going down to your wrist is a huge flaw. I mean if you look at the photos of people holding the sword them simply bending their wrist to one side or the other would have them impale the weapon directly into their wrist taking them out of the fight. Lightsaber seems way better after that.
Possessed Pixel99
You should do a gravity hammer against something else
Harry Hoofdini
Its a sword, dude what's so hard about "Swish, Swish, Stab"?
Energy Sword may not be as powerful, its still better

So tie a energy sword to one cockroach and a lightsaber to another, an the energy sword cockroach wins. Simple
Lavernius Tucker vs Luke Skywalker? Tucker wins!
Zachary Gahagan
light sabers are beder
Wassup Gaming
Dude the lightsabre is created by a crystal inside of it. Each padawan places a crystal in the hilt to therefore give the sword it's gas power. Even the MMO you mentioned points this out in the beginning training and finally leaving the first planet. In Star Wars KOTOR you create a lightsabre in your late training as a padawan to go and take on Malak. These crystals are found in caves which have a lot of the force in them. In Star Wars KOTOR again their are with creatures on the planet Korriban's caves feeding off the force energy. Do your research right next time.
you realize what happens if the lightsabers go all the way down the slit of the halo energy sword
Match Dragon
Chaos... Chaos happens....
Darth Sidious
Mat pat I hate you allot some times
Clifford Gamer
Johnathan Koehl
Halo energy sword is better and it's the best sword in the Galaxy
totally not jeff
Khyber Cristals
Game theory... Wort wort wort in covenant language is "Go go go" .... So you say " GO GO GO! " to lightsabers? What in the world?????
Sam Kennedy
It's not a thing
Jasmine Nightlock
(5:41) Plasma Bludgeoning Stick. Yep, I said it.
Zombie-x-kill2 Much
I say energy sword wins because Light saber is too simple and energy sword looks more badass
Derpy Hammerhead Reviews!
Jedi fall to Sangheli #ARBITERFORLIFE!
Blazing Bros
He sucks and so does halo
Little Boy
wait what about the crystals in the light saber (referring to colour)
Peyton HECK
Where's Ross's recognition, Matt?
what about the light whip?
dont_mess with_me
The future is now thinks to science!
(pokemon xy anime)
Jasmine Tighe
supermaga podcast anyone?
Kobe Matthew
The games aren't cannon tho soooo.....
Ben Jones
For the lightsabers... It's crystals... for the color....
Tommy Mago
That's what siblings do, right? According to Naruto, yes
Patric Mailloux
13:16 they would not be bleeding out! the blade would just heal the wound!
Evan Wiltshire
Halo is my fab shooting game and probably one of my fab games ever
Zetlon 38
Plasma stabby stick
Dragon Nova
But Jedi have the ability to do flips and stuff which are natural abilities.
Papa Danku
i don't under stand you have the thing on the end of the energy sword that is meant to protect you but wouldn't you end up stabbing yourself? and with the light sabber you can have better hits and parries due to the positioning of the handel.
Sentinel Grandhelios
I'm not sure you peeps in the comments get it. The energy sword isn't designed for Humans, it is designed for Sangheili. That is Elites for you anti-haloists. The shape of the energy sword is designed for elites, the blades sticking out the back dont affect elites because they have two thumbs! So for you people saying the shape is flawed, its not, you aren't supposed to use it.

The energy sword is meant for dueling, anything else such as assassinating and anything that is dishonorable. Get over yourselves for thinking it is just for short battles and not armies but who the hell brings a knife to a gunfight! In reality you would use a plasma rifle, sword for hand combat.

Think its to slow or to big? Look up elite physical charts and anatomy. Elites are far superior to humans in every aspect except size. Look this stuff up before you criticise. Good video matpat, I enjoyed it.
CaptN Mexico
wait so how does the Arbiter weild the same sword for all those years or is the "prophets bane" a whole newly powered energy sword
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