Game Theory: Star Wars Lightsaber Vs Halo Energy Sword

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Two EPIC weapons in the ULTIMATE sbowdown: The Star Wars light saber and the Halo energy sword! Fans of both franchises know that these are iconic weapons on both sides, but that they also have some pretty interesting similarities. Researching how these weapons would be made and what kind of damage they could really do led me to ask just one question: Which one would win in a fight?! 

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the real sword equivalent of the lightsaber would be a greatsword
Blazedoes Clash Royale
I still think lightsaber wins because energy swords are used by aliens born to fight, lightsabers are used by jedi and sith only and jedi temple guardians which are trained much more than the aliens in halo
Hayden Albro
What is made to make the lightsaber green?
dawson marchant
The halo e-sword would spin around too much because of the design
Ultimate Noise
"Original desaigns"
Yes definitely, you forgot to mention KYBER CRYSTALS AND WHAT THEY DO, HOW DO YOU MISS THAT
Reveelz - Minecraft, and More!
When you come from Film Theory so get get ear raped because the intro is so much louder here xD!
design superiority? the energy sword would slide front and back in the hand and can't be used very well, and the bottom of the blade will slit your wrists...
Swaggy mc Swag Games
Your saying that because the energy sword protects the hand it automatically wins?
The Bush That Could
The light sabers crystals used by the dark side get corrupted by the swords user that's why there red
Did u miss the fact that the halo sword has spikes facing the user? If u try to hit someone, the force will come back and the spikes will impale your wrist
josiah smith
but you forgot that the the lightsaber might be longer or they lose or maybe longer
dude, just serach for HEMA... That is MUCH more accurate than fencing...
Every Halo fan will argue the energy sword would win while every Star Wars fan will argue the lightsaber would win, and now that I used the term "every", one Halo or Star Wars fan is gonna say they voted for the sword opposite of there "fandom."
Wait.. you used modern fencing to argue that the energy sword would be better? Its comical picturing someone trying to out duel an olympic fencer with one of those monstrosities. function is important. it has to be wieldable.
I have a question. Why go and dislike a video if there will always be more likes?
Okilla Gaming
Except for the fact that you'll cut your hand off using an energy sword😂
Ludvik Tholen
Hey my name is ludvik
Andrew Dangnguyen
Billy Smith
Plasma bat
ro craft
come on
Minecrafter 3929
You forgot lightsabers exorb energy like in the movies force lighting makes the sabers glow brighter and gain power
Trevor MacIntosh
The opening in the laser sword makes sense, but if the lightsaber wielder could get to the Handel they could break the laser sword.
Cap Friends Gaming
ok energy soword wins but what if the gravity hammer comes in to play and the hammer of sol, the night stalker bow, the ark blades. then tell me who wins
Noble Knight
0:11 watch it over and over until you realize every mistake you have every made.
Ty Li
is it just me? or did Mat Pat say "Soup"er heated" in 3:12
If we did take characters in account, the Halo Energy Sword would STILL win because remember, the sword has to pass through Spartan armour. Quote from the Wiki says "The armor's outer shell is composed of a multilayer alloy of remarkable strength", so it would take a pretty big amount of energy to get through that, probably limiting the amount of swings.
Technically the lightsaber would win beacuse a force user would use it and just jump around until the battery of the energy sword was out and then just poke him to death or just in the beginning force choke the poor guy wielding the energy sword.
Wouldn't the lightsaber win since the saber can cut through thick metal and when t gets stuck it can cut the energy sword hilt in half?
Crafter Pika
Lightsaber is a Plasma Broadsword.
yeah but the energy sword would be so difficult to hold.
Finn Gardner
bloodchining? Bludgeoning.
Matt W
idk about design supiority because wat if ur hand acidentley touches the plasma
it's kind of stupid you overlooked that if it did catch the light saber you could just stab from that point on another thing is saying "which sword would win is stupid swords evolve to fit their purpose for combat" it could also be argued that it would actually be easier to stab with the saber once caught there would be no way they could parry or block just repeatedly stab then there dead and i'm not saying it would always win either i'm just saying it would be much more well thought out to say the answer depends heavily on what happens in the fight.
Cameron Mann
energy sword would hurt humans because it was made for sangheilis symetrical hand
Drew French
light saber can block lasers
Liam Adams
W Cross
technology light sabers have kybor krystalls to make source of energy. Everyone geek knows that silly
Anas Aboulfejr
your wrong, light can be used as a weapon if you concentrate it in the from of laser it can cut trough stuff and kill people if its concentrated enough. but your probably right about the fact that the lightsabers would pass trought each other if they are the same color
Marnie Smith
some of halos sord (dont know how to spell it) elites have an camo thing dat TURNS them invisable i thing a jedi would have a hard time fighting against that
DaFluxNetChamp FTW
But if you are in space the plasma would dissipate since there is nothing to make into gas, if you strike them togheter the plasma would combine and the lightsaber has more, which means it would be dominant right? Idk
Marquelle Barodi
Yay energy sword! I like halo ! That probably makes me a geek ? Or a nerd ? Can anyone tell me the difference between a geek and a nerd? I'm confused .
Xsquad Kc
It looks like the lightsaber would go straight through the gap and cut the energy sword's user's and and the hilt in half
Lester Givens
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! HALO WON.see what I did there
Noah Goodwin
booo lightsabers for days
Negfida 67
But you could cut YOURSELF with the energy sword! #NoAntiChoMai
Dr. Bloxy
Hate. ;)
Rockins boy
btw the energy sword has way more that 10 swings. it's only limited in games so it's not seriously overpowered. if you base the weapon just off of the game then just don't even bother call your words fact.....
IncrediCrafter13 Ashley
I mean with these rules yeah the Energy Sword would win... but if the force was considered it's obvious this would be a quick fight even if master chief or whoever's using it, was allowed to use guns, energy/plasma shields and future grenades (forgot the name XD) but I mean hey that's what the obvious choice would be but there are theorists that could pull something outta their but a and have the energy sword with all its futuristic and lethal friends win while still making it sound entirely plausible which it usually is so yeah plz no hate
James Frans
plus a handle that splits a closed fist allows much more force and speed to be applied to a strike
Eyal Hart
dude you know if the laitseber gose throe the enrgy sowrd it can slaise the handel to tow and the liteseber wins
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