Game Theory: Star Wars Lightsaber Vs Halo Energy Sword

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Two EPIC weapons in the ULTIMATE sbowdown: The Star Wars light saber and the Halo energy sword! Fans of both franchises know that these are iconic weapons on both sides, but that they also have some pretty interesting similarities. Researching how these weapons would be made and what kind of damage they could really do led me to ask just one question: Which one would win in a fight?! 

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Brandon Coleman
Luke is gay
The Bolt From The Blue
but the halo sword is a problem. since its so large it really restricts the users movements, either because of the awkward grip or it potentially injuring its user with those reverse spikes.

its way less versatile than any normal sword
I think the lightsaber makes a lot more duelling techniques possible because of its simple design, and you can hold it in both hands, which is an advantage as well. Furthermore, I think you could easily knock the energy sword out of the way by hitting it on one of the flat sides, causing the hilt to turn around its axis in the opponent's hand. But hey, it was an entertaining video, and I like both swords as well! :D
RhysDoesStuff-Roblox and More!
Star Wars fans(like me)get triggered that this could be a choice
RhysDoesStuff-Roblox and More!
Matt its bloody other galaxies,also light saber is made with a crystal that jedi need to complete many tasks in order to get it,and the colours come from the colour of crystal so its not plasma its intensly magnified light with a field stopping it from going out to infinity so yeah
Aedan Smith
Yes sebling fight alout
Harvey Manwaring
Lightsaber are powered by crystals and they don't run out.
Oreo Forever
Aren't light sabers powered by crystals
Bruce The Sentinel
Plot hole tho, I don't play a lot of halo but in my experience the energy sword doesn't cut through basically anything like a light saber does. Like a light saber is the Star Wars equivalent of wolverines claws they can cut through anything besides other adamantium or I.e. Light sabers cutting through other light sabers.
Nope Nope
This doesn't make any sense because fist if any person picked up a Energy sword and another random person picked up a light saber you could probably block some attacks let's bee real you probably had a sword battle as a kid or anytime in ur life but those battles at least would be more than 3 attacks so you there it would not make sense for a engery sword to win and like may pat said him self he will be only looking at the weapon it self not the people welding them but then he said sword battles would be seconds but he showed a video that one dude it the dude once it would take more hits to kill
William Greiner
"Plasma short-sword"...

I think that would be a pretty good weapon in terraria
Nico Di Angelo
Ok so every one just think about how terrifying these things would be if everyone had them. ligitimitly no one would have hands.
logan brown
what about how the proton saber has a cord so you couldn't disarm them as easily as you say you just skip over that fact
KING 3075
You completely forgot everything about the kyber crystals for the light saber.
Cassidy Plymale
The problem with he plasma theory is that the ambient temperature would scorch the wielder. The Halo Energy sword has a thermo-regulator (this much is obvious since it doesn't melt metal), and uses the plasma as more or less a weightless medium to deliver an edge and does not melt or cauterize wounds.

I postulate that the lightsaber uses an electron particle stream like a monosubatomic chainsaw contained within a magnetic bottle. This would produce the heat effect due to contact friction, and basically cover all bases.
Miriam Manzo
halo yes
Josh Bleuel
He didn't even include the millions of light saber designs one of which is the dual blade
Josh Bleuel
light sabers are still better
Notification squad where you at!? XDDD
Jacoh Vavra
have I told you of the dark tragedy of Darth palageus the wise
Cialex Shekai
wait, people didnt get what the red in your logo meant? i thought it was obvious
11:30 and power surge the lightsaber and make it blow up when about to die to still kill the enemy?
Blake Rattenbury
Go die you prick
Kjartan The Viking
In a response I did I went over this topic from a HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) perspective. I am on the lightsabers side.
Ok think about this why say the halo is worse because it has no battery I mean people reload a gun so why can't they reload battery.
Shouldn't this be on film theory?
yuta miura
as soon as i saw the lightsaber crystal stuff. TRIGGERED!!!
Chase Walsh
what about the force cutting of hands and limbs
givem thefinger
when the sword dies i still killed people with it in halo 3
wOrSt NiGhTmArE
do a theory on Kingdom hearts
any one of them
Fak3Cake Music
´2:50 what about not mentioning fire? Fire is plasma too...
Cody Bland
am i the only person yelling at the screen when he kept saying that the lightsaber is plasma and not the crystal thats in the hilt
playmore subscribe
death battle sucker
The Emerald Revine/ /TER
the "woot woot woot is actually a brute
Lightsabers in cannon are inside crystals called kyber and the crystal emits the colour
Cant a jedi force drain the battery life?
Natalie Driscoll
Mat, the lightsaber uses a crystal not gas.
Luke David
it's not 10 hits they just do that In the game to make it fare so if it were a real battle I'd be a lot of hits
TheFinalDawn Gaming
9:42 correction disARMing
Small correction, Light Saber colors are based off the crystal in the hilt, not gas.

Also, I'm pretty sure the 10 swings thing has more to do with game balance than canon.
Albert yan
u accounted for the other designs right?
every other sith blade.....
10 swings is a poor way to phrase the battery life of the energy sword, the hits must connect with organic matter, hitting solid material like walls or the ground usually does not drain the sword, but hitting the dead body of a flood combat form in Halo 2 and Halo 3 destroys the body and drains power.
Lol, the flame war in the comments. It's fun to watch.
You didn't use the possibility of light sabers
Diego Cortez
Firework 357
It is
Corey Foster
>talks about not using the person behind the weapon
>immediatelu mentions a strike that is named and taught, using it as his argument.
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