Game Theory: Star Wars Lightsaber Vs Halo Energy Sword

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Two EPIC weapons in the ULTIMATE sbowdown: The Star Wars light saber and the Halo energy sword! Fans of both franchises know that these are iconic weapons on both sides, but that they also have some pretty interesting similarities. Researching how these weapons would be made and what kind of damage they could really do led me to ask just one question: Which one would win in a fight?! 

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Time Diamond
I like you and all but I think that your theory wrong here, you see the design between the lightsaber and the energy sword right? Anyway, so the lightsaber can go through the energy sword which does the same on the other hand. ( Unless if both hands can grow back lightsaber wins )
Otto Pike
OMG! It's cavalry, not "Calvary".
micky michaels
I always thought lightsaber was spelled the candy..
Mew Tubers
Slice straight in the middle since you said a light saber is light in weigh so hit the energy sword in half game over light saber wins
Phil Zakhar
4:33 Pay attention to pronunciation! It's /hérts/, not /hérzt/.
Superdjgamer Vlogs
If the halo sword captures the light saber it can just move it side to side 9 or 10 times
Callum Hayden
Booooo. Matpat. Screw you. Star wars is way better
Gamer X hg
Kristy Jewell
Glory to arstozka greatest country
Wow this is really dumb so you dont talk about the users but you talk about how they are used if you look at a style for useing lightsabers its about jumping around moving while constanly attacking this is the form yoda and some other jedi use most and look at the elites style for using energy swords it is slow heavy moving strikes for every elite and also masterchief aka the player so for anyone who uses the elites stle with a energy sword and anyone useing a fast lightsaber style useing a lightsaber would win ps do you think i went to far i hope not because energy sword like he said last ten hits so if the user is fast to the point where they can block useing the energy swords which is unlikey there enegy sword would fail them because the fast moving stlyes of lightsabers would make it so the person using the lightsaber would be able attack the person using a energy sword ten time before they are able to attack pss i hope you enjoyed and that i did make your brain go boom ok i do
Hcc Tendeep
The battery thing shouldn't have been something to effect this, thats purely a game balancing mechanic, not a lore thing
jackspedicy 2
The problem I had with this video is this: at the beginning of the fight, matpat said neither side would have their respective universes abilities (no Jedi lightsaber styles, nothing). But then he throws in FENCING, which IS a fighting style that gives an advantage to the energy sword. But that may not be an issue. The question is even if an opponent caught your lightsaber in their energy sword, who's to say the lightsaber wouldn't just go down the middle and cut the thing in half? If you look at the blade relative to whoever is holding it, the gap would be more than big enough for a lightsaber to pass through, and I doubt these thing's handles are designed with a material native to the Star Wars universe, which has a high enough melting point or is strong enough that even a lightsaber can't cut through it🙄. I think matpat really either didn't take enough time to look at this closely or is biased. Either way I still didn't like this video. Btw halo energy sword is cool, I just think the lightsaber is better, ESPECIALLY if you take into account the different Jedi and Sith fighting styles which could each blow away the energy sword, especially if it only has 10 hits.
Str1ke Gaming
Music theory could be blue and then have conspiracy theory being yellow and have a whol thing that would be amazing
Alex Staponkus
Add a Destiny sword
UniSarah L
Who else has actually done Fencing?

raises hand
Oli Leach
Did you see where the handle is compared to the blade on the energy sword
Justin Burrill
plasma shamk
Joseph Sprader
I guess I could see why the halo energy blade would win but only because the lightsaber usually isn't your only weapon. Yes not everybody knows the force that has a lightsaber BUT most people (Main Characters) would. And also some people often would build up teams when they had weapons like these. Yes halo has some pretty neato weapons but the majority shoot bullets which if little lasers just as hot as the big plasma stick don't prove effective, I don't think meltable pieces of... metal..? Well would do anything to the plasma beams known as lightsabers. And another thing is a lot of times when people are shooting at duke airwalker we see him swinging his sword around blocking the laser tag players bullets.When we don't really see master beef doing that because as you said energy blades are good against one prawned weapons that are melee. When Shoot skyscraper and friends are good at both blocking Long and short ranged attacks so if we are taking that aspect then stuke moonwalk would seem more capable of winning.
Ulises S
What about the Grip? In the remote case that someone puts the lightsaber in between the energy sword blades(difficult even to try) how the hell one wrist will twist the 2 wrist lightsaber grip!!!!! In the same way a strike from lightsaber using both hands will defeat any defense from energy sword using only one hand!!!
+the game theorists
wait the energy supply of 10 hits is just for multiplayer game play balance if seen elites or other characters hit people/objects more then ten times that was a really lazy analysis of the energy sword me and other halo fans can agree in game you can only use it 10 times but you can also not survive falling 100 feet when a spartan has survived falling from space or how in game we die from 2 punches from a spartan but in halo 5 Locke and chief punched each other multiple times but were not injured in any major why so if those game play mechanics are not realistic to the lore then why would the energy level in the energy sword be realistic
Xirnscoder Vargormaks
You forgot the crystals, and you can disable the energy sword user by going down between the blades fast enough and cutting it in half and the users hand
Naaaaaaa bruh think about the wielding ability of the light sabre given it doesn't have wrist protection you can use your wrists waaaaay more for more flexible moves with a ligh sabre than you can with the energy sword
Matpat make more halos vids
PyroGamer #480
But, no hate, wouldn't the hilt if the halo sword make the swings much weaker??? You kind of did not really explain HOW the energy sword is surprise... just sayin no hate...
What about the Lightsaber's Kypter Crystals?
Isaac Nestlerode
The force
awesome videos
Hey you forgot something only people with the force can use lightsaber so he could force push and wins so star wars would end up on top
Some Star Wars Fan
Em, yeah, you've got a lot of the things about light sabers wrong, where they get their colour. It's from the colour of the kybar crystal, not the type of gas it uses! For those don't know, kybar crystals are little crystals that power a light saber. A Jedi has to get their crystal by looking in one of many kybar crystal caves. A sith get their red light sabers by either 1. Getting a sinthetic crystal for their master/mentor, or, the less popular one, 2. They kill a Jedi, take their crystal, and make it bleed, turning the once, blue, green or purple blade red. That's how light sabers are shown to work in Star Wars Canon ( Canon: Things that Disney have approved to be true about Star Wars after they bought Lucas Films. Legends: things that's George Lucas approved but Disney did not.)
Light sabers use kyber crystals to create the blade, with a kind of modified laser shooting through it according to one the the lego series. What keeps the lasers in place are the wielders force energy
But.....what happens if you heat the plasma up enough?
Randy Quan
I used to do fencing 🤺
Jack Girard
Siblings dont do that
That Space Balls, clip had me laughing for a solid minute.
supreme awesomeness
To be honest, someone could just thought the light saber once and then it would be over. Haven't you ever played Star Wars battlefront?
B Rich
HALO for the win
Dr Lolipop destroyer
I will pen u a violent end light sabers can chop ur opponent's hand through the split of an energy sword
Fire Tiger
I used to think that the design if energy swords were supposed to look cool, but I guess the look badass AND function at the same time! Awesome!
Louis Taylor
Phoenix Fromtheashses
Yea that is what brothers do
bob joe
ha halo is better
Andres Gonzales
si fnaf rel
Chelise Watson
I feel you bro I'm a only child
That Nerd
I swear you don't research all your topics well enough, first Fallout now Star Wars.
That Nerd
But people could just deactivate their Lightsabers, move them and reactivate them in the space of a second if their Lightsabers get trapped.
Seth Walker
Film theory
Silver Star
😒sexy energy sword
Teddy 85
lightsabers are powered by kiber crystals
Goddammit Ross 😂
T Bryan
I'm pretty sure that the color of the lightsaber is from it's Khyber crystal right?
Cret Ovidiu
3 words wart wart wart
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