Game Theory: Star Wars Lightsaber Vs Halo Energy Sword

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Two EPIC weapons in the ULTIMATE sbowdown: The Star Wars light saber and the Halo energy sword! Fans of both franchises know that these are iconic weapons on both sides, but that they also have some pretty interesting similarities. Researching how these weapons would be made and what kind of damage they could really do led me to ask just one question: Which one would win in a fight?! 

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asbjoern hanssen
Goo! Energy sword!
(Megilo strikes back playing) You think the energy sword is better huh mat pat well I I challenge you to a dual with energy 's w o r d s...... I forgot they didn't exist nevermind.
Only a Jedi can wield a lightsaber the right way, meaning it would matter who is using it. Plus the color matters more then you think, red is a Synthetic kyber (I know I didn't spell that right) crystal created using sith alchemy and other colors would mean other thing, like purple is for light side users who can use dark side power (in basic) and a red saber is generally more powerful than the others, being able to "brake" other sabers, exploding into kyber "dust" (kind of like gas) killing anyone who inhales it. And depending on the design the activation switch could be in the hilt somewhere, letting only the creator know how to turn it on, and anakins saber had 3 crystals in it making it stronger and water proof, so if anyone's still reading this (I don't have high hopes) depending on the wielder, the fighting style, the design and force sensitivity, you'll get your answer
Master minecrafter
Dud tats impossible because if the ligtsaber slits inside the energy sword if the elite is slow you can Dishand him because itl destroy the handle and then the energy sword will turn off cuz the power source is broken........
the overlord
Do a episode on the darksaber
Jimm Wright
The energy sword is more akin to a katar than a parrying dagger. The examples used rely on a lateral strike to the blade, then catching the opponents blade with a torquing motion. The space between the two blades is just too narrow to reliably catch a blade, although the extensions to the wrist would provide some protection from a cho mai strike to the wrist. Furthermore, while the straight blade of a lightsaber allows for a multitude of fighting forms, the energy sword, having the blade in line with the arm, and perpendicular to the hand, like the katar, makes it more specialized as a stabbing weapon. I think that the victory ultimately belongs to the lightsaber, because it's simplicity allows for a wider array of attack patterns than the Sangelhi Energy Sword.
Young Mc 2360
Plasma stick for the light saber energy-sword is double bladed sword
Larry Miner
it's not the weapon is the wielder
Then you realize that there are many designs of lightsabers that could do better or worse than the standard
Evan Abel
11:32 an order of Luke's Jedi order?
Connah Elliott
Connah Elliott
Noah Brock
Did anyone think about the fact that the energy sword has way more than ten hits when swinging at organic matter, like the flood.
Henry Aloisi
Could you call a lightsaber a Plasma Lucille..................................................
Joy Nolan
What about Kylo rens Light saber
Learn how 2 do - LHTD[sm117]
Halo for the win
Erin Barnes
I do fencing I highly recommend it.......

If you have a high ish pain threshold
Kyber crystals are the light sabers power source
Red X
yes it is
Darman Skirata
The colors and power of Lightsabers come from Kaibur Crystals. Also I really hate that you say “science can’t stop photons from moving so it can’t be made from light” Star Wars doesn’t follow 21st century science. It’s not made from light, but that is an incredibly idiotic point to make. And, the extended universe isn’t canon anymore. You really need to understand Star Wars before you make these.
Anthony Radford
One problem with this video he didn't say is that this video assumes no force powers or anything, but he didn't say if the theory was based on humans using these weapons or their specific species using these weapons. This mostly matters because the Energy Sword was made for Elite hands, not human hands.

Elites are also a lot stronger than humans, so them holding a blade with one hand is still powerful, whereas if a human held the Energy Sword with one hand, they would be at a power disadvantage because 2 hands are stronger than one.

If you want an example, Count Dooku's form is 1 handed and all about dueling, but it's weak to Anakin's form because his form is based around powerful strikes and blows, which is something a one handed form can't handle.
Silver Ninja
DragonLord public
Also u forgot that the lightsaber is a FOCUSED enegery vblade with the kyber crystal inside it it would slice threw them puny Halo energy swords
Rekt Gaming
DragonLord public
Dude did u think about the handle on the Halo sword? its a horrible hilt so there for even with the twisty thing all the jedi would have to do is twist back and break the guys fingers so the jedi still win! :P
Look at all those starwars fans
super shenron
Matpat I'm sorry to burst your bubble but light sabers use kyber crystals that are different colors and red light sabers are synthetic other crystals in ledgend but in cannon they are different colors and red light sabers have dark side energy 😁🤔😅
Jacob Faul
Yes. Siblings do fight all the time.
super burst
Lots of hate
Eohir the Horse-Ranger
I'm not sure of this, but I do believe the lightsaber has much more maneuverability than the energy sword.It's simple design makes for many more types of moves. The energy sword's triangular design makes it unwieldy and harder to use with grace and fluidity. At least for humans, because, you know, the energy sword was designed for a completely different species.
peepstwo peepstwo
do one one the Slaton laser and the gravity hammer plz
Eric McNeal
U stupid matpat
Cole's goddamn Gaming
Ten swings won't be enough,

If you have the high ground;)
Piotr Jostayev
5:22: Cavalry sword not Calvary sword. People died on both though haha
Hey Matt, you should do a theory about the Flood in Halo - analyzing, identifying, and curing the disease. Love your show btw. Keep up the amazing videos.
Jedi Ninja
What about Ren's
Igor Timofti
I hate you
Billy Trafalis
No deadlock? DEADLOCK!!!
Love it
Coment Mage of ice
Star wars is better you can use the force
Grant Meyer
I would have to say that it comes down to the weapons themselves. If we had a human sized energy sword and lightsaber, the best comparisons we could make are a really weird Katar and a Hand and a half sword respectively. If the energy sword may (and I say may) have a reach disadvantage, depending on the proportionate human size(Pun intended). The Katar was a primarily defensive weapon, focusing on jabs and thrusts. So by that logic, an energy sword should function the same way in our universe, unless the Indians give us a really cool new style to use that weapon. Therefore, a user would have to bide their time until the user of a lightsaber made a mistake, such as getting their weapon stuck in the twin blades. But likely, any sensible sword expert would not make this mistake, much less educated video game experts(AKA Nerds. Yes, I embrace it.). A lightsaber could be better utilized in it's versatility, as it can fit a variety of different styles, such as jabs, swings, swipes, thrusts, parries, etc. A lightsaber would probably win more often than not.(But energy swords could too.) If I left anything out, please inform me of any useful information towards this argument.

P.S. I have known and liked star wars longer than Halo, so that may be considered bias, but I tried to be neutral.
I always thought that the beginning logo was supposed to look like that Simon says light up game
Hunter Peterson
What about the double bladed light saber
Arjun Swayam kumar
The Genny And Turtle channel
Halo Halo Halo!!!! I do like Star Wars but I like games more
Hermenetor 456
Matpat have you ever played Halo?
XD the energy sword doesnt split because to disarm someone its because the weilders hand was larger than some humans, elites hands were 2-3x larger than a humans. The lightsaber was made to fit countless species. Many diffrent techniques how dare you say the energy sword would win, energy sword was built for duels of same species.
Tyranitar 3455
This was posted on my b-day
Samuel Beckett
1:53 yeah your completely right
FPS Studio
Fencing for the win!
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