Game Theory: Star Wars Lightsaber Vs Halo Energy Sword

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Two EPIC weapons in the ULTIMATE sbowdown: The Star Wars light saber and the Halo energy sword! Fans of both franchises know that these are iconic weapons on both sides, but that they also have some pretty interesting similarities. Researching how these weapons would be made and what kind of damage they could really do led me to ask just one question: Which one would win in a fight?! 

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Nathaniel Webb
I agree on the battery life but just siting there pokeing? That would be rapier like fencing, not cutless like fencing which is much more swinging based. I actually think cutless fencing would be more accurate as an example. You usually see jedi swing and slicing with a light saber a lot less stabbing, and it is harder to use disarming weapons when they are swinging and not stabbing. I think you choose the wrong type of fencing for the example. Still enjoyed the video though.
Top Notch
Plasma dildo
Dexter Paclebar
, and if you dont actually hit an enemy, it doesn't waste the batter
Dexter Paclebar
im prety sure halo 4 was made by now
You're smart the super q
Addy peters
love that Spaceballs reference!!!!!!!!!!!
Ribbons0121 R121
Tyler Eaton
Halo Ring vs Starkiller Base
6:20 Or they use different Kyber Crystals. (DUH)
Tyler Eaton
Do speeder bike VS ghosts. Even the speeder would win due to firepower.
Tyler Eaton
The energy sword also makes you thrust 3 feet at your enemy! Amazing right? No explanation for how that works in mid air? Well Magic that's why.
Tyler Eaton
BRUH. The ten hits is just balancing. This was confirmed by the Devs of Halo. It can hit a lot, but it's on a time limit like a flashlight.
What about how you handle them both. The light sabre's "blade" comes out on the side of the fist but the energy sword comes out the front. Does that affect anything?
Adam lambert-dean
hey if the swords are just poking earth other then which blade is longer?
Can I Get 100 subs w/ no content Plz
Then what are the Kyber Crystals?!? Got ya MatPat
Grievous the CIS Commander
Actually, all laser, including lightsabers are made of high concentrated plasmas.
Jared Goldhammer
when Matt talked about sword duels only lasting 2 swings, it reminded me if Obi Wan vs Maul in Rebels. The blades only met three times before Maul was stabbed
plasma baton
Jacob Rank
MATPAT kyber crystals kyber crystals
Richard Joyce
well you destroyed the halo facillity and all but now you need to go fight an army of space wizards that all have energy swords and telekinesis...... good luck.
also no bleeding. both swords would cauterize as they cut
did you know that there are many different designs for lightsabers?
Josh Sonon
It's only when the player holds the energy sword that it has energy issues. When NPCs carry them, they're infinite. Then again, NPCs have infinite ammo (often bottomless clip, depending on the weapon and game) as well. Energy swords have energy issues because if they didn't, they'd need to make the sword a two-hit kill (at least) to keep it from being overpowered. And perhaps lightsabers don't have energy issues because it's a movie. It would be lame if someone was fighting better than his opponent and then his battery died, making him die with it. It might be realistic, but it sucks the fun right out. Either way, the battery isn't something that can give an advantage either direction.
you forgot bout the Arbiter who duel weilds them xD
Gavin Hines
but mat pat the lightsaber could cut his hand
Muiz Khan
Plasma bar mace?
Bryan Perez Bautista
Energy sword will win
Jake Stark
Am i the only one who noticed he didnt check the OTHER kinds of Jedi Defensive/Offensive tactics? he only discussed the one who took off lukes hand
Aaron Dyess
what about weight?
Henry Savill
the plasma sword doesnt run on battery life it uses a cyber crystle
Lance Davis
so many disllikes
Christopher Rosa
Plasma rapier would be correct because in video games, rapiers get through armor. The light saber(Plasma rapier) does that every time.
Kyle B
matpat lightsabers plasma is admitted by the crystal in it
Mariami Gomareli
yes and no
Kelvin Yonger
What about ultra defensive Sorensu???
Leah Swanstrom
siblings fight... alot
Fangle Spangle
Actually, I'd throw my lot in with the lightsaber based on the idea that the energy sword only takes 10 hits. People don't clash steel in a sword fight constantly because it's just not really worth it. You damage your sword for sod all gain so why bother? If I knew hitting the enemy weapon 10 times would switch it off, you bet I'd be doing that!

It's very easy to maintain distance from your foe and knock their weapon off point and many combat styles favour keeping the blade forward as it's the most defensively viable (You would rather the blade get hit than you so you keep it in the way) and offensively viable (You don't have to swing your arm far and telegraph your attack) so it is most reasonable that a person armed with an Energy sword WOULD keep it infront of them. Then you just got to land 10 strikes and make sure you can easily retreat a safe enough distance to avoid any counter attack which is quite easy at that distance.

There are of course counters to that but the advantage, to me, would land squarely in the Lightsaber corner because of that.
Lea Latoja
are the blade part of a light saber indestructable
kalani Sierra
With the light saber you could point and extend the blade
Elijah Ness
Light sabers are better
Cayden O,o
now I know wat plasma is and I'm not even 12,
Ivan Garcia
Dude, the colors in the light sabers are determined by the color of their kyber crystals
lori bill
he forgot to say that
lori bill
just saying that plasma is also in the human body blood stream
Anthony Silvestri
do a halo armor vs power armor
benito franco
11:46-11:56 MatPat, the energy sword's battery life doesn't last 10 swings, it lasts a lot longer. Usually it's 10 KILLS since each kill against a covenant takes 10 percent. Though it may last even more than that since when fighting the flood, each kill takes 2-3 percent. In conclusion, the energy sword's battery life lasts a lot longer than 10 swings. Not to say that it lasts an infinity if you don't kill an opponent, I'm just saying it lasts a lot longer than 10 pathetic swings. So with a better design and arguably a longer battery life, it would trounce the lightsaber.
William Hendrix
Hey, you know wolverine style light sabers exist
not to split hairs, but your assessment of the energy sword is a tad off. generally, if you try and trap an opponents weapon, you need to have something in place to stop the opponent from sliding their blade down yours and into your hand. So, the energy sword probably wouldn't be all that great to attempt a trap.

Also, fencing is a horrible example of swordplay. Check out HEMA and ARMA (not the game, the Association of Renaissance Martial Arts). Plenty of videos on youtube that would be much better examples than fencing, which is nothing more than a sport anymore and no longer represents combat with actual swords.

just my .02 =)
Nick Arnold
I never heard of that
Kirito Kirigaya
I have a sibling so I know and the answer is yes
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