Game Theory: Star Wars Lightsaber Vs Halo Energy Sword

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Two EPIC weapons in the ULTIMATE sbowdown: The Star Wars light saber and the Halo energy sword! Fans of both franchises know that these are iconic weapons on both sides, but that they also have some pretty interesting similarities. Researching how these weapons would be made and what kind of damage they could really do led me to ask just one question: Which one would win in a fight?! 

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Carlda Lord
Anakin vs Obi Wan watch how many swings and maybe you will change your mind. And even if the people who were fighting didn't have the force and they were regular people that would definitely be more then 10 swings if you watch the fight they do over 30 before they use the force myth busted :v
Hunter Douglas
But wait you don't need extra battery because you only lose battery when you land a hit
I have two critiques with this video.

1) Mat claims that the energy sword has "10 swings." This isn't entirely true since in Halo 2 the energy sword is infinite and from Halo 3 on, the energy sword only loses 10% of it's charge when it successfully cleaves through the body of an opponent. Which would mean that the fight was over and the energy sword had won.

2) Mat also makes comparisons to Olympic Fencing and the duration of "fights" in there. This completely disregards other more historically accurate sword fighting sports such as Kendo and and Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA.) The former being what lightsaber duels in the prequel trilogy are choreographed based on. While the latter is how people actually fought when wielding swords during the middle ages. These fights could last several minutes and would often look more like a lightsaber fight with cuts, thrusts and parries. it was only much later that pure thrusting forms like fencing came in to play and even still those were not usually fights to the death.
KryptoKnight2102 -
what if the lightsaber has the high ground?
Gijs van den Heerik
the biggest designe advantage of de halo sword would never be used. nobody would be so stupit
Matti Rossi (Tyyny1)
u should think about that with the energy sword the things on the back could hit the user
kendall woodson
Halo 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
vocy td
But then if get to Elites vs Jedi/Sith, it's obviously the lightsaber wielding jedi, right? Because of the force and stuff
U could extend the blade on a lightsaber
Riwaz Bhattachan
The new battery for lightsabers are kyber crystals
Logan Ryder
id take on a plasma sword with what is essentially a badass longsword, minus a crossguard, any day. the energy sword would handle like crap. it has so many flaws as a "sword".
plasma shinai?
Maggie Stage
you can cut the hand in half with the crack thing in the center of the energy sword and the hilt cuts too...
Monteric Dillon
dude you can just smack them like with guns it does less damage but they problemly wont have a saber at that point honestly from the game remember? it may of been a glitch I dont know
More MadMax Studios
"Wake me up when you need me."
cavalry* HerTZ* lol
Toxon Gamer
Tbh just pair up an energy sword with a double-sided saber and you know whos going to win.
Goest boy
my name is Gustav 😠
Lord Taco
2:43 That sparks an Idea. If one can get an relatively dense material, like tungsten, and get it hot enough to turn into plasma, assuming that is even possible. What would be the outcome? i'm no physicists nor am I a chemist so I have no earthly idea.
Matpat I love your series really I do. But the design of the Energy Sword is flawed. The Lightsaber is a superior model. I can defend this by simply saying. When have you ever seen a sword in OUR world that has a horizontal grip that can match up to a straight handle?

The design of the Energy Sword is basically a punch dagger, meaning it can only lunge, or move side to side with any real chance of hurting the enemy. If the wrist is bent there is a good chance the user would damage their own arm and lose grip on the blade.

The Lightsaber does not have a handguard this is true, but its also a practice of their training to teach them to defend this weak point in their fighting styles.

So if a user with a Energy Sword performed a lung, and met resistance with a lightsaber, they either have to pull back and try to lung again or try to change the angle of the attack. This is restricted by how flexible their elbow is, since they must swing from there. The saber however, has full range of motion an can be used in either a normal grip or a reverse grip. and gives a range of flexibility as it can be moved with the wrist or the elbow.
Yeah, of course. A gap in the middle makes the energy sword superior enough to decide a battle in ten blows. HATE!!!

Just kidding, I actually agree to him.
kaio zanette
You should do an episode on how halo rings work
But most of the information on the lightsaber in this video isn't canon, which kind of disproves this theory...
Hayden Oconner
you got how the light saber works wrong
christian gulley
face reveal
Karl Kelley
Get #rekt Star Wars
mat pat should do something about kigon cristals .
Kason Brown
You have to think of the real world equivalent to the Star Wars fighting style, kendo which at times requires multiple (more than ten) hits
Josh Lee
Star Wars is better
Ekaterina Zubritskaya
A 1000 degree knife would win when battling both sabers
Clorox bleach taste better
12:37 ha and my friend thought that you could actually beat someone in a sword fight holding a sword backwerds like in the game force unleashed 😂
Clorox bleach taste better
that cringe is so real
Billy Baldwin
I am furious
Pandarama Podcasts
mat pat, you said it doesn't matter who wields it meaning the tactics that Jedi use don't matter.
Redamon Blood
ever thought the energy sword to use "batteries" only when quick movements like: swinging, twisting, stabs. so basically you can have a long battery time as long as you don't use many quick movements :3 just saying because that is usually how they run dry is by the quick movement and about the moments where you are going faster then the blade in game, i say it's caused by inertia. So as long the movement isn't too operatic you have long time before dying.
Awesomegamer 22128
Subscribe to my channel if you thought I was true😊
Awesomegamer 22128
It doesent depend on the sword,it depends on who's using the your theory is wrong.
Samuel May
when the light Saber is cached in the middle the lightsaber would cut through the hilt.
Colin 3.O
Nnnnnnoooooooooo I lost....
Nicholas Choi
Heyy matt, it could be called a plasma baton
Alf fury /alfplayz
Do black ops 3 zombies apothicons
Pink Dragon
In The future it will be 2500 degree lightsaber vs a door or something
king of videos Silva
who else thinks mat pat looks like baron zemo
Juan Moreno
Only the player has a limit to use the sword, the non playable characters can use it as they as they want.
Ares Wolff
The old republic game isn't cannon anymore
maguire bentz
First off, Kotor ain't canan tho, Although plasma makes sense. Second off, in the new canon the color of the kyber crystal is dependent on the wielder, not the crystal itself. In fact, a light saber can go through a color change, depending on the wielder. Turning one to red is called bleeding the crystal. And Ashoka got her new white lightsabers after the crystals of an inquisitor called to her. They were some other color originally, then bled to red, then Ashoka's purity and neutrality turned them to their natural state of white. Ya....
Drew Carlson
Most of the battles have clashing blades
toodank 4u
so sad, he only child
Energy sword know what made of not how to use it
Lightsaber don't know what made of know how use it
Red ring of death!
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