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Yesterday's Vlog - https://youtu.be/C1dAe4j_H0g
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TWITTER: ‪https://twitter.com/_Little_Britt_
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SNAPCHAT: little_brittney
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INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/_Little_Britt_

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. 

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

The Plauge creator
im pissed but happy
Jasmine Roberts
u forgot about the flame thrower
Ashlee Pena
did anyone notice two tattoos on the back of Britneys legs
Wendy Llerenas
1:12 😂
Hope Parsley
brit has tow tatows on her back of her feet I saw it wen she and roman was walking up the sairs
Andreas Ringstad
Roman hit himself with the Smile More sign at 1:11 while saying "boom"! So funny
ROMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN efsefndsfndsjfdn hahahahahah :(((((((((((
Nicholas Casserly
plz don't stop.plz ure the.only one.who kept me alive
Grizzlybear 404
anyone else ses the two bows tattooed on britneys legs ar 8:46
Booty Muncher
I like coming back to this vlog just for 9:01
koraxon soluna
Are you guys serious I was freaking out
Towhid Ali
roman should make a smile more flamethrower and sell it on the website
Raegan Kaylee
That was the worst part of my day I actually believed them lol. Love you guys!
I Dunno
True or false ?
Can't find anything tell your mom and they find it under a minute.
Liam Obrien
you rok
Andrew Seodyal
Relationship goals af
misplace and lost is the same thing
Paolo Layug
Keep it up bro :)
Brett Lorion
my friend has a donkey as well but he actually has it to protect his free range chickens, goats, and llamas from our growing coyote population. They haven't lost any animals to the coyotes so far. If Brit sees this, feel free to let Roman know :p
Nada A
Lol why do they have a pet donkey 😂😂
Cuong Nguyen
I was crying so much
that was funny
Javid Hussain
Roman videos very beautiful and very nice
god and me
if u look at brits legs when their walking up the stairs u can see she has a tatoo on both legs and they are bows on her legs
Mohammed Askar
we don't want you
Lee Ann Morris
"It's not lost until mommy can't find it."
So true, so true.
luis sanchez
why does noah need a break he is barely in the videos
Landen Ritter
I see the tatto on Britney's leg it's when she was walking up the stairs
Legendary Gamer
Hi everybody can i ask you something pls watch my video and subscribe for romanatwood plz
Adribowicz 2212
Eddy Friessen
Noah make a YouTube channel
Mitchell Mckenzie
Jesus Christ 231k likes!!!😀😀😀
Belieber Drug
yeah noah start with youtube
/Sbarroeta /
Nicki Avery
Roman Atwood you're the best
I've always known she had tattoos but THEY ARE SO CUTE 9:00
Cool Wild Fun Bros
Roman Yess Last Day At School But My Room Is Locked I Have No Door So How Did I Get Out And There Is No Glass In My Room How Do I Escape , Escape From. .......
why you always lyin
Ironside airsoft
Omg that was funny but my heart did stop a bit lol 😂
Logan Ferreira
roman I sent you a hole set to make your very own football field in your back yard should be there soon
aiyanna peoples
why the fuck does he have a donkey?
Mohamad Kammourieh
Dude I love you woman I love your videos so much people make sure you get up I love 100,005,000 likes and 100,500,070 800,000. Subs
DrMario Pepper
A well deserved break! I agree time to make it official!
Izzy Aguilera
Smile more figet spinner or cube
The Evora's
I though he already had a flamethrower 😂
If you don't know what you would do without her then......put a ring on it.....
Manny Lopez
I hope the baby dies.
Evan Costello
I think that there will still be stores but it will be much more advanced and robotic
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