Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Unboxing & Review

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This is the review of Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer. Veet Electric Trimmer is available at all online stores to buy. Don't forget to subscribe my channel and comment below for Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer.  Priced at Rs 2250

You can purchase the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Here . It is currently on disocunt

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*Disclaimer - I partnered with Veet to bring this video to you all.

Bhumika Thakkar
This is trending on YouTube, awesome work Shalini!! <3
Mathu Sekar
Moona Naz
Prasanna Baggam
When can we expect the demo.. Is it even working?
Parneet Bhasin
Your reviews are the best, so honest great you are not sell out like other you tubers
Shalini Singh
Sonu Jain
looking . beautiful
farooqui sidra
price kitni hai
Amie Gie
You look stunning! :-)
Rilezy C
Will this be good for fixing my mono brow?
Maddy Lee
beautiful review! I did one as well on this product and I'm super obsessed with it !!
Congrats on trending x
Alastair Charles
I love your accent
Squirrels World
love your ascent!! i love listening to it!!
Jack M
you seem lovely
you should demo using it
sam par
Hi Shalini,
Could you please swatch and review Lakme Argan oil lipstick shades.They seem really pretty... yet I am so so looking forward to your reviews on the same before I go buy some shades... Thanks :)
Harshi Harshi
woah! awesome congrats for 2.5 M views....i wanna know ur lip shade plsss...
Naghma Syed
Great review. You look beautiful <3
disha guptai
i want ur lipstick shade and the brand so plz tell me 😁😁 plz reply
Manali Mankad
As again Shalini, awesome review video. Honestly i didn't think you would be doing review video of Veet trimmer, but i am glad you did. As i follow your comments and views on the product really seriously. Loved it. Thank you...
sruthi talanki
Hey Shalini, you told you don't visit salon often. Can you please tell how to remove upper lip hair at home with home remedies. Pleaseeee
Haritha Me
why is this video trending?
congratts ur video had gone viral dis tym...happy for u..keep d gud work on..👌👌👍👍
Riba Shah
Is this painful
Nimmi Arora
Your eye make up is beautiful. pls do tutorial on that.
Girls Era
Now We can say It's the #GirlsEra ;)
Somya K
would you be doing a demo? looks easy but shit scared to use.
FeelGood Within
gr8 review gal
Still trending & 1.4m views!! #proud! And yes a demo on this trimmer & tutorial on this look is much needed! 😚 Love! ❤
Priya's kitchen
Bhuvana Sundaramurthi
Awesome.... you're trending 👏🤘
Taiba Shaikh
1.4 m views omggg :O
Megha Goswami
u r bcmg b'ful day by day... plz do a review of iba halal products. .
Hajra Siddiqui
when you trimmed your facial hair(below the sidelocks) was the hair that grew back? And once the hair regrows is it more visible than before?
It's trending... Wow #7
saloni gupta
can u show how u epilate your facial hair plz
ash sultana
looking beautiful +shalini srivastava Maam and loving your winged eyeliner and lipstick
jp reddy
I was shocked to see this video trending on youtube..Thats amazing..Great work Dear,...Keep going on
Hitha Nithya
It's really good.But very costly item middle class people can't buy this.It's too much rate
pinky Pilwan
congratulations dear 1 million view hpy for u 😘
Hina Usmani
trending on YouTube.. amazing awesome
Darshana Maniar
Trending number 4! Congratulations!
Rashmi Bairagi
woho😙video is trending😉😉
congoo😚n amazing video
i hav a channel too💕
Ananya Bhat
Why do we need to take out battery after use ???? Nuisance
One Click Glam
Trending on #3 supperb lady...
Simran Verma
nice, it makes the job easier...........
Swathi Bhat
Trending <3 Congrats :)
Sonam Singh
no its Does not work
Tanvi Joshi
great girl ur vdo is on no. 3 trending 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
wow .. a big hit congrats!
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