Chittibabu Vakati
These are amazing stuff. Please make them available as quickly as possible to the world and to India
The oil companies Musk GO!
Karl P
I'm calling you out Bloomberg. It doesn't matter what Tesla/Musk does, you're 110% fanboy crazy about it. What I am going to call you out on is a financial interest in Tesla shares and loans via your network. You are not an independent financial news source and haven't been for years. I'm going to get you.
Mr. Gong先生
Electric car and solar roof are luxury goods..
pumped Nation
I like the way Elon musk thinks because he's not only targeting the rich but the poor as well
Idiot xposer
Over insulating can be way cheaper. 30" of blow in insulation in a attic = R 112. Build a homes walls with 2x10 or 2 x 12" wood frame or steel framing. That can provide at least R 30 to R40 in the walls. thicker steel doors say 6" with foam can provide R 20 /R25. Indoor or Outdoor shutters using wood & foam @ 6" will provide R20 ,R25 as well. Seal all air leaks as much as possible around openings. In hot climates white colored shingles also help by reflecting heat. I have a friend who's son is an insulation installer who used leftover blow in insulation from installs to do this in his attic, along with proper ventilation & 2 solar powered roof fans, and a whole house attic fan reduced his AC use by about 60 % in Florida. In drier western states, this should work even better as not as humid as FL.
Ajai Paul Singh
What about the bird life or the effect on environment from the emissions?
demonocus drumocus
I would go with a combo system and use wind and solar ,all you would need to do is add a few wind turbines to you roof full of solar panels and you would be set.
Damn those roof shingles are only 50% solar panel
30-50 year payback?
Hook me up Tesla!
Why would they make the bid after they announce this and who really still plans their houses that way? Shingles are outdated and solar shingles have been around for years. Still they will sell thousands just because they are Tesla.
Anyone know how the firehazard from dc grid is reduced?... Solar cell mounted on a wooden roof, would be quite dangerous..
Jeff W
Confirmed vaporware.
Jerry Archer
Now you need to get the money hungry power companies to buy back at the same rate you pay for it. Also most states won't allow you to go off grid. Because if you could, then you wouldn't need them anymore. So your fat cat government reps are being paid off by them.
J o n a t h a n
But everything expensive at the start?? look at first tv sets, or even cars, first mobile phones, first phone line, first electricity everything starts off for the rich but in time things drop in value also things improve.

also with technology this day and age i bet a tesla roof in 10 years time will be the same price or even cheaper than a conventional roof tile.
J o n a t h a n
they all are.
Cameron Rodriguez
I hope Elon succeeds in his vision for the future and keeps on shitting harder on these parasitical energy companies.
No one explains how these solar tiles are connected together
Nunzio Altomonte
Hi Love It !
Altha Dotty
The EZ Battery Reconditioning plan by expert Tom Ericson has been released. EZ Battery Reconditioning reveals underground battery reconditioning secrets to bring dead batteries back to life [Check Details Here==> ].Anyway, thanks for the help and congratulations on a fantastic product.
Beebs Magoo
Shut up and take my money!
Damalia Marsi
Apparently for my roof it costs 109,000 dollars for Tesla roof or 54,000 for a new roof and 12,000 kw of solar through normal panels. Not sure exactly how this is going to save money when it costs twice as much.
Shannon Looper
I ran the costs for my 2k sq ft, $250k house. $109k in tiles + $43k in batteries - ~$40k tax rebate ... asphalt shingle total roof replacement $18k. To get the "cheaper than conventional roofing" you have to also count electrical service savings over 30 years.
Robert Ostman
well I am waiting to hear them say that they have a better option than asphalt.... one that won't pollute nor create heat, in that way, I believe that we would have stopped more than 25% of the planet overheating problem, and prevented the ground pollution by the toxins contained in asphalt, plus the oil resource would last longer... then I would be impressed...
Saeed Lootah
"Hey, check out the new roof!"
"What in the world did you inhale while making that roof."
BrightBuilt Home
If the home is 70% more efficient than traditional build, these homes would be net positive from day one!
Every business needs cash. Call Ocoa Financing 888 433 3350
Well done guys, I hope the science works out
Norman Oro
If I had the money to afford a house here in Seattle, I'd be all over this. Well done, Elon Musk.
johan cahyadi
when will it get to southeast asia????
yay... more cool shit for rich people..
Néo Bourgeois Christum
bloomberg wants to pump the housing market which is failing epicly across all 'demographics' or whatever data they found scumbled on a piece of paper on the office floor. Its so stupid how they frame really, I'm always surprised they don't make up more creative stories divorced from reality just for kicks, go for it!

The nice thing about zerohedge is they don't even try and that's good, the net result will always be just a half ass story by some working class journalist, trying to get a man or afford lease payments on a crappy BMW.

I have excellent credit, I should get a house. I don't want to be a statistic I should get a house. I want bird shit all over the roof with my tesla shingles, I should get a house. If you can't put it in a suitcase and take it on an airplane it's probably not worth owning. I learned this from the holocaust Jews who collected small things like stamps and stuff that are easy to store, trade or sell to get wherever fast as needed. You never know when shit will hit the fan. A mortgage is renting, finance is a mega pawnshop model.
Too bad everything from tesla is overpriced.
Tom Diehl
Naturally, he comes up with this after I've bought a new roof.
The market will finally wake up to Musk one day. Ford sells about 10 million cars a year and Tesla sells about 70 thousand, but Tesla is worth more than Ford. Don't forget either that Tesla looses money every year. Good luck with Tesla. If you're invested with him you have absolutely no right to complain when, not if, you loose your money. If you can't see this ponzi scam then shame on you.
Has anyone seriously tried to source all their home energy - lights, appliances, oven, heating / cooling, and transport - from the surface area of their own roof, in all seasons?
The numbers don't stack up.
Moreover, the proliferation of low-density housing is a direct contradiction to energy, land and environmental efficiency.
The grid will be with us for centuries to come.
Matt B
Any ideas on how much power they'll produce?
Matt Lane
See he also started up the failing solar city so.. gota get tesla to bail out SC...
Amit Gawad
will b happy if Tesla company come in Bharat (India). Most Welcome.
Adolf Hitler
$45 thas's a fucking SCAM
Mark Pine
the next level is here
Blue Sun Productions
Now this is a game changer
Karl Warner
Is the eighth scale on the right at 2 min 29 sec an autonomous mower?
For those confused on how Bloomberg came up with that price, go to the link in the description. It explains how they got the numbers they did and concludes that as of right now a new solar roof might be more expensive than a new roof with solar panels. But people with more money might be willing to pay for that if the roof looks good and lasts longer than traditional roofs. They also suggest that the price may decrease in the future as solar cells are continually becoming cheaper to produce.
Gar Laa
Many here saying he's not natural, well , if he was roiding for the last 40 plus years,, he would probably be dead by now, and if he wasn't, he certainly wouldn't look like he does!
Reginald Dove
Tesla all the way!
Chris Layne
Can't wait for my Solar roof tile model x... always wanted them to have falcon wing doors or smth.
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