Tesla's Solar Roof Is Cheaper Than Expected

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Tesla will begin delivering its first solar roof tiles this summer at a price point that could expand the U.S. solar market. Bloomberg's Tom Randall explains how the tiles work, how they're priced and why Elon Musk sees them as part of a solar-powered trifecta.

Read more about the pricing here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-05-11/tesla-s-solar-roof-sets-musk-s-grand-unification-into-motion

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Well done guys, I hope the science works out
Norman Oro
If I had the money to afford a house here in Seattle, I'd be all over this. Well done, Elon Musk.
johan cahyadi
when will it get to southeast asia????
yay... more cool shit for rich people..
Néo Bourgeois Montecito
bloomberg wants to pump the housing market which is failing epicly across all 'demographics' or whatever data they found scumbled on a piece of paper on the office floor. Its so stupid how they frame really, I'm always surprised they don't make up more creative stories divorced from reality just for kicks, go for it!

The nice thing about zerohedge is they don't even try and that's good, the net result will always be just a half ass story by some working class journalist, trying to get a man or afford lease payments on a crappy BMW.

I have excellent credit, I should get a house. I don't want to be a statistic I should get a house. I want bird shit all over the roof with my tesla shingles, I should get a house. If you can't put it in a suitcase and take it on an airplane it's probably not worth owning. I learned this from the holocaust Jews who collected small things like stamps and stuff that are easy to store, trade or sell to get wherever fast as needed. You never know when shit will hit the fan. A mortgage is renting, finance is a mega pawnshop model.
Too bad everything from tesla is overpriced.
Tom Diehl
Naturally, he comes up with this after I've bought a new roof.
The market will finally wake up to Musk one day. Ford sells about 10 million cars a year and Tesla sells about 70 thousand, but Tesla is worth more than Ford. Don't forget either that Tesla looses money every year. Good luck with Tesla. If you're invested with him you have absolutely no right to complain when, not if, you loose your money. If you can't see this ponzi scam then shame on you.
Has anyone seriously tried to source all their home energy - lights, appliances, oven, heating / cooling, and transport - from the surface area of their own roof, in all seasons?
The numbers don't stack up.
Moreover, the proliferation of low-density housing is a direct contradiction to energy, land and environmental efficiency.
The grid will be with us for centuries to come.
Matt B
Any ideas on how much power they'll produce?
Matt Lane
See he also started up the failing solar city so.. gota get tesla to bail out SC...
Amit Gawad
will b happy if Tesla company come in Bharat (India). Most Welcome.
$45 thas's a fucking SCAM
Mark Pine
the next level is here
Blue Sun Productions
Now this is a game changer
Karl Warner
Is the eighth scale on the right at 2 min 29 sec an autonomous mower?
For those confused on how Bloomberg came up with that price, go to the link in the description. It explains how they got the numbers they did and concludes that as of right now a new solar roof might be more expensive than a new roof with solar panels. But people with more money might be willing to pay for that if the roof looks good and lasts longer than traditional roofs. They also suggest that the price may decrease in the future as solar cells are continually becoming cheaper to produce.
Gar Laa
Many here saying he's not natural, well , if he was roiding for the last 40 plus years,, he would probably be dead by now, and if he wasn't, he certainly wouldn't look like he does!
Reginald Dove
Tesla all the way!
Chris Layne
Can't wait for my Solar roof tile model x... always wanted them to have falcon wing doors or smth.
and Blomberg is on board to push it..cause you just watched a comercial
Bujaka Bujaka
not really informative, to much bla bla, typical for comercial.
Holy fuck! This guy never ceases to amaze me. Most of his ideas were like decades old but he seems to be the only one that's brave enough to take the risky move that can benefit the humanity. Huge props to this guy! :)))
Jeffrey Du Bois
hardly "cheap" my home's estimate was $120,000 AFTER tax rebates. Our newish 15-year roof cost $15,000. doing that math with our electric bill means 30 years til we even break even. and that assumes we pay it all upfront. I am a huge musk fan, but I am severely disappointed by this... this isn't even close to reasonable.
Joseph Zimmerman
This is brilliant. It would definitely put Elon in the same category as Jobs in terms of innovation
Trey Govero
there's going to be no employees to put these tiles up with the wages they pay
Maximilian Jaschinsky
Does anybody know how much energy one squarefoot produces?
aditya ramesh
They are just a different approach to the same solar panels,,big deal!!!!.Solar Thermal plant is much more efficient and cost effective...Sometime that a tech company will ever accept.
Tania and Chris from A to Z
It would be even better if Elon Musk would eventually develop a hybrid vehicle that is both a series and parallel hybrid that uses something like a wave disk mini-turbine generator for a backup. This would give the electric vehicle the unlimited range of a regular gasoline type vehicle for longer distance trips. When the batteries get low, the wave disk mini-turbine would automatically kick-in to recharge the batteries.

If most all the electricity for short range trips could come from other sources like solar, nuclear and geothermal...... it would reduce dependence on liquid fuel for the transportation sector so much, until renewable liquid fuel from algae and industrial hemp could more easily do the rest.
0:07 Mary Alice Young's home 😍
Desperate Housewives
Indrid Cold
I installed a new roof on my home for £550 with some of the wooden panels also being replaced. This job usually costs £6000 for someone to pay a, "professional." I am afraid the Solar roof can never be £550 affordable, nor do I know how to install one. It is doubtful the plans to install one will be made public so the bill can be passed to the installation company. For those that do absolutely all they can themselves, there is no way a solar roof is affordable, even if it is priced slightly lower than a professional installation of a regular roof. Those of us that do everything they can themselves pay much, much, less for everything than those that pay others to do them for them because they are too lazy to do it or do not want to learn. When instructions on how to install your own solar roof become available and we can pick up the supplies at the hardware store, then it will be affordable to all. I will never pay anybody to install a roof on my house when a can do it for 10% of the, "professional," cost.

The Tesla company should consider selling the components for those of us that are not afraid, nor too lazy, to install a roof. I would gladly install a solar roof on my house for £600 to £700. That is probably what 10% of the cost of a, "professional," installation would cost.
1000 per share
Gas energy companies needs to start thinking alternative sources. This solar roof going to be a big hit in the UK even though the sunshine is lower in a day.
No Name
Every time I hear something about Tesla, I spazz like it's for the very first time.
If it's cheap it's mostly crap....
Truth Is Relative
Solving the problems of efficiency and affordability with solar panels is one of the most important innovation we will make in the near future right along side the efficiency and compact ability of future batteries. Shout out to John Goodenough! https://news.utexas.edu/2017/02/28/goodenough-introduces-new-battery-technology
ranjith Kumar
i am tell only one word tesla is remarkable change solar feild hat's off tesla R.D department I am Indian I like solar feild but zero knowledge
So many nice things for the rich to buy while we starve and freeze in the streets of the country they stole with their scams and slavery institutions.
Tesla is going to take over the world
Erfan Tabrizi
tesla is amazing
They mixed the price of asphalt shigles between square foot and square meter. Asphalt shigles cost around 4$ per square foot, and around 44 per square meter.
Matt Macken
I love the concept, though cost will continue to be a problem. As the industry grows, I hope costs are reduced, and sometime in the future, hopefully sooner than later, this tech will be available to all at a reasonable price.
Van-Life Crisis
Just like the dealership lobbyists, the power monopolies will never let this happen.
raphael viason
when will it arrive in the Philippines
Musk for president.
Josh Bishop
he is a genius and is willing promote Tesla's dream of free energy .. he can save our world from total destruction. if the 1% let him.
Daniel Correa
Fucking hipsters
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