Tesla's Solar Roof Is Cheaper Than Expected

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Tesla will begin delivering its first solar roof tiles this summer at a price point that could expand the U.S. solar market. Bloomberg's Tom Randall explains how the tiles work, how they're priced and why Elon Musk sees them as part of a solar-powered trifecta.

Read more about the pricing here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-05-11/tesla-s-solar-roof-sets-musk-s-grand-unification-into-motion

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Celina Carolin
Anyone tried the Noboremed Secrets (google it)? We've noticed several awesome things about this shingles secret remedy.
Scott Witkowski
Seems like a good option for places with higher cost of living. However, in the midwest you can buy a home for 120-130k thats in a decent neighborhood. I cant see spending 60k on my roof when I can get a conventional done for 6 grand. But the same home would be 700k around LA, solar shingles could make sense there.
how many tiles are on an average roof though?
Soe Aung
့how munch use for money about one kilowatt
John Douglas
so how to they get around the standard string shading issue? shade one tile and every tile in that string drops to SFA.
Tesla is amazing, the company and the person
Marlon Griffith
Don't think of cost...think of what its gonna do for the future...get on board now with Musk. Advanced thinker & investing in him now is gonna do great for us in the future. When others would be scrambling to get on board, some of us would be millionaires because of the the critical decision we made today...not to mention the wonders for the environment..screw everyone with all these gasoline & natural gas costs.
I Hate Tesla. His Company does 10% of what it could do, because he is a snooty Lil dork who won't pay a sales force to actually sell things. BTW Noone is gonna pay 100k for a roof
kuswanto gu
love musk, and love how he named his company... TESLA.....
James Taylarson
Gerrie herwijnen
This man is giving humans free energie. They are gonna kil him for this lol
Meldridge Reed Jr
Are the solar panels emp-resistance
Haydon Crook
Lol, have fun with that here in arizona... SRP takes a percent of your solar
Terry Demetris
Has anyone tried Noboremed Secrets? (search on google) We've heard several amazing things about this shingles treatment.
Dora Wang
OMG, HOW Much... I would love to have it.
Finza Soebiakto
Elon will destroy prehistoric inventions and propel humanity towards a better, more efficient future
Alexsander Magalhães
please be the king of the world
Scott B
I hope they completely change solar city because that company is nothing but thieves
A ChopChopNo
It's by solar city not by Tesla, same owner different companies
Bones Toner
He might be able to solve the energy problems but what about the Muslim problem?
Cameron Potts
How about buying a new house that comes with the car, wall and roof. $400k that sounds legit
Elon Musk is my idol
Aulia Lubis
So... What will happen in the winter?
Win Dias
Elon Musk is an Alien, a traveller from super advanced civilization to ours
Solar freaking roadways!
Ryan Kamal
They are pretty give me
Grassy Field
Can't believe all the uneducated dilltards watching this and thinking this is amazing, it's just a big money scheme, solar panels go bad after 7 years and need to be replaced, and they only only suck up enough energy to power less than half the size of a mobile home, and btw you need huge batteries for solar panels, they also are expensive asf and go bad quickly
- 9 years as an Electrcian
Luke Williams
The funny thing is that this tech has existed for years, Tesla unveils it now, wow Elon Musk is such a fraud
Musk=Next president
Victor Muthoka
Ecosystem playas are always the best.
Dayon test
I love this man
Thank you Tesla : )
mark loper
Its a Green Revolution !
Max Berry
Although I lost $60,000 on solar city stock a couple of years ago, I still have faith in the future and hope Musk can make it work this time. I'd invest again but my IRA's too tight now.
Matthew Chalfant
please Bloomberg... stop wasting money on these bad marketers that insist on employing effeminate male voices... true story, the greater majority of people do not respond well to it.
So what do you do when you need a roof repair I guess we like wasting money
Adrian Soto
There is a lot of waste here. The graph states that the entire roof is not covered in solar panels. Which means you have to buy this expensive tile for the entire roof, and only have a portion of it produce energy. Musk said that most roofs would only have %40 solar tile. %60 of you money is wasted on non-solor tile.
Miss D
I can't wait to breathe fresh air in New York City.
🤤 wow, that glass should be on phones and solar cell should be on the back of every phone 🤳. this guy is 50 years ahead of the industry and seems to really care about the Earth. too bad he can't run for president.
Saif Anjum
I just have a bad feeling something's gnna mess up. When power companies start losing profit, especially those run by governments, they will try ther best to mess stuff up for tesla. I wouldn't love anything more than my huge power hungry house running on green energy.
Greg Shaw
Can I get this roof Wisconsin I start building next spring
Michael Gillette
Come hell or high water, Its the inevitable future.... And i love it
David O'hara
Wow Elon you did it once again. So genius
houses that size in california is like 1.3 million...., all tesla products are for rich people.. not normal people...
Matej C
Roof like this should be standard (and cheaper or at least that you have some benefits)in case that production dosen't harm enviorment.
Ur Nan
1mill instead of 2mill 😂
Ecosystem !!!
SolarCity was started by Musk's cousin after he told them to start it.
Ben Rodriguez
Solar City is ridiculously expensive compared to hiring an independent solar contractor. Solar City quoted me $58,000 for an 8kW system! My bill is only $120 per month. They said that is the size I needed to zero out my bill. The salespersons numbers seemed way off compared to my estimate so I kept looking. Got quotes from three independent contractors and they sized my system at only 3.6kW which was close to my estimate of 3.2kW. I ended up buying the 3.6kW system from one of them for $8K with LG panels, same warranty as Solar City. I've had the panels for six months and I averaged a $40 credit over that period. Production will drop off over winter but I think I will be pretty darn close to zeroing out for the year and the cost is recouped in ~5 years. If you are thinking about getting solar, call an independent contractor. Much better price than the big guys and my install was well done.
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