8 Ways To Avoid Saggy Boobs

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Nothing worst than a naturally hanging boob right…?

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Natalie Wong

I'm dying laughing! As a girl with 40G, I can totally relate!
Megan's Lyfe
For real thooo
Kelly Anderson
We all sag eventually..
This better be a joke.
Bras are about comfort. Wear them if they increase comfort and don't if they do not. Society really doesn't care, though some individuals within it do. Don't plaster everyone with the same label because a few told you to "wear a bra."
She is so pretty I didn't even paid attention on the boobs '-'
Rafid hassan oney
Pour red bull on each boob ! It will give them wings !
Nuzaima Alam Mouni
too much funny
just do more pecs gym
Grace Maplegem
Oh the sarcasm 😂
Zoya Asgari
Small and Saggy Boobs squad? 😂😭😭
Tommy Vegan B.
Stop making things to please the society. Saggy boobs are wonderful. Just love them. :-)
Josie Baird
I don't have boobs to sag
How is this funny? Typical BuzzFeed I guess
is this supposed to shut down haters? i wasn't hating but other people still are
Sasha Mathers
Giiiiiirlll! You on fire!🔥
adina sadiq
she is actually really pretty
byuntae hyung
I'm so sad I have saggy boobs and I'm 12.
That's impossible to avoid saggy boobs!Age and Genetics,principally,will make them fall,and no one bra will avoid it!
Elaine L
Ha nina u go girl
your boobs r the stuff dreams r made of, quit giving in to the negativity
Dorky Ducks
For some reason at the start I thought they where actually serious
Yrsa Lenander
I love this!!
bouahahaha the balloons :D
flubby flubby
can i get 1 hour of this music
Sweet or Sour
I wonder if anyone actually took this seriously
Laura Huynh
Bras make your boobs sag more.
Ariana Winterlake
Itty bitty titty committee where u at?
Meem Trash
Bras will actually make your boobs sag more lol
Katie Dietrich
Somehow my boobs are small and saggy.
Kimberley Kluin
ya my mom say the same to me well i weared no bra for a month and they even got better
LLL 777
I've seen and dated all types of cleavage and after 20 years what matters most is the heart behind the chest......sappy but true. !!
Who she is?
Kate Marsh
can't sag what you don't have ;) @me
Fuok you India 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻suck
i love how sarcastic this is jfkdakdkdjka
Mysti's Games
Idk how but my mother's breasts don't sag. She seriously only needs bras to cover up her nip.
Shilan Abubaker
When buzz feed ran out of video ideas😂
Pran K. Pandit
Boobs are not just boobs. They are filled with joy, hope, happiness.
Nefertiti Negus
Its too late for me but thanks for trying
Salena Salena
natural was better
A Potato
Why am I watching this? I hav no boobs! 😂😅🙂😐
Evannie Diaz
Is this a joke
Rowan Smith
Is this a joke?
Selina Tran
should have been uploated on april fools
aisha sahin
Idk why but this got me laughing like a hyena
satyam kumar
hey i am MAN ....lolx watching this video .... for a different reason
Can I just say... every girl complains about bras when I'm over here feeling uncomfortable without a bra... I have to have one on at all times
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