8 Ways To Avoid Saggy Boobs

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Nothing worst than a naturally hanging boob right…?

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Natalie Wong

Itzz Kesh Again
Libby Zin
It's not her boobs it's her bra.
Cats12kitty cat
I didn't even know sagging breasts were a problem I cant even tell if they are sagging?!?
Chanjana Ilangovan
Um 0:43 ...... 0_o
Artistic Potato
This is a joke lol at least I hope it is
Princess T
I love this video to me its a response from all the women that get body shamed and told that their boobs are too saggy. But when I first watched this video I thought it was going to be serious 😂😂
This is funny. Dang. Don't they know how to identify themselves in these videos?
Stephanie Dolan
hope everyone understands that this video is a joke
cara buenaventura
haters back off. these kind of boobs are natural.
wow I came for actual advice but got a feminist rant instead
AlexTastic Stuff
Lilly Presley
Just find one to fit properly, or pull the straps tighter. It'll help your back too. It's not just appearance, its comfort.
Miriam Smith
I love the sarcasm in this video!!!
Hazirah Daud
That last one though 😂😂
This video is insanely passive aggressive and I love it
Bunni Bunns
And thank you for making this video!! I actually feel much better about myself, and I SHOULDN'T care what anyone but me thinks of how my boobs look!
Bunni Bunns
I actually came here to get tips, after seeing all the hate she got on the other video, but after watching it, I feel better in a different way, I feel empowered and proud of my NORMAL saggy as sh*t boobs! SAGGY BOOBERS, UNITE!!!
O k
Where's my guys-that-don't-know-why-they're-here-squad at?
I'm jobless .Hire me.
Sofia Khan
She is just kidding don't follow her
Elanor Wilson
Actually bras make boobs sag because they weaking the muscles around your boobs so wearing a bra ALL the time isn't the best idea
Lisa Clark
LMAO!! Omg. Thank you!
NS ki Duniya
i am ready to lift any girls breast 😂😂😂
Mahammad Hasham
my whatsaap no only gril and aunty us 8970834108
Jacob Louis
She's making this video, however in all of the other videos that feature her, them breasts are like a saggy bag so why even bother
Its just all about wearing a bra that fits...........
aziz khan
Sexy milf though..shud try in porn
Akash raj prajapati
so much fun
Carly Rain
Their going to sag no matter what you do
Elena Guillaume
policy consistently alone toward frame right United measure.
😂😂😂😂😂😂omg ... this is really funny
Looooove this
alexandra fragoso
Do B cups and C cups sag much?
Bhanu Tez
She is beautiful.. can I know her name?? <3 <3 <3
Kclee Cutey
Where are the hacks scratches head
I'm dying laughing! As a girl with 40G, I can totally relate!
Megan's Lyfe
For real thooo
Kelly Anderson
We all sag eventually..
This better be a joke.
Bras are about comfort. Wear them if they increase comfort and don't if they do not. Society really doesn't care, though some individuals within it do. Don't plaster everyone with the same label because a few told you to "wear a bra."
She is so pretty I didn't even paid attention on the boobs '-'
Rafid hassan oney
Pour red bull on each boob ! It will give them wings !
Nuzaima Alam Mouni
too much funny
just do more pecs gym
Grace Maplegem
Oh the sarcasm 😂
Zoya Asgari
Small and Saggy Boobs squad? 😂😭😭
Tommy Vegan B.
Stop making things to please the society. Saggy boobs are wonderful. Just love them. :-)
Josie Baird
I don't have boobs to sag
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